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    [–] ich🇮🇹iel Vlelo -1 points ago in ich_iel

    Figlio di puttana SISISISI

    [–] Family reunion Vlelo 3 points ago in gravityfalls

    Why does Wendy's face remind me of Caste Hustle ads

    [–] Musical Chairs Vlelo 2 points ago in coolguides

    What if I listen to industrial metal

    [–] Evil cult Vlelo 1 points ago in evilbuildings

    Cathedral VI by Mario Chiattone (1914)

    [–] When you’re too broke to fly to Europe...😆😭😭 Vlelo 2 points ago in Rammstein

    When you live in Europe but you can't go because of school.

    [–] ich✈️🏢🏢iel Vlelo 2 points ago in ich_iel

    Ich auch

    [–] Is the Berlin shop open? Vlelo -3 points ago in Rammstein

    That didn't help, at all.

    [–] What interesting things are happening in your pop culture that outsiders might not be aware of? Vlelo 14 points ago in AskEurope

    In my opinion it would have been much worst if they didn't acknowledge the Holocaust in a song about Germany and it's history.

    Not to mention that most articles just focused on what they saw in that scene, and didn't even bother to consider the whole message.

    But then again, I'm a big Rammstein fan and could just be blindly picking a side by mistake.

    [–] Rammstein Muss Los. Vlelo 3 points ago in Rammstein

    Till muss los

    [–] This very concerned fox on a bathroom wall Vlelo 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    There's a condom dispenser right outside the booth so no, I really can't.

    [–] My life in a nutshell Vlelo 4 points ago in Rammstein

    Don't worry, I'll love you anyway.

    [–] My life in a nutshell Vlelo 6 points ago in Rammstein

    But Rammstein makes it all better.

    [–] Who am i? Vlelo 3 points ago in tabdetective

    A Front End developer.