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    [–] After a storm. Quick 45 minute painting Uvabird 3 points ago in Watercolor

    The light...right where the sand meets the water's edge, making the sand and sea sparkle- your painting has life to it. Lovely painting!

    [–] Darla Shine, Wife of Top Trump Official Bill Shine, Goes on Pro-Measles, Anti-Vax Rant Uvabird 3 points ago in politics

    If she is so anti-vaxx, Darla dear should absolutely refuse the shingles shot for herself. She can get her immunity to shingles "the natural way", which as anyone who has had shingles knows, it's just days and days of gentle unicorn tickles and fresh spring breezes on your skin.

    I got that 2 part shot as soon as I could, but you do you, Darla.

    [–] Since y'all liked my mini Keurig... Uvabird 2 points ago in miniatures

    You are completely changing the world of modern miniature making. I would love to see a video of the process. This is just amazing work.

    [–] Mom Circa mid 1930s Uvabird 2 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    She's beautiful! I love her dress- it was difficult for girls during the Depression to look nice, but your mom did.

    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review Uvabird 526 points ago in science

    I don't think people are being taught about insects. And if people don't have much contact with nature, their only experience with insects would be houseflies, cockroaches or bedbugs, which in their world are multiplying constantly.

    It's damned depressing news, particularly about the extreme losses noted in Puerto Rico. As a birder, I'm wondering if there could be a citizen science program set up (getting schoolchildren involved as well) to take data on local insects as well as teaching the public what helps and harms them.

    [–] Will I Have Alzheimer's? Uvabird 3 points ago in Alzheimers

    Those of us with family members suffering from dementia often wonder the same thing.

    Genetics we cannot control but you can put the odds in your favor by taking diligent care of your teeth and gums, finding a form of exercise that you can enjoy for decades and getting as much education as you can. And it helps to do something constructive to counteract your worries, like exercising and studying.

    I'm hopeful for new treatments in the future, too.

    [–] I made miniature bananas Uvabird 6 points ago in miniatures

    These are the most realistic miniature bananas I've seen. The coloring is amazing.

    [–] Irrigated horse pasture in Tucson? Uvabird 4 points ago in Tucson

    There is pasture on Woodland Road in NE Tucson. There are private homes along there that sometimes offer space for a few boarded horses and there may still be a boarding facility there. I think there may be pasture boarding south of Tucson in Green Valley.

    I just thought of another one- SE Tucson- River Valley Ranch has irrigated pastures- they aren't large but horses do get time in them.

    [–] Doing housework, 1961 Uvabird 2 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    I see so many small potted plants that the lady is growing in the windowsills that remind me of the currently popular succulents one sees in a lot of homes today.

    [–] What film has a perfect soundtrack? Uvabird 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Inside Lleweyn Davis. Underrated film, excellent folk music.

    [–] Cilantro is leaning, very weak, some leaves are turning brown. What do I do. Im growing them in mason jars with an artifical light. My mint is also dying. Uvabird 1 points ago in gardening

    Get some clay or ceramic pots with saucers for drainage.

    I have used mason jars and other pots without drainage holes for succulents and cacti only, because they are only given a tiny amount of water infrequently. Cilantro and mint need more water and just as importantly, more air.

    [–] Doesn't look like much but I'm proud. My first attempt at gardening in my life. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Uvabird 1 points ago in gardening

    No laughing- it looks good and every year you learn something new about what plants work best where you live. I was on our community gardens committee and it was always cool to see what worked as well as what didn't. For example- in my location, you can't go wrong with greens and broccoli but it doesn't get cold enough for Brussels sprouts. They sold the plants at the nursery, a few of us planted them and they grew, but they never set fruit because it never got cold enough.

    And when things grow well, it's cause for celebration. Looks like you've gotten a good start and do post updates.

    [–] They may be tiny but they are full of flavor. Spoon tomatoes. Uvabird 2 points ago in gardening

    A few years ago I planted some tomatoes in large planters but the desert heat was too much for all of them except one plant that produced tiny tomatoes like these. Bonus- the next year they reseeded themselves and we had tiny tomatoes again.

    "Good things come in small packages" is true about these!

    [–] Female genital mutilation (FGM) is increasingly being performed on babies and infants in the UK - In one report, in Yorkshire, a victim was just one month old. Uvabird 2 points ago in worldnews

    When my son was born in a military hospital, I shared a room with a young woman who had also given birth to a baby boy. Her mom came to visit and I could hear her ranting through the curtain that divided the room, "If you don't get him circumcised, he can't join the military!!!" They really believed that to be true.

