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    [–] Is it possible to get all your nutrition and water through an IV, without ever engaging your digestive system? Vyzantinist 1 points ago in answers

    I had pancreatitis a few years ago and couldn't take anything orally so as not to engage my digestive system. No food, not even a sip of water. I was hooked up to an IV for 3 days. I remember the doctor saying everything I needed would be coming from whatever I was hooked up to.

    [–] Top mind conveniently forgets about all of the genocide and persecution committed by Christians Vyzantinist 2 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    Lol, why the downvote? I'm not disagreeing with you; there are some right-wing armchair historians who genuinely think, and try to convince people that, the crusades were a morally justified response to check Muslim aggression.

    [–] Top mind conveniently forgets about all of the genocide and persecution committed by Christians Vyzantinist 1 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit


    The Gospels weren't even written down until some 20 to 30 years after Jesus's alleged death and as a religion it was pretty much underground for the first 300 years. It was practiced mostly by slaves and women and then slowly worked its way up to the middle-class in patches around the empire. Like every town and city had a Christian community that sort of networked.

    Then came along Constantine and his run at the throne, he needed a popular base and the Christian community was a per-fabricated opportunity to instantly pick one up so he suddenly realized he believed in Jesus.

    Uhhh yeah. You literally just described how it spread before Constantine, invalidating your original point that it didn't spread until "300 years" after the crucifixion. Just because it was fringe/underground does not mean it wasn't spreading.

    [–] Top mind conveniently forgets about all of the genocide and persecution committed by Christians Vyzantinist 1 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    It wasn't "oppressive and humiliating". As other guy said, Muslims were compelled to pay an equivalent tax (zakat) for charity. Jizya allowed non-Muslims to continue practicing their faith, which was a huge thing in antiquity/medieval times. As well, it guaranteed (nominal) protection by the state.

    Now, there was some "oppressive and humiliating" behavior directed towards non-Muslims to encourage them to convert, but these were social/political policies. The jizya was not one of those.

    [–] Top mind conveniently forgets about all of the genocide and persecution committed by Christians Vyzantinist 1 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    Oh boy. While anyone with half a brain knows this, have you heard the "Crusades were a response to Muslim aggression" narrative?

    [–] Top mind conveniently forgets about all of the genocide and persecution committed by Christians Vyzantinist 0 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    I'm sorry, but this is wrong. Christianity spread almost immediately from the death of Jesus, when the Apostles went out to preach amongst "the nations" as the Great Commission. There was already a community of Christians in Rome by 64AD. Milvian Bridge and Constantine's support of Christianity merely legitimized and ended legal persecution against Christianity. Fun fact: Helena, the mother of Constantine, was a Christian.

    [–] Top mind conveniently forgets about all of the genocide and persecution committed by Christians Vyzantinist 7 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    This comment chain actually neatly answers why the early Muslim invasions were so successful. From the last century before the advent of Islam, Christians in the Levant and Egypt were systematically persecuted by the Roman government for heresy (their particular brand of Christianity is still extant today). When the Muslims arrived they simply demanded that all non-Muslims pay the jizya tax and they would be allowed to practice their religion more or less in peace. Unable (or uncaring) to tell the difference between Christian sects, previously persecuted mono/miaphysites were guaranteed a freedom of religion they never had when ruled by Christians. Thus, former territories of the Roman empire that had been Christian for centuries were content to now be ruled by Muslims.

    [–] What was your "ah shit, here we go again" moment? Vyzantinist 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Getting kicked out of housing and having to shoulder the soul-searing anxiety of trying to get another job and get situated before my savings run out and I become homeless again.

    [–] Happy Easter Motherfuckers! Vyzantinist 2 points ago in cripplingalcoholism

    I enjoy cooking, and she's pretty useless in the kitchen lol.

    [–] [Book Excerpt: Fallen Angels] After all the work the Lion and his veteran Astartes did on Diamat, it only took his ego to be lightly stroked to have made it all for nothing. Vyzantinist 16 points ago in 40kLore

    To be fair there is IRL historical precedent for this and fits perfectly with the Lion's knightly theme. In antiquity/medieval ages if there was a disputed succession, heirs would often rush back to the palace to literally and metaphorically secure it against would-be usurpers. The Lion is content to let the other Primarchs do their job of being generals, he has his eye on the prize - he wants to be Warmaster. When, in his idealized plan, Horus falls, he'll be conveniently placed at the Emperor's right hand when the question arises of who should be the new Warmaster.

