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    [–] What's under here? Two_Inches_Of_Fun 310 points ago in gifs

    Truly the bane of their existence.

    [–] Dancing with buugeng Two_Inches_Of_Fun 128 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    The answer is however long you make it.

    The string can be short, the string can be long.

    I'm surprised you didn't know this because I completely made this up right now.

    [–] Seeing a boat on the road. Two_Inches_Of_Fun 666 points ago in gifs

    Here it is with sound.

    I cannot translate but one of them does laugh.

    They other guy sounds confused as fuck.

    [–] Slippery kickball. Two_Inches_Of_Fun 719 points ago in gifs

    So far this thread is roughly 50% "This looks amazing!" and 50% "This looks fun... but I don't want to fall and die." Kinda funny.