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    [–] Heavy Truck Wash: Automatic Vs. Manual Wash. Manuals won! WTFmane 2 points ago in powerwashingporn

    that channel is all about ASMR truck wash. That's crazy and funny at the same time.

    [–] DAE sleep with their socks on? WTFmane 1 points ago in DoesAnybodyElse

    Only if it is too cold. Otherwise, I keep my feet free.

    [–] BBQ Whole Cow/Young Bull roasted WTFmane 1 points ago in BBQ

    $2000 is the price the restaurant would sell for u if you buy the whole calf (I mean the whole final calf after they have cooked and roasted for u). So the raw cost of this calf is just around $800-1000

    [–] Live chicken cutting WTFmane 1 points ago in FoodVideos

    i will need to wash all over my phone screen after watching this.