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    [–] Boston Counter Protest August 19th TwoDimensionalBuddha 2 points ago in boston

    They are both similar in that they are both acts of terrorism carried out by an individual. Pretty straightforward to me - underlying motives are very secondary to the act committed.

    [–] Let's take a minute to shame those who knocked and berated the draft and the trade up. There were many! TwoDimensionalBuddha 2 points ago in CHIBears

    Saying this is 'fact' is laughable! You just 'know' that nobody else would have traded up to second to take him? Like those other teams who did sell the house to get the next two QBs?

    [–] I don't even know what to say... TwoDimensionalBuddha 9 points ago in niceguys

    Rick: Reading all these puns gave you a headache? It might be a tumor.

    Me: Its not a turmeric.

    [–] Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s new communications director, just called into CNN and had a meltdown TwoDimensionalBuddha 2 points ago in politics

    Everyone please keep in mind - feels like a lot of smokescreens coming from the administration, possibly to deter attention from 1) the lack of votes for the latest attempt at health care reform., and 2) Kushner's testimony.

    [–] Nobody cleans a room faster than a single guy knowing a girl is coming over later. TwoDimensionalBuddha 3 points ago in Showerthoughts

    False. A married guy who was left home alone for 3 days and did nothing but play games, eat and jerk off the whole time is in fact faster at cleaning rooms in the moments before his wife's return.

    [–] IMAX Is Moving Away From 3D: 'Consumers Have Shown a Strong Preference' TwoDimensionalBuddha 2 points ago in movies

    Oh man. I just did this, and having butt kickers in the seat definitely left me rattled. This movie is perfect for an Imax setup.

    [–] Has this been posted yet? TwoDimensionalBuddha 24 points ago in ATBGE

    The style is also awesome if not done on a hairy dude's shaved groinal region.

    [–] I would never want this but I'm glad he got it. TwoDimensionalBuddha 2 points ago in pics

    She know if she use teeth then she scuff the magic Dragon.