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    [–] Forced Alignment Changes Don't Make Sense Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    It's a relic of days gone by when the game was really different

    This item would likely never be printed if it were not an old favorite

    [–] Forced Alignment Changes Don't Make Sense Unexpected_Megafauna 3 points ago in dndnext

    It just strikes me as an incredibly poorly designed item.

    That IS the point!

    It is LITERALLY a fuck you to the players and the game. If you use this item it will basically end your game most of the time.

    Even when good cards are drawn one player will rapidly outpace the rest, ruining the balance and the game

    [–] Be me, Chronic multiclasser Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    Me too man, me too

    Many classes have shitty capstones and that makes multiclassing attractive

    [–] [OC][Homebrew] Avatar of Wind: Bend the pure essence of wind to your will! Unexpected_Megafauna 5 points ago in DnD

    According to the wording the blast of wind does not actually impact structures , just a note

    I like this spell, ill be stealing it

    [–] Ways to play high-level Barbarian properly? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    Grappler really sucks, tavern brawler is better. Ask your DM to switch

    Friendly fire psychic damage is not cool. Like a level 3 or 4fireball the barby can ignore fine. Maddening darkness? No!

    [–] Ranger/Paladin equivalent of other caster classes? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    5e has a shit ton already

    Scout is the rogue ranger

    4e monk is the wizard monk and shadow is the sorcerer monk

    Arcana cleric is wizard cleric

    Nature cleric is druid cleric

    Hexblade is paladin warlock

    Sword bard is paladin bard

    [–] Low-Level Lightning Themed Monsters? Unexpected_Megafauna 5 points ago in dndnext

    Will o wisp are brutal, low cr and lethal

    Shocker lizards are an old favorite from 3rd ed

    Behir are probably way too strong. Maybe a boss

    Elementals are always easy pickins. Mephlings, mephits, etc

    Druids and sorcerers are also good lightning mages, or storm clerics

    [–] Forced Alignment Changes Don't Make Sense Unexpected_Megafauna 3 points ago in dndnext

    So I recently had a scare in my game where the party stumbled across a deck of cards that several of us, OOC, suspected was a Deck of Many Things. I, at least, took solace in the fact that the Balance card wouldn't affect my neutral monk--and it turned out to be simple playing cards regardless. But it got me thinking about forced alignment changes and how they... don't actually make sense for the mortal races.

    Specifically, unless you're some sort of extra-planar creature, alignment is not prescriptive, but descriptive, and your alignment changes with your own actions.

    Right, alignment is a descriptor of actions

    A characters whose alignment changes suddenly may gradually settle into a new behaviour, or snap into a totally new personality.

    Often it does suck. That is usually the point

    A chaotic good ranger who steals the magic broom of a kind ally might shift to chaotic neutral, but that's a choice the player makes.

    Dont you think the player would feel this is equally sucky?

    The player will say "but I'm chaotic good, like robin hood! I stole it for a good reason! I'm a good guy! Watch me stab this innocent peasant!"

    My point is players don't care too much about alignment until you're fucking with theirs

    So what does an effect like 'Balance' actually do? Obviously in older editions where alignments had mechanical restrictions then it would be a serious issue, but at that point it seems like it would just be a 'fuck you' to the player, particularly a Lawful Good paladin who had to remain LG to keep their powers.

    It literally is a fuck you to an unlucky player. Like.. half the Deck is.

    [–] Need help with strategy when it comes to buffs Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in baldursgate

    Use AUTO pause, way better

    I set auto pause to trigger after every spell is cast, to quickly spam buffs

    [–] Need help with strategy when it comes to buffs Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in baldursgate

    Spells with durations of turns are great, put those on when starting a dungeon

    Shorter spells are for right before opening a door

    Blur and mirror image are the best defensive buffs at low levels. These are critical for your mages to stay alive.

    Chaotic commands is the best thing at high levels

    Stoneskin and ironskin should be cast immediately before every rest. It will last several hours after the rest. When it gets broken, recast.

