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    [–] Fatshark, stay away from the steam forums, it's full of idiots whining about the DLC, for your own sanity WX-78 11 points ago in Vermintide

    Still doesn't justify being such vile twats that Hedge refused to come in here because anything he said would get abuse hurled at him. A video game isn't worth making people feel like shit.

    [–] Fatshark, stay away from the steam forums, it's full of idiots whining about the DLC, for your own sanity WX-78 8 points ago in Vermintide

    There were a few months in this sub where it was ravenous, no-holds-barred dog-piling on FS. Anything FS said was immediately railroaded onto the topic they were pissed about. It fucking sucked so hard.

    [–] How would people feel about the removal of 'pitcher'? WX-78 1 points ago in HuntShowdown

    Yeah, I've been killed by silent, practically invisible frag bombs flying through a tiny gap in a wall and boy does it feel like shit.

    [–] Soo Chaos destroys the Warhammer world? WX-78 17 points ago in totalwar

    Most characters beef it for the shock value, and they usually die like a candle being snuffed out and not in some glorious battle smiting their enemies on a hilltop.

    Thorgrim Grudgebearer, High King of the Karaz Ankor gets a knife in the back from some absolute who-the-fuck Skaven.

    Volkmar the Grim, Grand Theogonist of the Cult of Sigmar gets captures, tortured and turned into a Nagash meat-sleeve. (The fey enchantress also dies alongside him)

    Emperor Karl Franz gets his arms lopped off by, quite frankly, some nobodies, then he dies.

    Gobbla, da best squig starts sucking dirt and Skarsnik just leaves.

    "B-b-but it's g-g-g-grimdark!" Grimdark doesn't mean it has to be boring.

    And therefore the only good thing to come out of the End Times was the Vermintide games because Bardin is a beautiful treasure of a Dwarf.

    [–] Soo Chaos destroys the Warhammer world? WX-78 7 points ago in totalwar

    And Dwarfs just sort of drop all their standards and will fight for anyway with the money to pay them.

    [–] Can someone explain hunter looting for me? WX-78 1 points ago in HuntShowdown

    You can also get 200 dollars, got that and a $500 plus the bounty in one hunt. That was a pretty good one.

    [–] How to deal with Giant Trees enemy. WX-78 1 points ago in BattleBrothers

    If you can, surround 1 Schrat at a time so then he can't spawn saplings. Use a decently tough brother to distract other ones so they can't flank and start hitting 3 brothers in a line then when the first one drops surround the next. And if you can bring axes. The AoE of swords isn't terribly useful and maces can't stun them.

    [–] Every new creature in the beasts and exploration dlc... WX-78 0 points ago in BattleBrothers

    If your men are squishy enough to be getting killed by dogs then you probably shouldn't be fighting Hexen.

    [–] Every new creature in the beasts and exploration dlc... WX-78 1 points ago in BattleBrothers

    Wait a turn. It doesn't last forever, disable the Hexe for one whole turn then kill her.

    [–] Every new creature in the beasts and exploration dlc... WX-78 1 points ago in BattleBrothers

    Net the dangerous brothers that get charmed, stun your men with maces and use dogs to increase the number of targets the Hexen have to charm/hex and it might be worth bringing throwing spears for your men to lob whilst closing the gap with the Hexen.

    [–] Boris Johnson ordered to apologise in parliament over failure to declare more than £52,000 in earnings WX-78 13 points ago in unitedkingdom

    It's not about having a second job, it's about not declaring your earnings, which is tax evasion. Declare the income and HMRC won't give a shit as long you pay what you owe.

    [–] Facts WX-78 5 points ago in freefolk

    The waif was tiny, Brienne is twice the size of Arya and was wearing a full suit of plate armour. Getting twatted with a stick fucking hurts but it's a world of difference from getting all the air booted out of your lungs.

    [–] Facts WX-78 6 points ago in freefolk

    She seems pretty plot armoured when she does get caught, Brienne planted her boot in Arya's chest and she just somersaults right back up like she didn't just get a plate armoured knight kick to the sternum.

    [–] Brexit full legal advice published WX-78 0 points ago in unitedkingdom

    But why ask her about UC when she's been practising those questions for years, she's fucked up in such a fucking catastrophic manner and Corbyn is still playing silly buggers with UC, UC is an important issue at the moment but Corbyn needs to kick her while she's down. Hiding the fact that May could have potentially kicked off a war in NI is fucking insane and Corbyn is just ignoring it.

    [–] Starbreeze Studios raided for suspicions of insider trading; Some property seized and one person arrested [Swedish article] WX-78 96 points ago in Games

    Yeah you just shout at them a bit and cuff them then you look at them for a few seconds and they uncuff themselves and start hosing down their colleagues.

    [–] Want your own home? Have wealthy parents WX-78 10 points ago in unitedkingdom

    You're right that there are systems to combat being born into wealth but there are also systems that hamstring the poor. Austerity for example, rich people don't need buses, public healthcare or benefits so they've decided to cut them. The rich also have ways of just sidestepping the systems that are put in place to even the playing field.

    There are vast mega-corporations that barely pay any tax and the government do fuck-all to stop it but Doug in Reading who's on benefits is the real leech on society.

    For every handicap the rich have, the poor get it tenfold.

    [–] This looks... Out of place.. WX-78 1 points ago in HuntShowdown

    Look at you, rich enough to not eat mud, let me guess, you can buy 2 romero handcannons.

    [–] Kazak Gotikaf! WX-78 6 points ago in Vermintide

    Love the knuckle-duster signet rings. Were you using Blood Bowl as a reference by any chance?

    [–] I love the Balance Beta WX-78 10 points ago in Vermintide

    Implying jumping at any and all threats is not a viable solution. If they die then you win and if you die then you're a glorious slayer dying for the Karaz Ankor.

    [–] All I ever wanted all I ever needed is here. Dice come on already WX-78 5 points ago in BattlefieldV

    It would be a new Artillery Truck, adding extreme range insta-kill AoE that can camp outside of range of infantry based anti-tank is pretty much the least fun thing you could add to the game.

    [–] Just watched a retail employee tell an extremely rude customer to quote "Fuck off you Cunt" WX-78 10 points ago in BritishSuccess

    It's not like you cease interacting with cunts outside of customer service, I know plenty of cunts at my job. Also, punching walls is very low on the cunt scale for people with anger issues.

    [–] Razor wire can stop bullets? WX-78 1 points ago in HuntShowdown

    Same in I think C&A Lumber on Lawson Delta. Chicken wire armour would be OP.

    [–] Standard British Uniform coming soon WX-78 7 points ago in Battlefield

    "Ooo bloomin' 'eck me ol' mucka we've godda take da bluddy objective!"