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    [–] Weird to carry our own plate to a picnic? Uvabird 1 points ago in ZeroWaste

    In my community, if there is a potluck, they send out reminders to not just bring food, but your plate, cutlery, napkin, etc. It does cut down on waste and everyone is on board.

    You are setting a great example!

    [–] Anyone else find it difficult to socialize when flaring, even mildly? I find it difficult to smile and be present sometimes. Uvabird 3 points ago in Interstitialcystitis

    I don't like to say what is going on with me but yes, it can put a damper on plans.

    Needless to say I've been avoiding bike riding, offers to get a cup of coffee (if there are no herbal options) or going anywhere that requires long pants and hot sticky weather and a lot of standing.

    [–] Are there any independent cute hotels in New Orleans for a good value? Uvabird 2 points ago in Cruise

    We found a bed and breakfast in the French Quarter- we were able to walk to Bourbon Street but it was far enough away as to be quiet in the evenings.

    [–] What’s the weirdest birthday present you’ve ever received? Uvabird 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A box of couscous, opened and then resealed along with a package of 10 heart shaped paper doilies.

    My stepmother-in-law didn't like me very much.

    [–] Starting to think that I have this condition. Uvabird 2 points ago * (lasted edited 20 days ago) in Interstitialcystitis

    It can make you feel crazy, wishing that you could find something- anything- to take away the pain and urgency for awhile. Or take it away permanently.

    Until then, have you tried the IC diet? I eliminated caffeine and even decaf black and green tea and decaf coffee. Chocolate is out, too. Irritating spices, vinegar, soy, fermented foods like yogurt and sauerkraut, tomatoes.

    Probably by now you have been through all the pain relief ideas- a teaspoon of baking soda in water, heating pads and ice packs, azo tablets. One MD at an urgent care suspected I had IC and she used to work in urology and suggested that I take an OTC acid reflux med as that seems to help with IC. I found that a child sized dose of benadryl at bedtime takes the edge off of the burning and lets me sleep.

    Here is a research article- actually several are mentioned- that can give you some insight and perhaps some hope with some new treatments being suggested.

    In the meantime, do try the IC diet- it can seem annoyingly restrictive but not as annoying and restrictive as IC symptoms. I'm about a week in and I'm seeing some improvement.

    I'm sorry you are going through this.

    Edit because I forgot to add the link

    [–] My grandparents on their wedding day! Uvabird 2 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    I love your grandmother's delicate gloves- she looks so lovely and happy!

    [–] Does the medicine we take for IC cause Dementia? New studies say yes. Uvabird 2 points ago in Interstitialcystitis

    I read this too and thought, if I have to live without the medications that bring relief, I don't want to make it to old age.

    Lack of sleep is also linked to dementia but there's no way for me to go medication free and try and sleep through burning and urgency.

    [–] Goldfinch, Donna Tartt Uvabird 3 points ago in books

    I really enjoyed this book as well- Boris was my favorite character.
    As lengthy as The Goldfinch is, I'm curious as to how they will create a film about it. After reading East of Eden, watching the film for the first time was an awful experience- the characters seemed so flat in the movie.

    [–] White House: Special Counsel Report Violates Conway's Free Tweet Rights Uvabird 12 points ago in politics

    If the Hatch Act is good enough for military members, it's good enough for Kellyanne.

    [–] Look at this beauty Uvabird 2 points ago in gardening

    Oh these smell so good. Lovely photo.

    [–] Chewie my baby boy before and after Uvabird 5 points ago in BeforeNAfterAdoption

    What a difference you made in this little dog, both physically and emotionally! You had a lot of patience and he sounds so much happier now!

    [–] Internet puppy scams on the rise, warns Better Business Bureau Uvabird 11 points ago in news

    Our county's shelter just posted today that they have over 600 animals available for adoption. An army of volunteers walks and trains and socializes as many as they can and create reports that let adopters know what animals are sociable, housebroken, love kids, etc. I can't see spending $1000 on an animal sight unseen when there are plenty of decent animals needing homes.

    [–] I deeply regret throwing away two stuffed animals - any advice on how to get over it? Uvabird 7 points ago in declutter

    This might sound odd, but I recommend a book to you, actually the first in a trilogy by Judith Kerr.

    When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is a semi autobiographical account of her family having to flee Germany when the Nazis rose to power. As a child, she packed a small suitcase as everyone was under the assumption that their packed household goods would be shipped to Switzerland the following week as scheduled.

    In the boxes was a much loved, very worn, pink stuffed rabbit. The book covers the regret of not packing it in the small suitcase as the Nazis confiscated all their possessions after the elections. The family was safe but all the comforts were gone.

    Why am I telling you this? Because you too have memories to share and a story to tell about the stuffed animals you loved so much, along with all the good memories of your grandmother.

    Write down your memories and like Judith Kerr, you might have something more comforting than you realized.

    A sibling lost everything he had in a terrible fire that destroyed his condo complex and we've learned as a family how important oral and written memories are in replacing what was lost.

    [–] [TX] Local home builder drops nails all over our roads, leaving us with constant tire punctures. They won’t pay for tires or street sweeping, what can we do? Uvabird 85 points ago in legaladvice

    We've dealt with this twice and it is difficult to prove who dropped the nails unless you have video proof.

