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    [–] [Gerard Romero] Setién wanted to play 3-5-2 on Saturday, at the break from yesterday's game at Camp Nou, the feelings were not good ... He switched to 4-3-1-2 with the diamond, engaging Leo Messi with Luis and Antonie above. Right now clearly points the second option. Unfolder_ 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in soccer

    Both in Roma and Liverpool, Rakitic was an absolute disaster defensively, and he lost the ball multiple times in really bad spots. Considering the amount of balls Riqui steals, the only advantage I'd give Rakitic is defensive positioning, but I can't see how that balances everything else out.

    And riqui wouldn't attack, but provide the attackers the ball. We're in dire need of a creative midfielder, and Rakitic right now is the opposite.

    [–] How to counter post-imp Galley kiting? Unfolder_ 1 points ago in aoe2

    Thought about the demos but never commited. Will try next time, thanks!

    [–] How to counter post-imp Galley kiting? Unfolder_ 1 points ago in aoe2

    Forgot bracer! Sigh... That could explain why it always was one-sided. Thanks!

    [–] How to counter post-imp Galley kiting? Unfolder_ 1 points ago in aoe2

    Fair enough. We were fighting near his island and there was a large canal of water surrounding his, and the end of the map was at the other side of the canal. He positioned his fleet on one end of the canal, and there were castles on his coast, so I couldn't go around the other end without taking a big hit. Let's say it was at least impossible for me to figure out how to flank him in that situation.

    If he is kiting your fire ships you can seize map control and take down his docks

    His docks were inside the channel, and each end of the channel was protected by castles and troops of his own, like hand cannons, that played hit and run if I tried to attack the castle.

    I'll keep Saracens in mind, thanks. As a side note, he was playing vietnamese.

    [–] How to counter post-imp Galley kiting? Unfolder_ 1 points ago in aoe2

    I see, thanks. Guess I'll just have to learn to kite better

    [–] How to counter post-imp Galley kiting? Unfolder_ 1 points ago in aoe2

    It was impossible, and eventually he was the one forcing the fights and I couldn't do anything about it

    [–] was just looking around to see if GoT was on xbox and i see this.... ;( Unfolder_ 2 points ago in gaming

    If there weren't console wars, a lot of great games probably would not have been made.

    [–] Sassuolo 0-2 Juventus: Gonzalo Higuain goal 12' Unfolder_ -7 points ago in soccer

    Funny, you're probably a plastic that'll go away if things go sour the next decade. Downvote at heart's pleasure.

    [–] Medieval Monday: Ask Your Questions and Get Your Answers Unfolder_ 1 points ago in aoe2

    Is the best way to learn to get Gold on Art of War and then getting good marks on the Interactive Build Order Guide?

    [–] Real Valladolid 0-1 Barcelona: Arturo Vidal goal Unfolder_ 75 points ago in soccer

    We are completely different with Puig on the field

    [–] Villarreal 1-[4] Barcelona: Ansu Fati goal 86' Unfolder_ 112 points ago in soccer

    We play much better against teams with a high line and low pressure.

    It's the low line and/or high pressure that we have to overcome, and have yet to show any progress on that. Puig looks like he could be the key, though!

    [–] Armed protesters practicing their 2nd amendment rights Unfolder_ 0 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Keep at it like this and you'll see the impact of every single citizen having guns