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    [–] Dumbledore's Vow ValirysReinhald 5 points ago in HPfanfiction

    Yup. Nice user flair btw.

    [–] The rules of hyperspace ValirysReinhald 1 points ago in MawInstallation

    Purely a response to the "why not just use lightspeed" thing.

    On a galactic scale lightspeed is really, really slow. The milky way galaxy (our galaxy) is 105,700 light years across. The star wars galaxy is of a comparable size to our own given the stated number of stars and planets in both canon and legends material. This would mean that, going at lightspeed, it would take you 100,000 years to fly from one side of the galaxy to the other. To go from the center of the galaxy around where Coruscant is, to the edge of the galaxy, the "outer rim", would take between 60,000 and 40,000 years depending on whether you were going to the first edge of the outer rim or going all the way to edge of the galaxy.

    [–] Dumbledore's Vow ValirysReinhald 7 points ago in HPfanfiction

    I suspect his plan is to kill voldemort than hunt down the horcruxes while he is disembodied.

    [–] Escape attempt ValirysReinhald 124 points ago in funny

    The saddest of Naruto runs at the end.

    [–] Luke's saber ValirysReinhald 6 points ago in StarWarsWallpapers

    That is Jaro Topal's saber post order 66 damage.

    [–] The First Redditorian Crusade ValirysReinhald -1 points ago in Warhammer40k

    Oh well, thought it sounded cool.

    [–] You were my class 2020, I loved you ValirysReinhald 2 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Haven't done that yet, but I did binge Clone Wars S7 and The Mandalorian. Watched Clone Wars first and man, that ending. After that I was totally drained so I had a short nap then binged Mando, absolutely brilliant. Can't wait for season 2, hopefully disney will let them make more than 8 episodes now that the concept is proven to sell.

    [–] Upgraded my gaming computer ValirysReinhald 1 points ago in gaming

    Cam you imagine someone making an actual badass gaming pc, and then making the case have an extra compartment that they put this in there so there so it looks like they've achieved 4k 60 fps with rtx on powered by hopes and dreams and fucking bubble gum on a paperclip.

    [–] You were my class 2020, I loved you ValirysReinhald 12 points ago in PrequelMemes

    I finished my last piece of homework for highschool and submitted it online less than 3 hours ago. To celebrate I plan on getting a disney plus account free for 1 month and watching season 7 for the first time.

    [–] i drew this and thought Felix would find this amusing, enjoy ValirysReinhald 1 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    ... Did you draw fucking siren head cosplaying the future dictator of north korea dressed aas A sChoOL GiRL!?

    [–] Mark Zuckerberg ValirysReinhald 1 points ago in oddlyterrifying

    I wonder if faceswap would recognize him as a human?

    [–] Mumbo is the mastermind, not Grian ValirysReinhald 1 points ago in HermitCraft

    Every king needs a court wizard. Scar's bid for power is unexpected, but changes nothing. Not even magic can stop the moustache now.