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    [–] A shoe store in Bangkok WITCHFlNDER-GENERAL 2 points ago in Weird

    I really couldn't tell

    [–] Why isn't Android Pie coming to Galaxy 9 or Note 9? WITCHFlNDER-GENERAL 1 points ago in AndroidQuestions

    I have Exynos....a Note 9 and a 9 Plus

    I've recently come beck from Germany where "apparently" it rolled out on Christmas Day (it didn't, not for me or anyone else). My bro in the UK hasn't got it. I'm now in Asia and still no sign. In fact, nobody I know with a Galaxy Note or 9 has it.
    Just wondered why it's not rolling. I mean, I'll be upgrading to the 10 soon and it would have been nice to see Pie in the 9 series.