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    [–] [image]Dad and son watching Lazio Roma Ventus97 836 points ago in PS4

    Yes,It was an advertisement

    [–] Question On Royal Edition Ventus97 0 points ago in PS4

    It should be 70/75 gb without dlcs

    [–] Udinese 0-1 Milan - Suso Ventus97 6 points ago in soccer

    A masterpiece

    [–] [Post-Match Thread] Milan - Lazio Ventus97 27 points ago in ACMilan

    Hakan and Calabria have been fucking amazing

    [–] I love this game so much, I don’t understand... Ventus97 2 points ago in gravityrush

    They could have released Gravity Rush Remastered on the PlayStation plus for "free" advertise.No wonder that nobody knows this game

    [–] [MegaThread] Italia - Svezia Ventus97 20 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in italy

    Perdere contro dei falegnami... sono convinto che ventura manco ha le palle di dimettersi

    [–] Gruppo Dilettantistico Scandinavia - ITALIA, Match thread Ventus97 7 points ago in italy

    Anche se riuscissimo a passare,mi auguro che Ventura se ne vada.Gioco senza idee con moduli e schemi imbarazzanti

    [–] [Post-Match Thread] Inter - Milan Ventus97 1 points ago in ACMilan

    It's time to say goodbye to montella, biglia was something disgusting and he didn't swap him.Bonucci should stop twitting and start to play

    [–] Has anyone else noticed that only one person in a party can pick up a Sentient core? Ventus97 1 points ago in Warframe

    I'm not sure but I think that you can pick up it only if you are the one who killed the sentient

    [–] [Post-Match Thread] Sampdoria - AC Milan Ventus97 13 points ago in ACMilan

    The whole team played very bad,but jesus christ zapata is even worse

    [–] [Match Thread] Sampdoria - Ac Milan Ventus97 2 points ago in ACMilan

    Are we playing? Because I see only Sampdoria with the ball

    [–] [Post-Match Thread] AC Milan v SPAL Ventus97 7 points ago in ACMilan

    Not a good match but we won,we still need to improve

    [–] Post-Match Thread: AC Milan vs Udinese Ventus97 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago) in ACMilan

    Calabria was a God.Great performance by Kalinic he did what Bacca didn't do in 2 years,he fighted every ball

    [–] Talk to Darvo in any relay Ventus97 5 points ago in Warframe

    Go on Larunda (Mercury) press esc->fast travel->darvo s deal

    [–] Post-match Thread: Lazio vs Milan Ventus97 1 points ago in ACMilan

    Very bad the startup lineup, calabria was outplayed, montolivo too slow, Borini just danced around the ball and then lost it. Kessie need to rest the last 2 match he played very bad. And for fucksake let Andre Silva plays sometimes

    [–] [Post-Match Thread] AC Milan v Cagliari Ventus97 6 points ago in ACMilan

    Joao wasn't close to the ball ,it would have been only a yellow card for Bonucci

    [–] [Post-Match Thread] AC Milan v Cagliari Ventus97 8 points ago in ACMilan

    Yes the referee was awful today for both team,he didn't give a penalty to Cagliari and a penalty to us.And I think that Kessie goal was legit