    Pro from magic weapons is the emergency get out of jail spell, save it for when youre about to die

    Haste is the party buff to have the mage use 1 round before combat starts

    Improved haste lasts for a while so you can cast that a bit earlier

    Imp invisibility too

    Pro fire from mage lasts forever so cast that early. Cleric version is short so use that right before combat.

    Draw upon holy might should be cast the round before the fight starts, or even during the fight

    [–] Is it theoretically possible to lobotomize areas in the brain responsible for pain to make FM not hurt? Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in Fibromyalgia

    No one can answer this yet, we dont know enough about the human body

    I will do my best to give a bit of background. I am not a doctor.

    Your body send signals to the brain along pathways called nerves. The brain interprets these signals in many ways

    We don't know if the problem is the path, the brain, the interpretation, or a combo of this

    The brain is always changing. It is possible that it would relearn to feel these things after some time.

    We cannot pinpoint one area of the brain to target, for imaging or lobotomy. The brain is a very confusing place, everything is connected.

    I think targeting specific nerve pathways that are causing you a problem would be better

    [–] Is it possible to use the potion of giant size and then the enlarge spell? Unexpected_Megafauna 5 points ago in DnD

    You cannot be effectrd by the same spell twice

    If the potion says you benefit from.the enlarge spell, no dice. If not, you're good

    [–] What spells break the game if all spells are rituals? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    No one has mentioned fucking DEATH WARD, a 4th level spell that would make the party nearly unkillable

    Animate or Create Undead is a big one

    Spells with long durations in general will be problematic, summoning spells will be broken AF, and healing is also broken

    [–] My players never just kill the opponent and it annoys me Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in DMAcademy

    But I was confronted with the almighty "but that's what my character would do".

    Say something like this

    "i really don't give a shit. Were here to play DnD not peasant scaring simulator, quit wasting everyones time and tone it down."

    [–] How do we save this fucking planet? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Literally if we just stopped destroying the planet it will be saved

    The planet is not mysteriously dying

    We are ravaging it like cancer. We need to stop.

    [–] What is the most damage you could possibly do in a turn? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    Doesn't work, they need to use their action surge, and you're being a bit too on the noise their regardless.

    Oooh forgot the surge

    At least i tried, someone has to beat the damn samurai for max dpr and i want it to be wizard

    [–] Healing Spirit spell from Xanathar's Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in DnD

    The tldr is that most DMs are not great, and beginner DMs have a tendency to nerf the PCs rather than actually balance their game.

    Protip, the official published content has a way better balance than any homebrew from a DM of less than 10 years. Even then, homebrew is a crapshoot. So take all the modifications from these forums with a lot of skepticism. Always imagine how you could accomplish the same thing within the rules RAW because usually a better way already exists in RAW/RAI

    Comparing healing spirit to prayer of healing is very alike to comparing fireball to the spell flame arrows

    Fireball is obviously way stronger, why do DMs allow it when it is so OP compared to other spells?

    The answer: Because its fun, and it doesnt break game balance

    Combat difficulty is already determined with the assumption that a party is at full HP

    So why is 30hp for a 2nd level slot a problem?

    Well, it CAN be a little annoying for a healer PC to get upstaged by the healing spirit spell, BUT the only type of healer that doesnt have access to this spell is the life cleric, who already has plenty of healing. They should not be upstaged by having a druid or ranger in the party occasionally helping out with this spell.

    A lot of DMs complain about the party being too high HP all the time with this spell. This is stupid. The party is literally giving you an excuse to have more monsters, more traps, etc. Have fun with it!

    Most DMs dont run enough combat, they don't run hard combats, they allow too many rests, and they never interrupt the party during a rest.

    Kick your game up a notch!

    [–] What is the most damage you could possibly do in a turn? Unexpected_Megafauna 0 points ago in dndnext

    Simalacrum readies a magic missile to cast when you cast magic missile

    Done, in one turn

    [–] Good feat for level 8? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    Warcaster and resilient are critical for keeping hex