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    [–] If the colts lose this week, we control our own destiny V8TITAN 9 points ago in Tennesseetitans

    I think the Bills are a lock for the 5th spot so we either win our division or fight like hell for the 6th.

    [–] We need a Scryfall app V8TITAN 1 points ago in magicTCG

    EDHREC* app

    [–] Who do you Consider your Teams Greatest Non-divisoinal Rival? V8TITAN 3 points ago in nfl

    Probably the Ravens from the Eddie George vs Ray Lewis days.

    [–] Marcus Mariota has beaten 22 NFL teams V8TITAN 13 points ago in Tennesseetitans

    He’s definitely beaten the Titans a few times so 23 teams.

    [–] AFC South might get shaken up V8TITAN 4 points ago in Tennesseetitans

    Why don’t we boot the very most not southern city Indy out instead.