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    [–] [Tiamat's Wrath] How should we interpret the Tecoma System? UnmixedGametes 0 points ago in TheExpanse

    At the point the Gate Builders became aware of the existential threat they faced, they probably didn’t really know what they were up against. They probably detected the “boiling quantum vacuum” and tried a number of ways to detect these extra-dimensional enemies. This would have been one way. Or, perhaps, the writer had smoked a fat one and it makes no sense...

    [–] Pretty good No-Scope UnmixedGametes 1 points ago in titanfall

    Just put a dot on the screen with blu-tax

    [–] "Tiamat’s Wrath" raises the stakes as "The Expanse" nears the end UnmixedGametes 8 points ago in TheExpanse

    It’s a fantastic cliff-hanger last sentence or two.

    Book 9: opening scene, 3 characters face Elvi and Teresa, 12 repair bots in a glass box, and a knife which is laid on the table in front of her. Beneath the ship, a diamond the size of Jupiter glitters with internal lightning. Teresa says “someone has to hang around long enough to see this through.” Elvi says “The Detective confirmed my hypothesis. He is waiting for you in the Library.” The Big Guy with grey skin and black eyes comes in with two similarly weird children. “Gonna need family, and a whole lot of coffee for the next long burn. You coming, or what?”

    [–] Megathread (Part 2): Attorney General Releases Redacted Version of Special Counsel Report UnmixedGametes 1 points ago in politics

    Putin bucks on way Komrade! Sorry slow payment this month as potato harvest not due until September and whore-spy-hacker bitches get paid first!

    [–] Huh, thats cool, I had no idea you could grapple onto an A-waOOOHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIT!!!! UnmixedGametes 4 points ago in titanfall

    This implies the A-wall shares code with scenery. (Bullet proof, grapples, wall run). TF3 deformable scenery confirmed?

    [–] Plummeting battery prices to make electric cars cheaper than gas cars in 3 years UnmixedGametes 2 points ago in Economics

    Assuming the rare earth metals, lithium extraction (and pollution) and energy cost of production are understood.