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    [–] Tech companies have learned they have a responsibility to weed out extremism TzHaar-ket-om 88 points ago * (lasted edited 19 hours ago) in politics

    Not Reddit though.

    Reddit still leaves their openly Nazi mods in control of /r/uncensorednews which the admins gifted to them with thousands already on the subscriber list from before it was a Nazi community even though they called for violence constantly prior.

    When their Nazi community /r/european was quarantined they fully migrated over to /r/uncensorednews with the top mod listing he doesn't want "Feminists", "Sexual minorities", "Racial 'minorities'", "Socialists or people who subscribe to other left leaning ideologies" in the community of /r/uncensorednews.

    Now the announcement and sidebar of /r/uncensorednews are trying to crowdfund a race war by sending money to a racist group hoping to have/cause one in Africa.

    The purpose of quarantining a community is to prevent its content from being accidentally viewed by those who do not wish to do so.

    Why 6 years later is /r/holocaust still a anti-semetic holocaust denial subreddit when it obviously fits that guideline?

    Why even have that rule if your going to let these groups simply migrate to an even more unrelated subreddit name for their Nazi activities following a quarantine like /r/european did by moving to /r/uncensorednews?

    Take a look at /r/againsthatesubreddits for so much more Reddit allows. They are SLOWLY starting to take action but they keep the largest groups open and don't ban the mods involved making a regroup simpler.

    [–] OkCupid bans white supremacist “for life,” asks daters to report others TzHaar-ket-om 3 points ago in politics

    Only after they insulted the weight of the victim in Virginia.

    They let them stay when they just legitimized the terrorist attack, said the victim deserved it, and let them stay through all of their past conduct including a threat by a mod to bomb CNN.

    [–] OkCupid bans white supremacist “for life,” asks daters to report others TzHaar-ket-om 13 points ago in politics

    please tell me Reddit doesn't allow nazis to have a forum.

    The admins literally gave Nazis control of /r/uncensorednews which they are using right now to advertise a racist whites only group hoping to crowdfund a race war in Africa.

    [–] Russia drops US neo-Nazi site from .ru domain TzHaar-ket-om -1 points ago in worldnews

    Didn't look far into them I see and just trusted their site. They remove anyone from their social media groups that associates with minorities and had an official rally in the US where they shouted racial slurs along with US new-Nazis.

    Many of the Nazi websites claim they aren't racist and in fact are just humanitarian groups for white people. Look into the actions they take not just their propaganda website.

    [–] Russia revoked .ru domain of racist Daily Stormer TzHaar-ket-om 1 points ago in technology

    I've heard talks about them applauding or even advocating violence. I'm not sure though. Does anyone have any info on that?

    Check out /r/againsthatesubreddits for the Nazis doing exactly that on Reddit. Just search one of their subs there.

    [–] Russia drops US neo-Nazi site from .ru domain TzHaar-ket-om 5 points ago in worldnews

    wouldn't this be a violation of net neutrality?

    How would denying Nazis a place on your platform ever be a violation of that?

    [–] Russia revoked .ru domain of racist Daily Stormer TzHaar-ket-om 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in technology

    Tokkul, coincidentally, was suspended for doxxing.


    Receiving unsolicited private information via pm. That was the ban reason.

    Admin said even though it was known the doxxing was reported to admins it should have also been reported again.

    Of course for anyone wondering this is a /r/europeannationalism and /r/uncensorednews mod.

    [–] Russia revoked .ru domain of racist Daily Stormer TzHaar-ket-om 9 points ago in technology

    Not the altright they view themselves are more extreme than the altright. The altright was too forgiving because they had a few gay and minority members.

    And in January 2016 when the Reddit admins gave it to them.

    [–] /r/uncensorednews is being used to advertise for a racist group pushing for a race war in the sidebar, asking for donations for the racist group in an announcement by the top mod, and the top of the subreddit is the "black sun" a Nazi symbol. TzHaar-ket-om 50 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in AgainstHateSubreddits

    I expect that the admin just verified that the subreddit had no active mods and fulfilled the request.

    So why do they do absolutely no vetting especially when a subreddit already has thousands of subscribers? They were supporting terrorists, calling for murders, and calling for "racial holy war" days before with a long history of those things well before that.

    Here is a write up of an extremely small amount of the things they did from a month prior.

    Then of course after /r/european got quarantined many people reported to the admins that the Nazis were openly migrating to /r/uncensorednews.

    The admins took a long time to act on the quarantine, gifted the Nazis a subreddit with a name to hide behind, didn't act on them moving their Nazi subreddit over to /r/uncensorednews, and now we have the subreddit currently as an openly Nazi community attempting to crowdfund a race war.