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    [–] Are players able to use Mage armour and shield at the same time? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    In 5e effects do not stack when they have the same name

    Mage armor and shield are different spells so they work together

    Along with a +1 shield, a ring of protection, and bracers of armor too

    But if you attuned to 2 rings of protection only 1 will work

    [–] Cost to Build a Fortress/Castle Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    Doing with magic could make things easier

    Wall of stone for example

    Or the instant fortress spell, or magic item

    [–] I'm dropping Horizon Zero Dawn Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in patientgamers

    It is totally opposite for me!

    I'm playing on PC, but i play witcher with keyboard and DS with controller

    [–] You're a high level elven druid. What do you do with your crazy long life span? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    Work to bring civilization and nature into harmony in my area

    Create a circle of druids to help me


    [–] Is there a way to get a rogue with healing without dipping *too* much into multiclass? Unexpected_Megafauna 5 points ago in dndnext

    Arcane trickster with 1 level of divine soul sorcerer to get healing word

    Or take 5 levels of ranger for healing spirit, this also gets you extra attack and some other goodies. I like this because rogue 14-20 is not great

    [–] How would a pixie obtain strong powers and become an archfey in the Feywild? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    I would have the pixie trick creatures into servitude for something like 1 year and a day, or 10 years, or 100, and then use its magic to brainwash them permanently

    Each follower can teach/give the pixie more and more power

    [–] Spells used by fairytale witches? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    Ottos dance



    Suggestion / charm / dominate

    Faerie fire

    Dancing lights


    Control weather

    Call lightning

    Misty step



    Tree stride

    Far step

    Wind walk

    Water breathing

    Hold person

    Bestow curse


    [–] How do you keep dungeon hack/slash games interesting for longer times? Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in DnDBehindTheScreen

    A sense of urgency. Some sort of time or resource limits. To prevent resting.

    A good set of mechanics to explore the dungeon and keep things moving and every player involved. Every table does this different.

    The above are all about pacing. Keeping players interesting is all about pacing! Always remember this.

    Variety in environments, encounter types, and enemies

    Factions and NPCs that are not monsters

    Interesting and dangerous hazards traps. Try to ensure no instant kills.

    Loot! Players love loot. Make sure to be stingy enough so they dont get too strong. Use lots of random tables, dont cherry pick the perfect items for them. Give them lots of consumables and not many permanent items.

    [–] Is it rude of my DM if he inserts a brand new player at 7th level? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    I hate playing with more than 5 people

    I would be very angry if a 6th or 7th person showed up, especially if they slow the game down

    I would just tell the DM to fix it or else i would leave.

    [–] Is Legolas a ranger or a fitgher? Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in DnD


    The elf race were there own class too, thats legolas

    Legolas is not an elf ranger. He's an elf, a strong one.

    [–] What to say for Bardic Inspiration? Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in DnD

    "Kill, kill, kill the bad undead!"

    "This is my sneaking song, it is not very long!" (Sung over and over, VERY loudly)

    No in the party seemed to like him... :(

    [–] Your level 4 wizard has asked you to use their downtown to go to school (through a crystal ball). How do you reward them? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    Use xanathars rules

    After paying enough gold and spending enough time they may gain a tool proficiency that is relevant

    I would avoid giving any skills or feats. Those are too strong.

    Make sure to check out rivals and complications too.

    [–] New players confused about Alignments Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    It doesn't matter what the players say or think going into a game

    Sit down and explain how alignment works in YOUR game, preferably before character creation

    Then everyone is on the same page

    Alignment should be a reflection of how the character is being played.

    Alignment is a thing may change according to players actions. The DM has the final say on a creatures alignment at any given time.

    [–] How would i make a good necromancer + warrior build? Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in DnD

    Be a hill dwarf and substitute sword for axe

    Or hobgoblin or githyanki

    High elves get longswords

    Alternatively take first level in fighter then take 19 levels of wizard

    [–] What animal would be a good stats for a beaver Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    I would pick a cat

    Beavers are bigger than rats but not as terrifying as badgers

    [–] What are some broken builds starting at level 6? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in DnD

    There are no 'broken' or OP builds usinfg official published stuff

    Restricting multiclass makes things harder

    Just play what you think looks fun.

    Make sure to put your best stats in right ability scores the PHB will tell you which those are

    keep at least 10 strength and con no matter what, and youll be fine

    [–] Tactics considered cheap or unfair? Unexpected_Megafauna 3 points ago in DnD

    Just make sure the gargoyles have the strength to carry that much

    Players should be aware of these things and learn to handle it

    [–] Bard Feat Choice Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    A 1 level dip in hexblade will give you ALL of those things as well as weapon, armor, and shield proficiencies

    Then use your feat for mobile

    Now you are a melee bard, if thats what you want

    Other good feats include:

    Actor is good in social campaigns

    Skulker is great

    War caster is mandatory for shield using casters

    Resilient con is incredible

    Elven accuracy is extremely good for eldritch blasters or melee builds

    [–] [Discussion] Hypothetically, what is the greatest amount of classes that could be added to a character while still being strong? Unexpected_Megafauna 1 points ago in dndnext

    Rogue 2

    Ranger 6

    Paladin 2

    Sorcerer 3

    Warlock 2

    Bard 5

    You're a level 13 cha based caster with all the best spells (shield, absorb elements, pass without trace, healing spirit, counterspell, fireball, fly, etc)

    You got heavy armor, smites, cunning action, expertise x4, invocations, short rest inspiration, extra attack

    [–] How much would a 9 foot tall lizardfolk weigh Unexpected_Megafauna 2 points ago in dndnext

    A crocodile that size would weigh like 1000 pounds but in game like 500

    [–] Mage Defense/Counter Breakdown or Graphic? Unexpected_Megafauna 3 points ago in baldursgate

    Depends greatly on if you use mods or not

    Secret word and breach are the best options

    At high level, khelbens warding whip and spellstrike

    Ruby ray, spell thrust, dispel magic, and remove magic are all good in certain situations but subpar IMO

    [–] found this hanging up in my dads room Unexpected_Megafauna 3 points ago in mallninjashit

    An antique ceremonial Klingon Bat'leth, it appears to originate from the Mur'Eq dynasty

    Truly a magnificent relic