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    [–] [OC] Fatal, Wild Animal Attacks in the US and Canada From 1900 to 2020 V1Analytics 5 points ago in dataisbeautiful


    Excel, Python and Blender 2.8


    Includes attacks from all types of sharks, bears, snakes, alligators, cougars and wolves. The map doesn't show attacks by pets and other captive animals. Map marker locations have been approximated where reports provided vague locations, eg "Off the coast of Oregon."

    Reliable alligator attack data before 1973 was not available and was therefore excluded. If you have access to a reliable dataset, please consider expanding the wiki page

    [–] [OC] Toys "R" Us Stores across the US from 1957 to 2020 V1Analytics 359 points ago in dataisbeautiful


    Video Production

    Python, Blender 2.8


    Excel, Wayback Machine


    Store Addresses

    A complete list of United States store addresses along with their lease information, retail square footage, phone numbers, and store ID numbers was made available at the time of their bankruptcy.

    A .pdf of the complete 139 page bankruptcy filing is available here. See Exhibit A for the list of stores.

    2018 Closures

    The first phase of 182 store closures began at the start of February 2018. Source

    The addresses of the first 182 store locations was originally posted on the Toys R Us website. It is now only available through the Wayback machine

    The second and final phase began at the end of March 2018 and involved liquidating all remaining stores. The addresses of all remaining store locations and details of the company’s liquidation was made available through the bankruptcy court filings, linked above. Stores were closed permanently as soon as they had finished liquidating their inventory. The order of the closures was based on each store’s gross square footage. It was assumed that the larger locations would have taken longer to liquidate. The last of the stores were officially closed to customers on June 29 2018.

    2019 Reopening

    There are currently two new locations in operation according to the Toys R Us website

    The first revamped Toys R Us opened at the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ on 27th of November 2019. It operates under the Tru Kids brand. Source

    A second Tru Kids branded location opened in at the Galleria in Houston, TX on December 7 2019. Source

    As of June 2020, these are the only two revamped Toys R Us stores in operation although the company has announced intentions to open another 10 locations across the US.

    Store Counts

    The per-state store numbers were obtained from archive copies of Toys R Us Inc's annual 10-K filings with the SEC from 1996 to 2017. The numbers before 1996 were collected from various business news articles that covered the history of the company. There was a high volume of relevant business news articles in 2017 and 2018 during the Toys R Us bankruptcy, relevant articles for each year are linked below.

    Store counts by year

    Additionally, the 'Our History' page on the old website also yielded useful store information during company's early years. An archived copy is available through the Wayback machine

    You missed Wyoming?

    One Toys R Us location supposedly existed in Cheyenne, WY at the Frontier Mall at 1400 Dell Range Blvd. However I can’t confirm that this location was ever opened. According to this post, a user reported in 2014, that it didn’t exist. There was no mention of Toys R Us on the Frontier Mall online directory on the Wayback machine. There were no Wyoming locations mentioned in any of the company reports, therefore Toys R Us Wyoming was deliberately excluded from the data.

    [–] 1990s financial statements Blockbuster V1Analytics 1 points ago in blockbustervideo

    They IPO'd on August 10, 1999. Before that, they were a privately traded company which meant they didn't need to release their financials to retail shareholders.

    The archives do have some reports from 1994 and 1995.

    Edgar Link

    [–] [OC] Blockbuster Video US store locations between 1986 and 2019 V1Analytics 274 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Tools: Excel, Python and Blender 2.8

    Sources: The per-state store numbers came from archive copies of Blockbuster Inc’s annual 10-K filings with the SEC between 1999 and 2011. The numbers outside of these years were collected from various business news articles with linear extrapolation for the dates in between. All store count sources are linked below.

    The store counts also include Alaska and Hawaii which aren't shown on the map.

    [–] TESLA BREAKS 1k. V1Analytics 3 points ago in stocks

    Until the day it wasn't.

    [–] Why... V1Analytics 1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Reminds me of this

    [–] TrumpSort V1Analytics 104 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    And blames all inefficiencies on the class it inherited from.

    [–] It’s user friendly... V1Analytics 1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    This dog actually looks pretty content, he's probably not going to send the devs angry emails at 11:00pm because he can't remember which email he signed up with.

    [–] Wrong AMC: AMZN rumored to buy AMC Networks V1Analytics 3 points ago in stocks

    It was like when people were buying Zoom Technologies (ticker: ZOOM) because they were getting it mixed up with Zoom Video Communications (ticker: ZM). It went up 240% before the SEC halted trading.

    This also happened in 2013 with Tweeter Home Entertainment Group Inc. People were buying it thinking it was Twitter stock even though they hadn't IPO'd yet.