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    [–] ich_iel Vlelo 7 points ago in ich_iel

    Hurensohn IQ

    [–] My concept for a new volume UI for iOS Vlelo 1 points ago in iphone

    It should also start a voice synthesizer that tells you the volume value but always at the same loudness.

    [–] I just received the entire Nintendo Direct as an ad. Vlelo 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in teenagers

    Also, I was trying to watch this video.

    [–] Liebe ist für alle da Vlelo 12 points ago in Rammstein

    Auch für mich

    [–] Just a regular passenger on a regular train Vlelo 1 points ago in funny

    No, almost all regional trains are like that.

    [–] Just a regular passenger on a regular train Vlelo 5 points ago in funny

    Like 80% of Italy's trains look like that.

    [–] gefragt Vlelo 3 points ago in funny

    Du Hurensohn

    [–] F U CK Vlelo 1 points ago in stevenuniverse

    1 hour special

    It's 44 minutes long

    [–] Tell us about your crush. Why do you like them? Vlelo 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Couple of months ago a friend of ours told me she(the crush) was going through a bad time, so I decided to give my best at making her feel better. But spending time with her made ME feel better in general.

    Now every time I'm with her we have such a great time talking and experiencing all the things we have in common.

    [–] Seriously tho check Vlelo 1 points ago in teenagers

    Laughs in 1 gig a day

    [–] if (!DoingWork()) { goodboy.init(); } Vlelo 20 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Joke's on you, I've been reading a 1098 pages JavaScript book without doing anything with it for five months.

    [–] ich_iel Vlelo 12 points ago in ich_iel

    Du hast vier Kommentare zu dein Profil und sie sind alle "Hurensohn".

    [–] ich_iel Vlelo 8 points ago in ich_iel