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    [–] Barcelona sign 17yr old Yan Couto Unfolder_ 5 points ago in soccer

    Thank you. I hope he goes on loan rather than playing in barsa b, though

    [–] Barcelona sign 17yr old Yan Couto Unfolder_ 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in soccer

    I'd love if someone that knows about him could give some insights about how he plays and wether he can be a starter or not, since I think out RB* position is a bit weak and won't improve since we don't have bad players there (Roberto and Semedo).

    [–] absolute legend Unfolder_ 16 points ago in dankmemes

    I fear the day vanced/ublock stop working

    [–] [Translation] Which La Liga club fits each Premier League team? Unfolder_ 16 points ago in soccer

    Junior Firpo still has to play a good match for us. Arthur has had more gonorrhea than good matches recently, looking like that'll get worse. Dembele has been on the fence dor two years now, looking like he'll leave this summer. Umtiti is broken and will never play top football again.

    On the other side, we have Ter stegen, Lenglet, De Jong, and Ansu Fati. One player for each line is good for now, but we still have ways to go to make sure we don't decline hard.

    [–] Frenkie de Jong tweets he's back in training Unfolder_ 1 points ago in soccer

    De Jong is, by far, our best midfielder. Valverde wasn't letting him play, it was Frenkie that was letting Valverde stay.

    [–] [Official] Quique Setién replaces Ernesto Valverde as Barcelona's coach Unfolder_ 26 points ago in soccer

    I don't usually care much for karma, but it brings me great joy to be the messenger of this news

    [–] [Gerard Romero] Xavi will decide if he wants to become the new manager of FC Barcelona tomorrow. If he says yes, Valverde is gone. Unfolder_ 162 points ago in soccer

    I think we're split on wether this is the right moment for Xavi, but we agree we don't care as long as Valverde is gone.

    This is my POV:

    1. He's not the leader we need right now.
    2. He won't be able to bench glorified players.
    3. He will be able to prove his worth by regenerating the midfield, not only by making Riqui Puig (or someone new) flourish, but by re-activating another player, either the "injury"-prone Arthur or the oxidated Busquets.

    In summary, I'm salivating at the thought of Valverde gone, even if it means burning this card.

    [–] Change My View Unfolder_ -18 points ago in soccer

    Madrid robbed their six Europe cups.

    [–] Espanyol [2]-2 Barcelona - Wu Lei 88' Unfolder_ -9 points ago in soccer

    No ç in my phone. I get people that dislike fan gatekeeping, but do you really think these are true supporters?

    [–] Ole : "Pogba will have an operation on his foot" Out indefinately Unfolder_ -4 points ago in soccer

    he is still better than Lenglet

    He's not, he's miles behind and won't be a top player ever again. It's sad, because he was the best cb in the world, but that's the harsh truth.