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    [–] Nick Harper vs perish cox V8TITAN 3 points ago in Tennesseetitans

    Cox was released after getting burned in end zone during the Bears game. LUCKY for us the WR dropped what would have been the game winning pass.

    [–] How many games are we winning this year? V8TITAN 18 points ago in Tennesseetitans

    Only Three Things are Certain in Life: Death, Taxes, and the Titans going 9-7.

    [–] Hes coming back for more V8TITAN 1 points ago in Tennesseetitans

    Adoree already has the “Action Jackson” moniker.

    [–] Derrick Henry Funko Pop preorders are live FYI V8TITAN 7 points ago in Tennesseetitans

    If it don’t have the mega dread then I don’t want it.

    [–] Holosun 510C-GR Purple haze normal? V8TITAN 1 points ago in ar15

    Unintentionally pretty cool not gonna lie.