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    [–] Individualism versus Collectivism: What does it appear like in other cultures? VWVVWVVV 1 points ago in AskSocialScience

    There's also a Nordic informal code of conduct, e.g., Law of Jante:

    Although intended as criticism, the meaning of the Law of Jante has shifted to refer to personal criticism of people who want to break out of their social groups and reach a higher position in society in general.

    [–] Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent (1992) - How the media has always been pro-establishment and pro-war, and how they "manufacture consent" of the population for the agenda of the rich. VWVVWVVV 1 points ago in Documentaries

    Socialism is even weaker against corruption than capitalism.

    If we look at a world corruption index, you'll find many social democracies in the top 10 (where the top is relatively corruption-free). No country is a pure capitalist or socialist state, but social democracies could certainly be run relatively corruption-free.

    Also he couldn’t have predicted the Internet, a decentralized way of spreading information.

    It's also a decentralized way of spreading disinformation. IMO, democracies are more vulnerable today to manipulation than before. It may take a while before people get better educated on how to take in information from a wide spectrum of potentially-false sources. An increased level of skepticism by itself is insufficient.

    [–] Liberals and conservatives are more able to detect logical flaws in the other side's arguments and less able to detect logical flaws in their own. Findings illuminate one key mechanism for how political beliefs distort people’s abilities to reason about political topics soundly. VWVVWVVV 0 points ago in science

    The dual of belief is doubt. With beliefs and doubts, emotions play a major role in its "strength" of conviction, and these strongly held beliefs do not necessarily reflect reality. Many fallacies insert itself here, e.g., emotions relating to large numbers.

    One counter to these fallacies is a structural understanding of the world, not probabilistic belief systems. It's what Popper refers to as falsifiable. You cannot really falsify a probabilistic belief. The reliance of probabilistic beliefs leads to fallacies discussed in the article, since the subjectively assumed priors (liberal or conservative principles) are not properly vetted.

    By properly vetted I mean how is it independent to any specific reference frame. For example, see this paper:

    • A. W. Smith, “Physics as a way of thinking,” Law Journal of the Student Bar Association of the Ohio State University, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 241–259, 1936.

    Just an alternate viewpoint ...

    [–] Trump claims he suffers 'highest level of Presidential Harassment in history', despite assassination of four predecessors VWVVWVVV -18 points ago in neutralnews

    Koch-funded IER suggested a while back that wind turbines indirectly cause cancer:

    Manufacturing wind turbines is a resource-intensive process. A typical wind turbine contains more than 8,000 different components, many of which are made from steel, cast iron, and concrete. One such component are magnets made from neodymium and dysprosium, rare earth minerals mined almost exclusively in China, which controls 95 percent of the world’s supply of rare earth minerals.


    Simon Parry from the Daily Mail traveled to Baotou, China, to see the mines, factories, and dumping grounds associated with China’s rare-earths industry. What he found was truly haunting: "As more factories sprang up, the banks grew higher, the lake grew larger and the stench and fumes grew more overwhelming. ‘It turned into a mountain that towered over us,’ says Mr Su. ‘Anything we planted just withered, then our animals started to sicken and die.’ People too began to suffer. Dalahai villagers say their teeth began to fall out, their hair turned white at unusually young ages, and they suffered from severe skin and respiratory diseases. Children were born with soft bones and cancer rates rocketed.

    Perhaps Trump and the Koch brothers care deeply about diseases caused by industries in other countries.

    [–] US weekly jobless claims drop to the lowest level since 1969 VWVVWVVV 45 points ago in news

    The unemployment rate has been steadily dropping from October 2009. if we're about to enter a recession as some are predicting, then we could be reaching an inflection point where unemployment starts to increase.

    [–] Preliminary Crash Report Says Ethiopian Airlines Crew Complied With Procedures VWVVWVVV 4 points ago in neutralnews

    From CNN:

    "We can confirm that we haven't found any foreign object damage," Amdeye Ayalew, Ethiopian Accident Information Bureau investigation chairman, told reporters, speaking through a translator. The AOA sensor during take off was functioning normally, he said. But after take off it was feeding erroneous data.

    In both Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines, the AoA sensors were erroneous. Also, both airlines opted out of the optional safety feature, e.g., indicator for detecting AoA sensor faults. In the Ethiopian Airlines case, the AoA was working before takeoff. In the Lion Air case, it wasn't working on taxi, which would've been easy to ground the plane to address technical issues if they had an indicator.

    That Boeing created a poorly documented MCAS controller that critically depends on a fallible AoA sensor and allowing airlines to limit pilot awareness in crucial flight phases (takeoff) through an "optional" safety feature is insane. That FAA approved it is even worse.

    [–] Finland’s Basic Income Experiment Shows Recipients Are Happier and More Secure VWVVWVVV 1 points ago in Economics

    Our government helps (lobbies foreign countries for) export of selected commercially manufactured goods, e.g., arms sales. It helps the domestic industry and provides domestic jobs. Is that communist as well or effective management of the nation?

    [–] Key House Democrat Formally Asks For Trump's Tax Returns VWVVWVVV 7 points ago in neutralnews

    Do we want that kind of inter-branch warfare?

