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    [–] Interior of Children's Memorial Lutheran Chapel. Mission Harvest Day. August 30, 1885 Kansas City, MO Uvabird 1 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    I'm sure this was all seen as wholesome and harmless in that time period, but with my modern eyes this feels like a scene from a movie based on a Stephen King novel. Harvest Home....shudder. With all the chairs missing children, exactly what was harvested? What are the symbolic, mysterious items on the walls?

    [–] Skagway...Suggestions? Uvabird 1 points ago in Cruise

    I'm going to agree with the others here- the White Pass railway is an amazing trip. I was put off by the price as well but someone who had taken the train before strongly recommended it.

    There's a certain point where you are up very high, stunning vistas straight out and canyons far below and then you look up at the mountains again. Far away you see a tiny thread of a train slowly going along the bare edge of a huge mountain and it looks impossible. How is there even space to fit a train track along the face of the mountain? You are about to find out next.

    [–] Eelie the 12+ year old Kuhlii loach happy in her new home with many friends! Uvabird 2 points ago in Aquariums

    What a happy, healthy life she leads, if she's 12! What size tank? I love Kuhlii loaches- I had them years ago.

    [–] My 87 year old mom can’t stop crying Uvabird 5 points ago in dementia

    It can be. I would make an appointment with her doctor to see if there's something she can take that would help, because it must be awful to wake up so sad.

    Perhaps memories of people now gone or dreams of younger days are making her sad for what is lost. Have you noticed if there is anything that helps her to stop crying? Playing happy, familiar music? Talking about the past?

    I have noticed an emotional shift in my own mother, too. I try and help with sweet or fun distractions. But again, I would check with her doctor. I'm sorry your mom feels so badly and doesn't know why.

    [–] He hid under the table the first day I adopted him.... Now, he won’t leave me alone Uvabird 26 points ago in aww

    We ended up taking classes at one of the local pet stores and had an absolute blast with him. Ours is stubborn but oh, he'll do anything for a treat. I did learn that it took a lot of repetitions before he got a command down- a lab might learn in just a few but it took over 80 times before he learned to sit but once he got that down, the next few commands came a bit more easily. He's not perfect- he's quiet and adores people, little kids and, go figure, things that make loud noises like motorcycles and fireworks- but he absolutely hates other dogs and we struggled with that in the training classes.

    [–] He hid under the table the first day I adopted him.... Now, he won’t leave me alone Uvabird 79 points ago in aww

    He looks a lot like our chi-weenie that we rescued. One thing- don't let him jump up and down off of furniture- these little guys can get back issues. Ours ruptured a disc in his back and became the 5K "free dog".

    Yours looks like a sweetheart- these are smart little dogs and I was surprised how happy and trainable they are!

    [–] How Do I deal with her breakdowns? Uvabird 3 points ago in Alzheimers

    Do you notice if the upset comes more easily if your mom is hungry or thirsty? I have found that keeping candy available helps with meltdowns and I try as much as possible to avoid scheduling things I know trigger upsets (like doctor appointments or trips to the bank) near mealtimes.

    [–] What sounds like fiction but is actually a real historical event? Uvabird 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Laura Ingalls Wilder, whose childhood was depicted in her book Little House on the Prairie, took an airplane flight to see her daughter.

    [–] My grandmother thinks several people are stealing from her. What do I do? Uvabird 5 points ago in dementia

    My mother has an independent living apartment where the only person who comes in is a cleaning lady twice a month. My mom called to tell me that the cleaning lady, absolutely, took her best scissors and the bag they were in. She went on and on about the theft, how the tote bag was coveted (it was a free tote from the 1990s with advertising on it). No reasoning with her. Even asking her "But how would they even hide the scissors and tote?" brought the response "They could, um, put it inside the vacuum cleaner bag!"

    I went over and found the scissors and tote in a storage cube where she keeps all her sewing supplies. My mom just stared with a look of relief but said nothing about her accusations.

    Stories are created to make sense out of a world that no longer has all the pertinent information. And it is scary if they threaten to involve the police. I worried my mom was going to contact the manager of the senior living center to accuse innocent people of a ridiculous, non existent theft.

    Could you redirect your grandmother by having her wear a fanny pack that contains a nominal amount of money? You could tell her, Nobody can steal it if it is on you. She can unzip it and check to see that yes, all her money is still in there.

    I know my mom has to check and recheck her purse constantly for her keys, glasses and wallet. It's almost OCD level now. But I allow her time to go through her purse before we leave the parking lot.

    You can't argue with irrational thoughts but perhaps you can provide some sense of security with a fanny pack or some other way your grandmother can continually keep tabs on her money.

    [–] President plans to shut down Arizona economy Uvabird 17 points ago in Tucson

    I know an older lady who is all upset and scared because her lower partial plate was damaged and she goes to the dentist across the border. What if it closes? Can I get my dental work done? I can't afford to do it here, she said.

    That's just one minor story among many. This could screw up so many livelihoods and lives.

    [–] Visiting dad. Uvabird 3 points ago in dementia

    How heartbreaking. It is hard when you see a loved one robbed of memories and recognition. Try and focus on the stories of your childhood or his childhood, where confusion might not have so strong a footing.

