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    [–] New housing Relocation and FC airship sectors Ven_ae 1 points ago in ffxiv


    The following will be carried over in their entirety when relocating to a new plot:

    • Private Chambers / Workshops / Airships / Stabled Chocobos / Shared Estate Settings


    Nothing mentioned specifically about sectors.

    [–] Is it okay to report someone for not passing the mount for you? Ven_ae 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in ffxiv

    Short answer: Morally no, technically it's a grey area. But mostly no.

    Long answer: Too often people will do this, ask for the party members to do something that they are given short notice for, and aren't really inclined to do. After all, when you join a mount farm party, your goal is to obtain a mount. Some players are genuine in doing this, others are definitely not.

    Reporting someone for breaking an agreement that was amended at short notice isn't going to fly, it's not fraud. But a possible outcome of this would be that the party leaders friend/relative would've got the mount and then either left immediately, or only done 1 or 2 more runs before either leaving and another person becomes the party leader and takes up the mantle, or they simply disband the party deflating everyone. That is definitely considered fraud and is reportable.

    You can look up the prohibited activities here, and fraud is found in the Inappropriate Behaviour section.

    • Fraud. Fraud is an act of deception intended to deprive a player of his or her full enjoyment of the game or a player’s property. Fraud occurs most often in agreements between players for trade, loot, or betting:
      • Loot fraud:Fraud relating to loot distribution.


    What happened here is simply the party leader getting mad because the party members didn't notice, or didn't care about the short notice amendment/sob story. It's shitty behaviour and if anyone in the party should be reported, it is them.

    If I refuse to pass the ex primal mount, will I get in trouble and get ban by GM?

    It totally depends on what the agreement was between you and the other players. Nearly always you won't get in trouble, and you will almost certainly never be banned unless there is other extreme stuff going on.

    [–] [UK] Van gets t-boned and flipped on its side Ven_ae 7 points ago in Roadcam

    It's to indicate to drivers they are coming up to crossing for peds. Illegal to park on them at any time.

    [–] Daily Questions Thread (Sep 24) Ven_ae 1 points ago in ffxiv

    For Fishers it's lower. 951.

    Sorry, should've pointed out 1151 was for BOT/MIN.

    [–] Daily Questions Thread (Sep 24) Ven_ae 1 points ago in ffxiv

    The former, i.e. 90 rooms.

    [–] Daily Questions Thread (Sep 24) Ven_ae 1 points ago in ffxiv

    1. Depends. If a service account has a cancelled subscription, you have to reactivate the account. Otherwise, if the account is just dormant, then yes.

    2. If you purchase a license for the full game on the service account she uses, she can continue to use the existing characters. But characters cannot be transferred between accounts, and CS will give you the same answer.

    3. Nope. Unless you have someone else to help you out.

    4. Yes and no. In patch 3.4 apartments were added, which are instanced, currently able to hold 90 players, but if needed SE can easily scale this. In patch 3.3, 4 new housing wards were added.

    [–] Daily Questions Thread (Sep 24) Ven_ae 4 points ago in ffxiv


    Gathering affects the number of items obtainable. The upper amount required is 1151, which bumps everything upto 30 or 7 items. Perception affects the quality, i.e. how many of those items have a chance to be HQ.

    [–] So Halloween..... Ven_ae 7 points ago in ffxiv

    I really hope it's going to be as good as, or better than last years event.

    [–] Final Fantasy XIV - Online - Free Trial - My Experience so far. Ven_ae 1 points ago in ffxiv

    Chaos is a datacenter. It hosts the servers (or worlds): Cerberus, Lick, Louisoix, Moogle, Odin, Omega, Phoenix, Ragnarok, Shiva, Zodiark.

    You can see the datacenters, and their servers listed here:

    [–] Final Fantasy XIV - Online - Free Trial - My Experience so far. Ven_ae 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in ffxiv

    Hehe, no worries.

    As you're low level you could easily create a new character on one of the EU servers, I wouldn't recommend using the paid character transfer service. (Ninja edit: Not sure that's even an option available to free trial users)

    Additionally, when choosing an EU server keep in mind that Moogle is the unofficial French server, Shiva is the unofficial German server, Cerberus has a nice amount of Russian-language players. Otherwise they are all pretty diverse and welcoming. Here's a nice graph for an indication of how populated each server is.

    [–] Final Fantasy XIV - Online - Free Trial - My Experience so far. Ven_ae 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in ffxiv

    Cons point 2: Aegis is a JP server, located in Tokyo on the Elemental datacenter. The EU datacenter is Chaos. Point 3 is probably related because of this latency you are experiencing.

