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    [–] All OW League 10.000 Bits Cheermotes Tymalik1014 5 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    He cheered like 12$? What’s wrong with using your money to support something you enjoy?

    [–] Lil Boat 2 releasing March 9th Tymalik1014 2 points ago in hiphopheads

    Lil boat is lil yachty...

    [–] XL2 Academy Roster Announced Tymalik1014 -4 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    I mean he has been living with NYXL team, so he is definitely in talks with the Org.

    [–] Mangachu on XL2 Academy (from contenders website) Tymalik1014 4 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    I'd be pissed if a team took a star player out from the market, even though he is underaged. BUT I'm not pissed because it is NYXL

    [–] Mangachu on XL2 Academy (from contenders website) Tymalik1014 7 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    From the looks of it he hangs out and possibly scrims with NYXL? In their videos he is always with the team during pre game scrims and what not.

    [–] All New Faces We Will See in Stage 2 Tymalik1014 17 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    We will finally get to see the battle of Harmony Orbs

    [–] Forgot to post this hilarious out-of-context clip from the OWL Premier: beans all day dude Tymalik1014 1 points ago in LivestreamFail

    It’s more that he had to drop out of school and take up a job to support his family, and even then they were eating beans everyday just to get by. He talks about how he is able to support his mom and sister now that he is in the OWL.

    [–] STAGE TWO OPENING WEEK TRASH TALK THREAD Tymalik1014 15 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    Jjonak was known for his Ana more than his Zen. He had Top10 accounts that were Ana mains

    [–] NSFW Norwegian orcas ripping seal apart. Tymalik1014 3 points ago in natureismetal

    Because you feel some sort of connection to seeing another human die, even if you don’t know them (I think).

    [–] Why do the pros constantly spray? Tymalik1014 1 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    Same reason people QQ in CSGO. It’s just bad habits

    [–] xQc's analysis of how a tank player should play when being snowballed on 2CP Tymalik1014 64 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    Thought t was going to be the one where he tries to jump the ledge and earth shatter to save Danteh, but misses it and wastes shatter

    [–] Child trapped in the ruins of Pompeii (79 AD) Tymalik1014 2 points ago in fakehistoryporn

    They also started an anime based off Junji Ito’s works. It’s really well done and you guys should check it out

    [–] Kahlenberg Sunday Tymalik1014 2 points ago in BMW

    What model? It’s a beauty

    [–] It really is true... Tymalik1014 4 points ago in pics

    I never realized how often I said y’all until I spent a week with my cousins in Canada. I felt so southern and gross :(

    [–] The link was to an actual YouTube video he created about his comment. Tymalik1014 2 points ago in AwardSpeechEdits

    He wrote a song about getting 500 upvotes and starting a pun thread, but your point still stands

    [–] And all i really wanted was another chair Tymalik1014 15 points ago in DiWHY

    Ngl when I want to watch Netflix off my computer, I prop my legs up on my desk and recline in my chair.

    [–] Gone fishing Tymalik1014 1 points ago in Unexpected

    The fact that the dad isn’t help pull the fish up by the line makes it even worse. Could’ve secured the fish :(