    [–] Am I culpable for drunk driving, if I drive within my own private property, and not on the actual roads? Vyzantinist 8 points ago in answers

    I had to do a drunk driving awareness course in order to get certified to serve alcohol in a bar; this came up in the presentation. The only way you could get away with it was by not having your keys on you, or in the car.

    [–] I need tips on food Vyzantinist 6 points ago in homeless

    As others have said, save your money! Go to soup kitchens and churches for free cooked meals, hit up food pantries for food to take away. Get yourself on food stamps asap. What kind of, if any, cooking facilities do you have available?

    [–] Happy Easter Motherfuckers! Vyzantinist 6 points ago in cripplingalcoholism

    Eh, just cooking dinner for my CA roommate tonight: baked tilapia and Filipino egg fried rice. Just another Sunday for me.

    [–] Ben and Jerry’s starts petition for Congress to expunge prior marijuana convictions Vyzantinist 8 points ago in news

    The 40 Year Old Virgin. Andy inadvertently outs himself as a virgin to his friends when he describes the feel of breasts as similar to a bag of sand.

    [–] Can a Blank be corrupted by Chaos? Vyzantinist 1 points ago in 40kLore

    Which novel? I didn't realize he has a series, I've only read Atlas Infernal, years ago.

    [–] Can a Blank be corrupted by Chaos? Vyzantinist 1 points ago in 40kLore

    the only example of which melted a squad of grey knights terminators and a member of Ahriman's inner court in seconds and destroyed a massive lord of change, all by merely existing.

    Where's this from?

    [–] Can a Blank be corrupted by Chaos? Vyzantinist 2 points ago in 40kLore

    The whole black pariah thing is absolute garbage. One of the worst continuity errors in the lore. The only way I can reconcile Nemesis with the rest of the series is pretending it isn't even a thing.

    [–] [Serious] People who have seen their parents go into dementia or develop Alzheimer’s. What were the first things you noticed, and how did their/your life change? Vyzantinist 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My father passed from dementia a few years ago. It's difficult to pinpoint when the symptoms first appeared because he was also a raging alcoholic. But as others have reported, it was the memory lapses and irritability/mood swings; at family get togethers, like Christmas or birthdays, he would become very irritable; we kids had travelled hours to get to our parents' house and dad would ask us within five minutes of walking through the door when we were leaving. If we were watching tv together or just generally chit-chatting he would complain about "never" getting any peace and quiet (we were only ever together once, maybe twice a year).

    The memory lapses were a little harder to detect because my dad had always had a bad memory. It was only when he unwittingly revealed glaring holes in his memory, such as forgetting his granddaughter's name, thinking I (still) lived with my in-laws, or calling my sister's boyfriend by the name of someone she dated years earlier, that we became concerned.

    Before he was committed, all but his long-term memory was absent and he was lost in his own mind. I moved (back to) the US in 2015, I remember calling him and telling him I was just walking back home from the store and he asked me to pick him up some things. It wasn't the first time I had to remind him I was an ocean away.

    I try not to think about it, but sometimes my mind goes back to the last time I saw him. It was poignant for me because I was afraid I'd never see him again after moving away. I don't think he understood that.

    [–] [Book Excerpt: The First Heretic] Lorgar and Magnus discuss the Emperor wanting to break up the Word Bearers Vyzantinist 5 points ago in 40kLore

    Interesting theory, but it doesn't hold up. In Aurelian when the Gods tell Lorgar that Magnus was their first choice of champion, Lorgar is outraged by the mere notion that Magnus would betray the Emperor. This exchange really can just be taken at face value; Lorgar doesn't really begin his path to Chaos worship until he completes his pilgrimage.

    [–] How do you feel about Americans that believe they’re Scottish, Irish, Welsh etc? Vyzantinist 8 points ago in AskUK

    I'm an American, but my father was an Englishman, and his grandparents came from Greenock. I acknowledge I have some Scottish ancestry, but I don't call myself 'Scottish-American' (or even English-American) because it's not relevant to who I am, nor has any bearing on my life.

    Meanwhile, there's plenty of (usually white) Americans over-eager to identify as Irish/Scottish/Italian/Dutch etc. Americans. I mentioned this in another thread about American plastic paddies, but it seems like these guys just want to be able to identify as 'white but special'.