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    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. VaBookworm 75 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I’m a PA and I get this SO MUCH. It’s generally older guys who make the inappropriate comments, but younger guys make me feel equally uncomfortable by doing stuff like asking me out. Bruh, I’m your PCP. That’s gonna be a definite No. Also, I just treated you for chlamydia. What makes you think you have any kind of a chance? And they aren’t deterred AT ALL by my wedding band!

    The older guys all make sleazy comments. My last name is the same as a popular candy bar... I’ve had so much “Mmm... I’d like to get a bite of that!” and nothing makes me want to leave the exam faster.

    [–] Medical professionals of Reddit, what are some things you wish you could tell your patients (but due to professionalism, can't)? VaBookworm 5 points ago in AskReddit

    I’ve hit the point where I straight up throw some providers under the bus... I’ve had so many people come in for ER follow ups lately for “atypical pneumonia”. Reading the ER records, they had normal lung sounds and a negative chest xray. They were given antibiotics and sent home.

    One of these had seen me 2 days prior for cough x2 days and I had diagnosed viral URI, so she came in all smug like, “see? I needed antibiotics.” So I shut that shit down quick and pointed out that there was zero evidence of pneumonia and they told her that and gave her abx to get rid of her.

    I now point it out to all the cases I see as ER follow ups. Many of them are frustrated because the “antibiotics didn’t work.” And I need to justify me not giving them more, by making them understand they have a viral cough which tends to linger.

    [–] Medical professionals of Reddit, what are some things you wish you could tell your patients (but due to professionalism, can't)? VaBookworm 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Ugh and the fact that their belief is perpetuated by some rando provider giving them a Zpak, only for it to clear up in a few days-

    Patient: “See! I did need antibiotics! It cured me!”

    No, no it didn’t. Viruses are self limiting and typically clear within a week of their own accord. All you did was contribute to superbugs.

    [–] If someone borrowed your body for a week, what quirks would you tell them about so they are prepared? VaBookworm 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Random shots of abdominal pain (UC sucks), random nausea, utter exhaustion after simple tasks (pregnancy also sucks), and spontaneous runs of tachycardia that make you feel slightly faint for a few minutes. Also, being easily roused due to being an incredibly light sleeper and often waking with horrible headaches that last for days for no reason. Oh, and crippling anxiety about benign things like grocery shopping!

    [–] What’s the scariest thing that happened to you when in someone else’s house? VaBookworm 1 points ago in AskReddit

    If you’ve never heard the term “widow maker” in relation to an MI, you went to a shite med school (or it’s been a long time since med school for you). It’s 100% occlusion of the LAD artery- frequently fatal because it supplies a large amount of the oxygen to the cardiac muscle- and therefore called the “widow maker”. Kevin Smith is a fortunate survivor of this type of MI.

    [–] What is a good weakness to mention on a job interview? VaBookworm 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I usually go in saying my greatest strength is having high expectations of myself and being a perfectionist, because I give 100% effort on everything I do and have good quality outcomes.

    Then when they ask my weakness, I say my greatest weakness is also that I have high expectations of myself and am a perfectionist, because I can sometimes cause myself undue stress and have trouble knowing when it’s time to “let it go.”

    That answer hasn’t failed me yet- lots of approving nods and understanding smiles have come from that response.

    [–] Hoping for some ideas on indoor lighting... VaBookworm 1 points ago in gardening

    I’m in North Carolina and there were times when the garage got down to ~20-30F.

    Most of the plants are cheap ones from Lowe’s and it’s not really the end of the world if they die... they’re all only 1 season old and in small pots that went on my patio. I was just hoping keeping them warm in the house would stop me from having to start from square 1 next spring...

    -I have a Persian shield (I’m not too worried about this one- I basically killed it last winter and it bounced back). -Lots of coleus, which I know is generally an annual. -A desert rose. -Some other purple fuzzy plant I can’t remember the name of... -Celosia -A rose bush that didn’t make it into the ground before we hit freezing temps -And some random herbs (basil, mint and such)

    I have one window that has as many plants packed in front of it as possible, but I basically dedicated that to my larger vining plants and deck planters (jasmine, mandevilla, etc). They’re doing fine, but there just isn’t enough space for everything in that one spot.

    [–] When did your feeling about "Something is very wrong here." turned out to be true? VaBookworm 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Our local priest... I was an altar server but got creep vibes from him and this gut feeling of “never be alone with him”. We moved away for a year while my dad was in a program for the Navy and when we moved back, I happened upon an article about him being charged with diddling kids.

    [–] A cool visual of pregnancy VaBookworm 6 points ago in educationalgifs

    I recently discovered I’m pregnant and this makes me cringe and want to cry... definitely don’t let your wife see this.

    [–] That kid will grow up to be 200 years old VaBookworm 3 points ago in aww

    As a primary care provider, I’ve found that typically in the 2-5 year old well child checks, kids most often answer “broccoli” or some other veg when I ask their favorite food. 6+ usually answer “pizza” or some other shit and it makes me sad.