    I do suggest purchasing a magnetic sweeper to carry with you as you walk- it's a large bar magnet with a handle- they are reasonably priced and catch far more metal fragments and nails than by just eyesight alone.

    I also used one at a horse stable because of horseshoe nails puncturing tires. I filled buckets using the magnetic sweeper.

    [–] Happiness Is A Smile - school teacher Miss Cady, July 7, 1967 Uvabird 6 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    Miss Cady was the teacher you hoped and prayed you'd get for next year, cheerful and creative and kind.

    But, the envelope from the school district would arrive in July and you sadly found yourself placed in cranky old Mrs. Frowngarden's room, complete with the wooden paddle at the ready.

    [–] Advice on losing a loved one with dementia Uvabird 5 points ago in dementia

    I am so sorry you lost your grandfather. Perhaps it might bring comfort to know that when you were brand new and small, there were people around you that loved you and cared for you. Even if you have no memories of that time, you were surrounded by people who loved you.

    And that love from family, including you, came back to your grandfather when he most needed it, from you, his wife, other family members.

    I saw this when a friend's husband passed away, his brain riddled with cancer- at the very end, he was unconscious but moving around in the bed, restless. But when his wife put her hand on his arm to sooth him, he became calm. He recognized his wife's touch without really being aware of his wife, if that makes any sense.

    One more thing that might bring comfort- my mother was a nurse of many years and like you, worried about patients who passed, worried if they were afraid or feeling alone. And then, one day, she suffered a medical emergency and was clinically dead for awhile. And she reported back that while it looked terrifyingly awful to family members, she was having a wonderful time in the "out there" and really was sorry she had to return.

    It's hard when a loved one passes and you feel like you missed an opportunity to say goodbye. But remember that you certainly, as a grandchild, must have brought a lot of joy to your grandfather and to remember all the good times that life is all about.

    [–] Mother trying to date online Uvabird 5 points ago in dementia

    This sounds awful, but can you block the dating websites on her computer and then tell your mother that they were shut down because of fraud? You have her best interests at heart and this may be one of those times where you need to find a way to keep her safe. I would also put a credit freeze on her accounts, just in case.

    If she has memory issues, she's going to continue to decline and will likely forget the things you suggested that will help her to stay safe.

    Do you have a local council on aging? They may have some suggestions for senior socials. Your mom is seeking love and companionship, which she clearly needs.

    Volunteering is another way to make friends- in our community, many older people- including older men- volunteer to get all the shelter dogs out for a walk around a lake, one dog per volunteer.

    Is there a model train group in town? Because if you are a lady looking for older men, they are there in droves. I took my own senior mom to a model train club's open house and she found herself surrounded by friendly, wholesome guys.

    [–] Quick trip gallery/report from Benidorm, Spain. It doesn't actually need more visitors, but you might want to see what it's like and/or have your prejudices confirmed. Uvabird 2 points ago in travel

    I ended up looking it up on a few travel sites, thinking, If I was here, what would I do? I'm not one who can drink all day or sit on the beach creating skin cancer. It looks like there's a nature reserve a bit north and day trips to Valencia. Your comparison to Waikiki Beach sounds apt. When there, I found the Honolulu zoo and the aquarium, within walking distance, to be respites from the crowds. And yes, Hawaii, away from that busy shore, was a wonderful experience.

    But you gave the best description of Benidorm. I'm still laughing about the white walkers...

    [–] My aunt, 22, and her date having cocktails. 1947 Uvabird 2 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    Your aunt is gorgeous in this photo. What a lovely smile she has, and everything about her shows attention to detail but she was blessed with good looks.

    [–] I am looking to plan an Alaskan Cruise for my whole family and have a few questions. Uvabird 2 points ago in Cruise

    Oh it was cold! I ended up wearing layers, then putting the NCL bathrobe on over that, then wrapped up in a blanket, stepping inside every so often to warm up but you are right, those views are worth it!

    [–] Cruising with Elderly Parent Uvabird 2 points ago in Cruise

    I would strongly suggest getting a wheelchair or lightweight transport chair for your dad- just getting from one's room to the dining area can be a long trek. We've found with senior family members that wheelchair rentals, even for those who can walk, make a world of difference at places like zoos and botanic gardens and other vacation spots because it takes away the hesitation that comes with the thought of "What if I walk all the way across that area but can't muster the energy to make it back to the car?" More is seen and done. Also, it's nice to have just in case. Day one and two might be fine but day five might prove to be too much.

    Alaska is an excellent place for seniors- pre book your shore excursions- don't miss the train in Skagway- and the train pick up points are very close to the ships. A balcony room will offer excellent views, especially if you bring binoculars.

    I like that they have free continental breakfast (on NCL, not sure about other lines) that is delivered to the room and that is one meal that could be taken away from crowds, quietly.

    Sometimes it's the smaller entertainment venues- the piano player in a whiskey bar- that feels less crowded and more intimate than attending the bigger shows, so perhaps you dad would enjoy that more. And, if he doesn't drink much, they're fine with letting you bring a cup of coffee down from the buffet and enjoying it while others sip their drinks.

    Seek out the quiet spots onboard- the library is good for that. I've also found some of the bars and lounges have excellent windows and comfy seats when they aren't doing bingo or dancing and are peaceful places to watch the world go by.