    Pros point 5: I love how responsive the UI in XIV is. The only time I've ever experienced any slow down is when the instance I was in at the time crashed (due to an overwhelming number of players trying to enter the area, and enter combat).

    [–] Daily Questions Thread (Sep 24) Ven_ae 2 points ago in ffxiv

    Because it's an old minion, obtained from a dungeon that players rarely venture into. Players either get lucky with a drop during roulettes, solo it unsync (with an even lower drop rate but with no chance of other players winning the roll), or spam it synced.

    I like it personally.

    [–] Enchiladas spawn in Sea of Clouds? Ven_ae 245 points ago in ffxiv

    To spawn Enchiladas, preheat an oven to about 180c. In a frying pan, cook the diced chocobo, once cooked add the sliced cyclops onion, buffalo milk (or sweet cream), cheese (I prefer Stone cheese), herbs and black pepper. Once the cheese has melted, add ruby tomatoes, reagan pepper, salt, blood pepper, garlic, and water. Add the cooked mixture to tortillas, roll, place in a baking dish, cover with sauce and cheese and bake for about 20 minutes.

    Aside from that, you don't spawn Enkelados. It respawns 4 - 6 hours after last being killed. At 6 hours (2 hours after the spawn window opens), it is a guaranteed spawn.

    [–] Would really appreciate help with a big framerate issue my computer's been having T_T Ven_ae 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in ffxiv


    Unfortunately, yes. Getting a new card may be the best option. The 670 is about 5 years old now, so an upgrade could have been in order anyway?

    It might be possible to save it by reapplying thermal paste on the GPU but it isn't guaranteed to have any great effect. It might only make a difference of a few degrees.

    Also, to attempt this requires the graphics card to be removed from the case, the facia removed (usually held on by a few screws), remove old paste from the surface of the GPU, apply new paste, reseat and secure the heatsink & facia, then reinsert the graphics onto the motherboard.

    Thermal paste is a compound spread between the GPU (the brain of the graphics card that generates heat) and the heatsink (metal or otherwise that sits on top of the GPU which is designed to dissipate heat). It's role is to make sure there aren't any gaps or pockets of air between the GPU and the heatsink to make heat dissipation more efficient.

    [–] Daily Questions Thread (Sep 23) Ven_ae 1 points ago in ffxiv

    I included it because, well, it's the next Tuesday and because it's SE, most stuff is tentative. We were told Heavensward would be Spring 2015, afterall.

    Time will tell!

    [–] Post your UI! Ven_ae 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in ffxiv

    Isn't it hard having to glance to the upper left to see your health?

    Not really, though it took a little while to get used to.

    I have most of the health bar under display name options set to show "When HP is below 100%", so if anyone needs healing from taking damage or something it's easy to notice, and a cue to look at the party list. Removing ailments isn't really a hassle either, with flying text and a quick glance at the party list infrequently.

    And I assume your target bar and such are somewhere near the hotbars?

    My focus target bar is directly above the hotbars, but the normal target is at the top of the screen.

    UI Layout


    Overall it's focused on maximising the empty space, to see more of the battle and enjoy the open world scenery.

    [–] Centurio Seals Useage Ven_ae 1 points ago in ffxiv

    RemindMe! October 10, 2017

    We shall see :)

    I really hate salted licorice...

    [–] The new dungeon's boss seems... familiar. Ven_ae 1 points ago in ffxiv

    Now I won't ever not see this, haha.


    [–] Would really appreciate help with a big framerate issue my computer's been having T_T Ven_ae 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in ffxiv

    Oof, the temperature there on the 670 is a red flag. 86c current, 102c at max.

    Over 80c that card will start to throttle (limit the amount of work it does) in an effort to try and keep the temperature low. The maximum temperature that card can handle safely is 97c. You can see this temperature listed near the bottom of this page:

    What you can do is try to remove any dust that may have accumulated around and within the card, especially on and behind fans. Using compressed air should work pretty well.

    Removing the card may make things easier and if you're unsure how to do this I can walk you through it.

    [–] Would really appreciate help with a big framerate issue my computer's been having T_T Ven_ae 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in ffxiv

    I wonder if overheating could be an issue.

    HWMonitor is a simple tool you can grab from here that'll allow you to check temperatures like this:

    Edit: Took a gander at the previous post, and one suggestion stood out. Xbox DVR can eat up a lot of FPS, and disabling it can sometimes prove beneficial.