    This is a form of a slippery slope argument that definitely has some truth to it (since the executive and legislative branches have finite resources and time). Inter-branch oversight is required and there needs to be adequate resources or a path to achieve it. Congress could provide the tools for inter-branch and perhaps public transparency. I also see citizenry (including the media) with a key investigative role in the checks and balances of the three-branch system apart from just elections.

    The investigative burden could be alleviated by a general increase in transparency regarding all public officials (in all government branches), e.g., a law where every public official must publicly release their tax/financial records. With public transparency, the executive and legislative branches could then work with the public to ensure effective oversight.

    Anyway, there has to a trade-off between resources spent on moving the country forward and inter-branch oversight. Citizens will ultimately control the people who decide the trade-off through elections. Right now, this administration is pushing the boundaries with respect to nepotism and cronyism, so provides a great opportunity for the legislative branch in turn to set appropriate branch power boundaries and transparency laws.

    Asking for tax returns is a step in the right direction but it definitely needs to go much further legislatively.

    [–] Finland’s Basic Income Experiment Shows Recipients Are Happier and More Secure VWVVWVVV 0 points ago in Economics

    Would it be better to have a UBI-like experiment for people with a skillset valuable to society? Like immigration, this could be prioritized based on a known skills-gap. It's not necessarily technology-based, but need-based e.g., if there's a lack of truckers then basic income could be scaled to attract more people into getting trucking license. It could generate new business models while satisfying a labor need and could improve labor mobility.

    [–] Key House Democrat Formally Asks For Trump's Tax Returns VWVVWVVV 15 points ago in neutralnews

    The article you linked is regarding the constitutionality of Congress granting immunity to witnesses, which makes sense:

    For more than a century, Congress has exercised an unchecked power to grant immunity to whomever it wants, at any time, for any reason. This unlimited authority allows Congress to prevent the executive branch from enforcing our nation's criminal law. Such authority not only allows the guilty to escape justice, but it conflicts with basic separation-of-powers principles.

    How is conducting investigations in general unconstitutional? Congress needs to understand the context before enacting or repealing any laws, especially in regards to checking the executive branch.

    With respect to asking for the tax returns, there is a Congressional need for oversight:

    These multiple allegations raise legitimate questions about whether the president is running the government for his benefit or the public’s—or both. Is he profiting from his position? Is the public harmed? Is the IRS auditing the president’s returns appropriately—and without favoritism? Has the IRS proposed any adjustments—and has the president paid them?

    To fulfill its oversight responsibility, Congress, through the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, should demand the president’s personal and business tax returns that were open for audit at the time he assumed office and the 2017 returns filed since his election. Neal also should request any audit records for these returns, the work papers of any audit, and any written determinations.

    [–] US finds "severe" problems in Alabama prisons VWVVWVVV 4 points ago in news

    Their in-state acceptance rate to their med school program is pretty high, ~37%. It's top 10 in that category.

    [–] Bernie Sanders floats modified term limits for Supreme Court justices. VWVVWVVV -2 points ago in neutralnews

    I think it gives independence to the supreme court to independent thought.

    Could you source this claim or provide some support evidence for your opinion? Are you referring to independence from political pressure?

    If so, this Supreme Court with lifetime appointments is polarized along political lines:

    Second, and driven in part by selection mechanisms, polarization may be reflected in the decisions that judges make, especially on issues that divide people politically, such as abortion, guns, or affirmative action. On the Supreme Court, for example, the Court often divides along party and ideological lines in votes in the most prominent and highly contested cases.

    Lifetime appointment does not necessarily help provide independence from political pressure.

    [–] Homeland Security Disbands Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit. VWVVWVVV 7 points ago in neutralnews

    If someone who is Muslim goes and kills a bunch of people, but never says it was motivated by Islam, should we count that as Islamic terrorism?

    AFAIK, Islam by itself does not promote terrorism. However, extremist versions of Islam do promote terrorism. In such cases, if such extremists killed a bunch of people in line with their extremist teachings then it makes sense that it should be considered as terrorism. I don't see why they have to explicitly state their intentions.

    People's affiliations do describe their motivations. The same holds for hate crimes:

    Aside from defendant’s own statements, relevant evidence of bias might include:

    • defendant’s membership in a group that espouses hatred for certain groups (such as a black separatist group or an online chat group that opposes homosexuality)
    • defendant’s possession of literature or symbols associated with bias, such as Nazi memorabilia or anti-Semitic texts
    • defendant’s own writings, graffiti, or tattoos
    • the use of biased slurs or graffiti during or at the site of the crime
    • the date of the incident, if it coincides with a significant holiday or anniversary, and
    • other hate crimes committed by defendant.

    [–] The emerging Boeing 737 MAX scandal, explained VWVVWVVV 13 points ago in Economics

    The 737 max has a controller that triggers on when the angle of attack sensors exceed a certain level, yet the angle of attack (AoA) indicator itself is an optional safety feature. How does that make any sense safety wise?