    [–] Trump Wants to Give 62 Cents of Every Dollar to the Military. That's Immoral Uvabird 1 points ago in politics

    Perhaps the wall he wants isn't to keep others out, but to keep us inside his dystopian dream.

    [–] We leave for our first cruise to the caribbean in less than a week, any last minute advice? Uvabird 3 points ago in Cruise

    I always pack a mini first aid kit with pain relievers, anti-nausea drugs, bandages etc. If you are celebrating a special event, it's fun to pack some door decorations and a roll of tape.

    [–] Buffet food and people coming home heavier.. Uvabird 1 points ago in Cruise

    There are delicious, delicious things on those buffets. It is hard to keep weight down but holy cow, awesome Indian food three times a day? I limit myself to one trip to the buffet per meal.

    I live in a house with picky eaters and that means a lot things- like seafood- are never served at home so I enjoy them on the cruise. The buffet means everybody gets to enjoy what they like. For one family member on his first cruise, the fresh chocolate chip cookies were a w wonder. Really? I can have...12? He took some back to his room and it was one of the trip highlights for him. Seems a small thing but he was happy. Yes, he gained weight but nobody's judging.

    Two rules we try and keep- no matter how good everything is, we limit to one trip up to the buffet (okay, sometimes we cheat) and we try and walk 2-3 miles a day around the walking deck, to work off those pretzel rolls.

    [–] I just made this 1:12 sushi plate with polymer clay! Uvabird 6 points ago in miniatures

    They look so fresh! I love the accurate textures on each piece.

    [–] FTD diagnosis, with few $ resources for care, and harmful outside influences. Uvabird 2 points ago in dementia

    You might want to post your questions over at /r/legaladvice as well to see if there is anything that may be overlooked. I was wondering if you needed to declare guardianship or if the POAs are enough. I think they might be but I'm not a lawyer.

    In other states, I know that one has to spend down one's assets in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance with nursing home/assisted living. For one of our relatives who is in a nursing home, his wife has to spend down a large portion of her retirement savings as well as all of his before he qualifies for Medicaid. In their situation, she is still able to continue living in their house and as ck2d explained, the house is exempt so she can remain where she is.

    In your mother's case, she likely needs the income from the sale of the house and she's not able to live on her own any more.

    Is there a local council on aging in your community? Are there any non-profit care facilities in your state?

    Having your mother go into a memory care place might help her to establish new friends that might distract her from the ones who do not have her best interests at heart.

    Does your mother still own a car? Can you disable the car so it can't be driven? She can say she is able to drive but if her car doesn't work, then it's no longer an issue.

    One thing that helps- maybe not a lot, but a bit- is to give your mother choices where you can because she keenly feels the loss of control in her life. What you are doing is necessary as she can't manage her finances or daily living, but give her the opportunity to choose her own meals, type of laundry detergent, etc.

    In my mother's case, we relocated her out of state to be near me- there is a non-profit senior living community and no one is ever kicked out when funds run low. The units run from fancy upgraded two bedrooms to non-upgraded one bedrooms and efficiencies but all are clean and well maintained.

    [–] Dog boarding in Tucson Uvabird 1 points ago in Tucson

    Adobe Vet on Tanque Verde boards dogs and cats but the only drawback is that there is no one there after 5 pm.

    I have a dog with medical issues and the PetSmart boarding on Broadway and Pantano has given him excellent care. He had had major surgery 10 weeks prior and was still not back to 100% but they adapted things for him.

    [–] What’s the worst shore excursion you’ve been to and why? Uvabird 1 points ago in Cruise

    I'm glad your daughter was okay, in the end. Really, it was a miracle she was wasn't harmed further, given all the screwups by the guide.

    [–] What’s the worst shore excursion you’ve been to and why? Uvabird 1 points ago in Cruise

    I think the shore excursion that aggravated me the most was an all day tour of Rome that included an afternoon seeing the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel.

    The bus ride to Rome is long. And the day was off to a poor start when our tour guide failed to show up on time. We parked on a side street and waited for 40 minutes. Finally, the man shows up and we see the Forum, the Colosseum, etc but at a more rapid pace because of the time lost and we were scheduled to eat at a certain time.

    The afternoon was supposed to be the Vatican. Tour guide leads us there and surprise! We can't get in, hundreds of empty plastic chairs on the plaza behind the gates for people making a special pilgrimage.

    Our tour guide seemed completely unprepared for this possibility. He made us stand in the heat while he lectured us about the things we could have seen if we only could have gone inside. Then he had us follow him to, you guessed it- a gift shop with one overflowing toilet and 50 angry tourists lined up. One pissed off older woman felt the need to give me random sharp shoves once in awhile. WTF?

    Being that this didn't quite fill up the time still left on our excursion, the tour guide had us get on the bus and he pointed out buildings that were of low interest for a few hours. It was so boring.

    I didn't know then but if you get a really crummy tour, when you get back on the ship immediately go and ask for a refund or partial refund depending on what they failed to deliver.

    [–] What’s the worst shore excursion you’ve been to and why? Uvabird 3 points ago in Cruise

    My God, that's awful what happened to your husband and daughter! I hope she is okay.