    [–] When he found out I’m not going to be home after he gets off work he called and said “fck you” VaBookworm 5 points ago in emotionalabuse

    The dog is definitely a guilt trip/form of manipulation. If he guilts you about him not getting to say goodbye, you might agree to meetup to let him say goodbye to the dog. Once you are back in the presence of your abuser, you are far more likely to be manipulated into “talking it out” or giving him another chance. When escaping an abusive relationship, it’s best to cut contact and run.

    And notice that he’s being a jerk and fussing you out for leaving, whilst not taking any responsibility. Abusers often perceive themselves to be the victim and will try to manipulate the situation to make you seem like the bad guy/the cause of the strife.

    Don’t let him manipulate you. Mourn the loss of the good parts of your relationship, but remember there’s a relationship out there for you that doesn’t involve you being manipulated or belittled. All relationships have their hard spots, but in a healthy relationship, a resolution can be found without name calling, blaming, and belittling. So don’t just mourn, but also celebrate that you’re free to find real happiness in a healthy relationship!

    [–] My (26M) girlfriend (24F) found an engagement ring I was keeping safe for my friend until he was ready to propose. She thought it was for her and is furious that it wasn't. VaBookworm 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    I’m sorry, you OWE HER after she snooped through your stuff??? I’ve been married for 3 years and I still feel bad if I go into my husband’s desk to find a pen because I feel like I’m going through his stuff...

    Honestly though, if y’all have never even discussed marriage, she had no reason to even THINK it was for her and she’s being selfish. Hopefully she’ll calm down, but y’all need to have a serious talk about snooping...

    [–] Should I be concerned? VaBookworm 5 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Yes, this is likely the cause if your dizziness. Iron deficiency anemia can cause dizziness, excessive fatigue, weakness, pale skin and a number of other symptoms. Essentially, there isn’t enough oxygen being carried on your blood cells to keep everything functioning properly. The only way to confirm would be lab work to check your blood counts, but iron deficiency anemia is extremely common in women due to heavy periods. This is why women’s multivitamins have iron but general/men’s multivitamins do not.

    Also, fibroids can definitely cause heavy bleeding. These can be diagnosed with imaging (such as an ultrasound) and if they are problematic enough, it may be recommended that you have a procedure to remove them. Generally fibroids fluctuate in size with hormone fluctuations throughout the menstrual cycle, but sometimes they can get too large to resolve on their own.

    [–] Using brands without a license. VaBookworm 3 points ago in Etsy

    They just haven’t been caught. I made some Assassins Creed decals once with logos that were fan created (such as the Irish Assassins logo looked like a Celtic knot design)-so stuff that doesn’t even actually exist in the AC Universe, but it was pulled down because I guess it used the general shape of the assassin symbol.

    [–] Mirena out, how long to return to normal VaBookworm 3 points ago in Healthyhooha

    I had mine for 5 years and my cycle and everything seemed to regulate by about 2 months. I’m about 4 months out now and feel completely normal!

    [–] Akitas at the dog park! (and 2 Shiba Inus). Do you dare take your Akitas to the dog park? VaBookworm 3 points ago in akita

    Ours LOVES the dog park! Although now that she’s getting older, she can’t keep up with all the other dogs as well. Nowadays she runs for about 5 minutes and then lays down. But she loves playing with other puppers!

    [–] They really need to do something about the civilian AI. VaBookworm 4 points ago in assassinscreed

    Seriously! I just saved a bunch of slaves working for the Spartans in a marble quarry, and their response is to attack me! Bro, I just saved you!!!

    [–] Needed to destroy my old credit card. Turns out it’s a piece of stainless steel with two stickers on it. VaBookworm 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    If you ask Chase, they’ll send you a postage paid envelop to return it to them to be destroyed. I have their sapphire card and have had to do this when it started to split apart.

    [–] Another Kassandra painting by my wife Icy , hope you will like it... VaBookworm 4 points ago in assassinscreed

    Kassandra is legit wearing this outfit in my game right now... all Amazon’d out with Theseus’ “helm”. I was like, “Look! I’m Wonder Woman!” This painting makes me happy 😆

    [–] Akita will always act out? VaBookworm 3 points ago in akita

    Not even once. Pretty sure she’s broken. Like I genuinely don’t think my akita would protect me if someone broke in. Husband has come home from deployments at 4AM. She doesn’t get out of bed when the alarm says the door has opened and when he sneaks into the room she just lifts her head and wags her tail.

    When people come over, it’s all tail wags and kisses, even if she doesn’t know them. She loves playing with other dogs and lets our cats give her kisses.

    She’s 8 and she only gets lazier and lovier the older she gets.

    [–] Redditors who are married to someone with an identical twin: what are your feelings towards that twin? VaBookworm 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It just tends to not be the norm for twins... Twins are always portrayed and being inseparable and doing that “twin mind reading” thing and hubby says he and his brother have hated each other for as long as he can remember.