    The Lion Air pilots could have easily figured out the AoA sensors were incorrect (not matching) while taxiing without having to fight the falsely triggered controller on take-off. Take-off is one of the worst times to have a false stall trigger forcing the nose to pitch down.

    An indicator for equipment failure especially for equipment that a flight controller depends on should be mandatory, not optional. That is negligent even if there's a non-intuitive way to turn off the controller. If FAA approved this process then they're negligent as well.

    [–] San Francisco residents raise $64,000 to stop homeless shelter in wealthy area VWVVWVVV 26 points ago in neutralnews

    It's worth noting that many states dump homeless and mentally unstable to other states. For example, SF reached a settlement against Nevada because they sent their mental patients to SF with one-way tickets.

    [–] Controller design from frequency analysis VWVVWVVV 1 points ago in AskEngineers

    Matlab has a function called tfest to do that. It would be a good idea to read the references at the bottom of the tfest help page, since they'll describe the process and limitations for empirically-derived system of equations. In particular Lennart Ljung has a nice book on the topic. One clear limitation is that the controller is only as robust as the data coverage.

    [–] Jussie Smollett charges dropped, actor won't be prosecuted on charges he faked attack VWVVWVVV 2 points ago in neutralnews

    Racial discrimination and economics are coupled (e.g., see Gary Becker's book; here's a synopsis).

    When tribalism leads to racism and policies that effectively have racial bias then it will affect economic situations in the short-term and potentially long-term (depending on its implementation). There isn't much point to separating the phenomena, and it should be looked at as a coupled system.

    I see variations of economic mobility between groups as the result of group-specific policies and inter-group interaction. What I do not see is an essentialist argument that there are things innate in groups that causes these variations. IMO, that's a lazy approach to analysis via labels (and associative arguments) rather than trying to understand the underlying dynamics that could result in observed variations.

    [–] Jussie Smollett charges dropped, actor won't be prosecuted on charges he faked attack VWVVWVVV 1 points ago in neutralnews

    To say Chinese has not suffered by racist policies is just ignoring history.

    Never said Chinese have not suffered from racist policies. In fact, the drug war source I provided above included the following:

    1870s – After building the railroads, the Chinese were viewed as a glut on the labor market. As anti-Chinese sentiment grew, the San Francisco Opium Ordinance punished opium smokers, the majority of whom were Chinese.

    However, I'm not aware of this sort of targeting persisting to this day. Whereas the drug war is continuing against blacks and Latinos. It's slowly being dismantled (perhaps because of the current opioid crisis), but the long-lasting damage has already been done to the black and Latino communities.

    Regarding minority-on-minority violence, it is ignorant to not consider the socioeconomic and sociopolitical factors that led to the current situation. This is exactly what happens when a ruling group pits group against other groups by inducing economic hardship. You see the same divide-and-conquer strategy played out during colonization. Improve the economic situation for black communities and violence could naturally reduce.

    [–] Jussie Smollett charges dropped, actor won't be prosecuted on charges he faked attack VWVVWVVV 3 points ago in neutralnews

    If we're looking at tribalism as the source for racism, then it's possible that much larger groups (blacks and Hispanics) are perceived as major threats relative to smaller groups (Asians and Jews). Larger threats receive more negative attention and resources.

    We see this historically in the drug war, where rhetoric was introduced at a national level to target blacks and Latinos ultimately leading to their mass incarceration after many decades of persecution. What persistent (decades long), national level racism targeted Asians and Jews leading to their incarceration and consequent loss of voting rights (in many states)?

    IMO, if we were to allow systemic racism to run rampant and destroy black and Latino communities, the next targets would be Asians and Jews. This sentiment is a major reason why Asians and Jews have voted heavily in favor of Democrats in recent years.

    [–] Pentagon Authorizes $1 Billion For Fence Construction At Mexico Border VWVVWVVV 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in neutralnews

    The analogy is more like funding homeopathy research when we have more important medical research priorities. The wall is wasteful and, after analysis and with DHS concurrence, even the GAO recommended looking at alternatives:

    A plan that was a bad idea to start with is being carried out, according to the [GAO] report, “without key information on cost, acquisition baselines, and the contributions of previous barrier and technology deployments.” In every way, President Donald Trump’s wall promises to be a monument to fiscal dereliction.

    EDIT: Corrected the link

    [–] Pentagon Authorizes $1 Billion For Fence Construction At Mexico Border VWVVWVVV 4 points ago in neutralnews

    He's already provided a source for what the Department of the Navy thinks it needs in terms of repairing nuclear subs (as opposed to what some random redditor's opinion on what game the Navy and/or DoD is playing) ... unless you're insinuating that he meant that the U.S. has no working subs.

    [–] McConnnell blocks resolution to release full Mueller report. VWVVWVVV 7 points ago in neutralnews

    This is assuming Barr interprets the law fairly, i.e., not in a manner shielding Trump from any political harm from statements in the Mueller report. There's already evidence he's biased with his own special interpretation of obstruction of justice. Also, Attorney Generals can directly influence justice department policies, so that's subject to change even in the last minute as evidenced by Sessions.

    It's not clear what Barr plans to hold back from the original report.