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    [–] A dwarf army is like a runic chainmail, each link makes it indestructible WX-78 9 points ago in totalwar

    Don't need to react when you're in the underway. Apart from laughing at the greenskins trying to fight a wall of dwarfs.

    [–] A dwarf army is like a runic chainmail, each link makes it indestructible WX-78 37 points ago in totalwar

    It's hard not playing the Dwarfs, the units are so squishy and lacking in firepower and beards.

    [–] CA, Fix These Damn Bugs Already (WH2) WX-78 4 points ago in totalwar

    Being a condescending prick doesn't help and nor does rageposting. People aren't about to get behind someone's point when OP claims "they slobber over CA's donger". Seems like this entire thread is a bit of a shit show.

    [–] CA, Fix These Damn Bugs Already (WH2) WX-78 33 points ago in totalwar


    umgi confirmed

    [–] Finka after the buffs WX-78 10 points ago in Rainbow6

    I was born with thick plates.

    [–] Only rat-fondlers use nb WX-78 18 points ago in Vermintide

    These umgi skruffs make me sick.

    [–] Total War: Warhammer 3 is in pre-production WX-78 1 points ago in Games

    Chaos Dwarfs, Ogres, Dogs of War might make an appearance, if GW lets them they might get a chance at Albion, Araby, Kislev, Border Princes, Tilea & Estalia. Some people want Nippon & Cathay but they're on parts of the map that aren't in the original two games and would require mountains of writing and even more to make them not look like Fantasy Japan and Fantasy China which is a lot of effort for quite a divisive pair of factions.

    [–] DEV post on the Steam forum Explaining a bit about the Situation. WX-78 5 points ago in Vermintide

    To be fair, what can they say? If they give a date and miss it they get people screaming and shouting and review bombing them. If they say "soon" people just say "SoonTM" . If they don't give a date then at least people they're not setting themselves up to fail.

    [–] bless-ed taal, Mod sanctioning! WX-78 6 points ago in Vermintide

    Might want to remember that Fatshark often has to delay major/important releases. Don't go making a dozen "An open letter to Fatshark..." posts if it doesn't come out today.

    [–] New Mira Golden View Bundle WX-78 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    "Hmmm, no-one's buying this serious looking gear, guess we should go back to top hats & oni masks."

    [–] The real reason dwarfs hate elves WX-78 1 points ago in totalwar

    It's only kosher if it falls off the tree. Bloody knife-ears can't even win a fight with a tree.

    [–] The real reason dwarfs hate elves WX-78 8 points ago in totalwar

    Just send the apprentice to get the runic book-grabber.

    [–] complete albums of new unreleased skins for all classes. WX-78 3 points ago in Vermintide

    I think people are annoyed about the new cosmetics because Fat Shark claimed they were adding paid cosmetics when the game has glaring issues that they're not addressing before trying to reach for people's wallets again.

    [–] Important: HERETICS!!! WX-78 21 points ago in totalwar

    There's been a handful of screenshots with a particular filter and people have started slagging them off.

    [–] How I feel playing Saltzpyre for the first time and I come across a Berserker. WX-78 18 points ago in Vermintide

    "meat dealer" do you mean a butcher? Meat dealer sounds like quite possibly the sleaziest thing ever.

    [–] Do they plan on fixing the cosmetics drop rate? WX-78 2 points ago in Vermintide

    Droprate's okay, it's just a shame some of the hats are hot garbage. Let's give you the ranger vet hat again but without the armoured eyebrows. Okay now the same one but with a spectacle guard and ear protectors. What about the slayer mohawk but there's two of them? It just reeks of laziness. Plenty of the hats look great but a lot of them are a real downer to get.

    [–] More quality advertising by Fatshark WX-78 4 points ago in Vermintide

    Not really a Fatshark thing, plenty of games do this, it's because steam shows the most recent updates for whatever games you own in that feed and the x2 XP & Sonnstill were the latest. If it still aggravates you, you might want to contact steam.

    [–] So who is your favorite character, anyways? WX-78 1 points ago in Vermintide

    Sorry mate, I just meant this is the best line that isn't Bardin singing. If we get Kruber singing I think it would make Bodvarr weep with it's brilliance.

    [–] So who is your favorite character, anyways? WX-78 20 points ago in Vermintide

    "You just helped a lumberfoot mate." is quite possibly the best non-dwarf-song line in the game.

    [–] The Mighty Elv... Wait a minute... WX-78 10 points ago in totalwar

    Grombrindal flies around the Karaz Ankor in his gyrocopter giving good little dawi runic axes if they leave out a flagon of Gutstrangle's Owd Nasty Dwarf Ale and some kuri.

    [–] Meet the Wizards of the 8 Orders of Magic WX-78 17 points ago in totalwar

    In Vermintide 1 there's an entire level set in a Grey Wizard's tower and you end up in rooms that look like Escher paintings and one room that shows whatever character you're playing's dream. So if you're the Dwarf you wind up in a Dwarf treasure horde, if you're the Empire sergeant you're on his family farm and the Bright Wizard sees a burning forest. Grey Wizards like fucking with people.