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    [–] me_irl ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in me_irl

    This post reached r/all wtf thanks everyone! 🖤

    im giving everyone free Mac n Cheese today, meet me at Oasis.

    [–] me_irl ViralGreek_ 66 points ago in me_irl

    yeah and idk

    [–] me_irl ViralGreek_ 304 points ago in me_irl

    they have a pool and a Jacuzzi... that place is dirty but you are way dirtier...

    [–] What problems have you noticed with a Rasp Pi 4 a normal laptop doesnt have? ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in raspberry_pi

    :/ hmm...

    i was looking to create something i had in mind but i guess its a rasp pi not a computer... thank u!

    [–] Open Source Software as passive income? ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in passive_income

    One way I can think of is links, instead of giving them a link to download give them an adfly link to use, it wont make you much with like 5000 downloads, but millions will def earn you money!

    Also, maybe make parts of your software paid? or use your popularity to bring more people to try your paid software!

    [–] Open Source Software as passive income? ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in passive_income

    getting that many eyeballs onto something should bring you some sort of income, make sure you monetise it correctly!!!

    [–] Looking for "online business" buddy ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in passive_income

    Count me in! What are we working on? lol

    [–] Cutting out extra costs! Let's hear em ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in povertyfinance

    I challenge you to not spend more money on vape, use what you have slowly and quit once you run out... its just as bad.

    [–] Re-purpose old servers to server hosting companies ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in passive_income

    A cheap price, good internet connection and you being able to interact / help when needed could probably make you some bucks per month. I would post on r/slavelabour

    [–] r/beermoney from a beer money perspective (kinda long!) ViralGreek_ 3 points ago in beermoney

    Just started Prolific, how long does it take to get a submission? :/ ...

    [–] I (F25) had sex with my gay friend(M 25) and know I don't know what do? ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    You are both bi... i think lol, and your story is pretty cute and im jealous...

    also dont put borders to yourself that you dont need... "im a lesbian" ,no , you are you... and that could mean a couple of things, since you obviously liked what happened why not explore a little more? 😉

    [–] I let go of something for real for once. ViralGreek_ 4 points ago in StonerPhilosophy

    ._. 10 guys wasnt a wild gangbang and im just retarded right? ...

    [–] Here's an idea for a minigame ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in HermitCraft

    You can also add 2 trip wire hooks on each side and a big score board to keep score!

    [–] ILPT: Struggling with rent and owner is threatening with lawyers ViralGreek_ 1 points ago in IllegalLifeProTips

    Is it possible to stop renting your current house and move to your shop? So basically leave there at night and work at day... to cut some expences...