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    [–] Who is a player that a person 5 years younger than you probably doesn't appreciate enough? Vordeo 2 points ago in nba

    Yeah I remember seeing a recent comment on here about how Amare was the Knicks last big FA signing. At the time that was a big signing. Got overshadowed by the Heatles, but Amare was a legit star.

    [–] Stop making everything multiplayer, I don't have friends, you assholes Vordeo 5 points ago in gaming

    It isn't really the full Dark Souls experience if you aren't getting invaded by hackers and tryhard Giantdads everytime you're human though.

    [–] Rudy Gobert is unplayable against elite guards when teams go small. He shouldn’t be an allstar. Vordeo 3 points ago in nba

    Imagine knowing nothing about a subject, but deciding that was still enough to write out a post about that subject.

    You don't know jack shit, nephew. Go back to bed.

    [–] Who replaces AD if he's ruled out for the all star game? Vordeo 1 points ago in nba

    Should be Gobert, it's insulting that he wasn't already picked tbh.

    [–] *NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winners by total point percentage. Vordeo 3 points ago in nba

    Personally though, I'd rank Carter in 2000 as the best dunk performance.

    Vince and Dwight in 08 for me were two years where one dude was just so far ahead of everyone else that he was basically competing against himself.

    [–] How to fix the dunk contest Vordeo 0 points ago in nba

    He bounced the ball up himself though. Was arguably harder. Less flashy, but cleaner execution.

    That was his weakest dunk though, sure.

    [–] How to fix the dunk contest Vordeo 0 points ago in nba

    I ain't no homer. I'm just mostly drunk at this point

    [–] How to fix the dunk contest Vordeo -1 points ago in nba

    Oh shit I must've missed when AG was doing shit from the free throw line and shit.

    [–] How to fix the dunk contest Vordeo -1 points ago in nba

    Ain't how it works though. Can't score a dunk over 50.

    [–] How to fix the dunk contest Vordeo -7 points ago in nba

    I mean, which of those fantastically executed free throw line dunks that have never been before in a NBA dunk contest would you have not given a 50? The windmill, the lob, or the behind the legs dunk?

    End of the day, when you argue against Lavine in this, you're arguing that a between the legs free throw dunk (which is what won him the dunk off) isn't a 50. And I would disagree with that.

    [–] How to fix the dunk contest Vordeo -6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in nba

    Everyone knows Aaron Gordon got robbed.

    Still disagree with this. AG was fantastic, but Lavine was throwing down windmills from the free throw line. Dude had a phenomenal contest too, and IMO deserved each one of his 50s.

    IMO AG had the better dunks, but Lavine the deeper repertoire. And the contest format favored having more great dunks. Not a robbery.

    Edit: bitches downvoting w/o offering arguments ain't nothin but bitches.

    [–] (MVP Talk has gotten out of hand, the fuсk is this?) The Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert and his MVP-like season Vordeo 2 points ago in nba

    IIRC he's lead the league in screen assists per game the past 2-3 seasons. Maybe he was tied for the lead with Gortat one of those, I don't recall. But yeah, he's very much a plus on offense, but people still talk like he contributes nothing on that end. It's kinda ridiculous.

    [–] The mighty Knicks who are totally getting KD, Kyrie, Zion, AD, Klay & Boogie have lost 18 straight & are 1-26 since December 15th Vordeo 1 points ago in nba

    While I got nothing against the Knicks, I don't really like the idea of another big market team suddenly being good. The bandwagon won't be Lakers or Celtics-level toxic, but still.

    [–] (MVP Talk has gotten out of hand, the fuсk is this?) The Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert and his MVP-like season Vordeo 16 points ago in nba

    Very first sentence in that article:

    Rudy Gobert shouldn’t win the MVP, but he’s been every bit as valuable as a few others in the conversation.

    So that's a clickbait title, but no one in Utah really thinks he should be winning the award. Author goes on to back that up with stats:

    Over the course of this season, Utah’s Net Rating (net points per 100 possessions) is eight points better when Gobert is on the floor. That Net Rating swing is almost double James Harden’s and only 1.4 points behind Giannis Antetokounmpo’s.

    Lots of other valid points in that re: Gobert's offensive impact, and I do think it's worth the read.

    Essentially, it's an argument that Gobert is still massively underrated. I don't think that's even still in debate given the all-star snub, but hey.

    [–] Maria Ressa, one of the Philippines' most high-profile journalists and a vocal critic of Duterte, served with an ​arrest warrant in the ​Philippines. Vordeo 1 points ago in worldnews

    Why do you, and presumably others, feel that this is "early signs" of an authoritarian regime, when to the rest of the world it appears as if you already long ago lost your democracy?

    Filipino here.

    Why do you think we've lost our democracy? Duterte, for all his faults, was democratically elected, fair and square. Weak rule of law and corruption aren't necessarily mutually exclusive to democracy.

    I'd also add that much of the population still remembers what it was like to live under a dictatorship. This isn't it, yet, but there are worrying signs that this administration is moving towards that again.

    I'd also add that support for Duterte doesn't necessarily translate into support for dictatorship, just as support for Trump doesn't necessarily translate into support for Russian influence over US policy. Not direct support, at least. Lastly, there are still some people who, despite the wealth of evidence showing that that particular period was absolutely terrible for the Philippines, still think of the Marcos dictatorship as a positive period for the country. We have a lot of idiots here.

    [–] The only Event I know that is notable in February 14 Vordeo 1 points ago in Philippines

    No Billy Herrington? SMH at the disrespect to Aniki.

    [–] Pure unadulterated joy 10 seconds into the nintendo direct Vordeo 10 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Also a huge wrestling fan. Never thought I'd see Kenny Omega get a shoutout at AGDQ, but hey.