    [–] Archibald S. McCoy, with wife and baby (both named Mary Helen), 1901, Waterford, Ireland, photo by A.H. Poole Uvabird 3 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    I've never seen a wicker chair-like saddle for an infant. The horses are perfectly groomed, lovely conformation. But- having owned horses, I'd be leery of allowing such a tiny baby to be barely sitting up alone on the back of a flighty animal.

    But every living creature in the photography is attractive.

    [–] First photo was taken immediately after Ray, a stray cat, was hit and left to die, blinded and bleeding. He was rushed to the vet where against all odds, he survived! Second photo is him today in his forever home :) (NSFW) Uvabird 65 points ago in BeforeNAfterAdoption

    Thank you for rescuing a cat when others wouldn't or couldn't.
    You are right, animals in pain aren't always in gratitude mode. They are just trying to survive and they don't always understand we are trying to help them.

    What a transformation. I can't believe the cat survived and now thrives!

    [–] What dire warning from your parents turned out to be bullshit? Uvabird 3 points ago in AskReddit

    DARE seemed pretty fucked up to me as a parent. I'd have to go under that giant plastic DARE banner to the school office to drop off a controlled substance (Adderall) so the school could continue to hammer my first grade square peg into a round hole.

    So, don't do speed. Or do take speed, at the urging of the school.

    [–] My Grandfather has late stage dementia and my family essentially assist him daily. He doesn’t react to external stimuli much but the dog always gets him Uvabird 25 points ago in aww

    What a loving family your grandfather has. I'm touched that the little dog has his role in care giving as well- clearly having a dog close by to love is doing your grandfather some good.

    It's awful what dementia does to people, though.

    [–] This is Senzu Bean (or Beanie Baby). She was at the shelter since last August because no one wanted her due to severe anxiety that required Prozac. Since moving in with me she has been able to come completely off the Prozac! Uvabird 6 points ago in BeforeNAfterAdoption

    Some cats are just meant for a certain special someone, like you.

    A relative worked for a cat rescue and they had a room for felines that were long term for various reasons. One day a young boy and his mom came looking for a kitty to adopt and the boy wandered into the room and he was found with a cat on his lap. That cat was the most grumpy, asocial animal that wanted nothing to do with anyone. "Are you SURE you want that cat?" asked the rescue people. The boy was certain, because the cat adored being on his lap.

    I think cats know-like yours- when the right person has come into their lives.

    [–] My father is no longer suffering Uvabird 1 points ago in Alzheimers

    I'm so sorry you lost your father to such an awful disease. I hope the good memories from earlier years will be a comfort.

    [–] Sarcophagus lid with complex iconography, belonging to K'inich Janaab Pakal I of Palenque, Southern Mexico, 7th century Mayan [1144x1600] Uvabird 2 points ago in ArtefactPorn

    I had the opportunity to tour Mayan ruins in Belize. The man leading the tour was an archaeologist from Belize and there was so so much sadness in his voice when he spoke of the extensive Mayan libraries that the Europeans burned. So many written pieces that it took two weeks of non stop burning to destroy them. Only 4 works are left, one of them on native bee keeping.

    I think of all that information, gone forever.

    [–] PSA: Dollar Tree has started putting out garden supplies. YMMV. Uvabird 3 points ago in gardening

    Best watermelons I ever grew came out of one of their 4 for a dollar seed packets. The watermelons looked nothing like the picture on the seed packet but were orange fleshed and so sweet.

    [–] How do you guys cope with stress as a carer Uvabird 5 points ago in dementia

    Small things, little treats for myself. I have over my kitchen sink a bundle of bright yellow daffodil blooms - I think they are $1.49 for a set of unopened buds at Trader Joe's. Cheerful little reminder of spring and something to keep me feeling positive.

    I also have a hardback drawing book- days when I hear long, long stories, the same stories every day, talking without ceasing, I pull out that book and do a lot of pen and ink doodles. Other days, I color in those doodles with pencils.

    An occasional meal out is good, too- do not feel guilty about having fun. You need that to keep you going.

    [–] Monsterland, and other tragical tales. Uvabird 2 points ago in dementia

    This is so well written. It's difficult to read, kind of like watching category 5 hurricane coverage on television while living in a coastal city. My mother is dealing with memory loss and has meltdowns, but not this bad. But now I'm wondering if you've painted a picture of what storms might be coming my way.

    Again, what a hard hitting, well crafted piece.