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    [–] Steven Universe Episode Rankings Poll Wadriner 5 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Season 3 didn't have the inertia of season 2 for me, I'd actually put it below season 4, s4 might have been all over the place but it was pretty memorable.

    [–] The fandom after Stranded Wadriner 0 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Ohhh I get it now, making time is probably also why the episode starts at the beach house instead of a stablishing shot of lion's mane/the sun incinerator, and why Lars spends so much time whining about Sadie.

    [–] The fandom after Stranded Wadriner 1 points ago in stevenuniverse

    It also would make the whole bit seem like less of a waste of time.

    [–] I really hope this Scientific Ninja Weaponry thing is simply an arc in the story and dies down quickly, and god forbid we see any of the main cast actually use it; inb4 Boruto using an assault rifle :( Wadriner 2 points ago in Boruto

    The problem I see is that boruto is making away with some of the elements that made the setting stand out in the first place, as the fashion becomes more western inspired and technology creeps closer to our own the series becomes less visually interesting.

    [–] When you break a string and can't afford new ones Wadriner 2 points ago in Luthier

    My bass had it's strings like that for a long time too, people in the states tend to forget most of the world earns in a weak what they do in a day.

    [–] [DISCUSSION] What is your least favorite guitar shape? Wadriner 30 points ago in Guitar

    No way, like it might sound harsh but you are straight up wrong in saying there was no thought going into it, the modernist lines, the pickguard separating the guitar into 2 sections to make it evocative of a dress, the way the armrest is integrated into the rest of the design, the balance and the shallow waist to make it comfortable for women. I can't think of a better thought out signature model out there.

    [–] [DISCUSSION] What is your least favorite guitar shape? Wadriner 31 points ago in Guitar

    I'm one of the guys on the other camp, the elongation on one side that gives the mustang it's offset shape while keeping the horns the same size, man I'm getting hot just thinking about it.

    [–] Platforms for Independent Artists ( Is Soundcloud dead?) Wadriner 3 points ago in WeAreTheMusicMakers

    Anecdotal but indeed the only time I checked out bandcamp was when I was myself in a band. I doubt many people go there just looking for new stuff to hear.

    Idk if facebook is a bigger thing here in mexico than in the states, but many local bands got known and became quite succesful through just asking all their friends to share their videos. It isn't gucci but it works.

    [–] Ear sensitivity issues (ear sounds like a blown out speaker) Wadriner 3 points ago in WeAreTheMusicMakers

    A friend used to feel something similar because of a jaw problem, nothing too serious I think but you should still get it checked if nothing else comes up

    [–] me🍆irl Wadriner 107 points ago in meirl

    This gives me confidence about my 4.75

    [–] Fox poll: Jones leads Moore by 10 in Alabama Wadriner 1 points ago in Political_Revolution

    Taking last year's election as an example, people might be embarrassed to admit they'll vote for someone and still do it.

    [–] Umm, what if orochimaru took jiraiyas place ? Wadriner 1 points ago in Naruto

    You can't use watashi like that it was supposed to be a weaboo joke

    [–] Umm, what if orochimaru took jiraiyas place ? Wadriner 1 points ago in Naruto

    If you are looking for a gender neutral pronoun you could use they watashi

    [–] I'm looking to build a stroh guitar on the holidays, any pointers on how to redesign the horn to make it less monstruous? Wadriner 2 points ago in diyaudio

    My idea right now, keep in mind I don't really know much about the theme and that I'm not after hifi sound, is to use a cheapo solid body guitar, add a chamber under the bridge and install a cat bowl to use as a ''driver''(1), then route many horn shapes(2) going fom the chamber to the edge of the guitar, and throw a transparent cap on top.



    Some things that worry me with that design:

    -Not sure the cat bowl would work as intended, maybe an actual resonator cone would work better, the problem I see with that is that it would take up too much real state and not leave much for the horns, which might actually be louder but it's not what I'm after.

    -From what I've been reading you need the horns to have a minimum size to actually reproduce certain frequencies, I don't know if there's enough space in a les paul body to fit the horns required for a guitar's EADGBE range.

    [–] The production team of Imouto sae Ireba Ii demonstrating how to make a pantie ribbon Wadriner 5 points ago in anime

    I'm trying it right now I haven't been successful but I'm sure you can do it if you turn the sleeves into the inside to give it the right shape

    [–] I don't think they've watched any of filthy Frank's videos Wadriner 13 points ago in FellowKids

    The guy behind the mask is gay, he says it all the time in his out of character twitter account.

    [–] Why don't we build guns that have the bore axis mounted at the center of the grip to reduce recoil? Wadriner 5 points ago in AskEngineers

    This is the first thing that came to mind reading the question, they had to change the rules so the bore axis couldn't be lower than the top of the wrist because the gun was just that much better.

    [–] Why don't we build guns that have the bore axis mounted at the center of the grip to reduce recoil? Wadriner 4 points ago in AskEngineers

    Search "John Browning automatic carbine hesitation lock" or something like that, should bring up a Browning patent for a very cool looking design based on a similar principle.

    [–] So what changes are you expecting? What changes would you want to happen? Wadriner 4 points ago in NarutoAkiden

    Not necessarily an improvement but I think it could be interesting to see an Uchiha apartheid instead of an Uchiha massacre.

    [–] Unpopular opinion here, but anyone else really dislike how Boruto is going right now? Wadriner -2 points ago in Naruto

    Yeah somebody said it isn't that weird since itachi and kakashi were similarly skilled when they were young, but it's not as interesting when the protagonist is the child genius instead of the underdog trying to catch up to someone else.

    [–] This lemon came with a mesh wrap so the seeds don’t fall into your food when you squeeze it Wadriner 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Because I feel a primal need to disagree with people on the internet I must point out lemon squeezers used in mexican restaurants are the superior option, they keep seeds out of the food, get more juice out of the lemon, keep your hands clean, doesn't create extra waste and you don't have to pay someone to do it.