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    [–] So what changes are you expecting? What changes would you want to happen? Wadriner 2 points ago in NarutoAkiden

    Not necessarily an improvement but I think it could be interesting to see an Uchiha apartheid instead of an Uchiha massacre.

    [–] Unpopular opinion here, but anyone else really dislike how Boruto is going right now? Wadriner -2 points ago in Naruto

    Yeah somebody said it isn't that weird since itachi and kakashi were similarly skilled when they were young, but it's not as interesting when the protagonist is the child genius instead of the underdog trying to catch up to someone else.

    [–] This lemon came with a mesh wrap so the seeds don’t fall into your food when you squeeze it Wadriner 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Because I feel a primal need to disagree with people on the internet I must point out lemon squeezers used in mexican restaurants are the superior option, they keep seeds out of the food, get more juice out of the lemon, keep your hands clean, doesn't create extra waste and you don't have to pay someone to do it.

    [–] Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 148 - Links and Discussion Wadriner 2 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    I took a look as you said and the statistics go from 3% to 20%, but I concede that my group of friends is not representative.

    [–] Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 148 - Links and Discussion Wadriner 11 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    If you think being gay is that rare that's just a matter of who you personally hang out with, if my life was a TV show a good quarter of the cast would be bi or homo,

    [–] The new generation is too strong? Wadriner 2 points ago in Naruto

    I agree with that, the problem I have is that the kids seem to have their abilities handed to them just because they are their parent's children, the only one that gives off a vibe that he's earned his skills is metal lee and that's partly because we know how hard rock lee worked not because he's shown actually struggling. Note that I say struggling, they are indeed shown training, but it's at a very leisurely pace.

    [–] Shizuma's 180 is infuriating Wadriner 2 points ago in Naruto

    Imo if Sarada had really turned out to be Karin's daughter and it was revealed Sasuke had been doing that but felt too guilty at the thought of his daughter growing in Orochimaru's hideouts and decided to take her to Konoha and settle with Sakura because of that, fuck it'd have been mindblowing.

    [–] The new generation is too strong? Wadriner 2 points ago in Naruto

    There is a dissonance between that statement by the tsuchikage and what we are actually shown, fresh out of the academy team konohamaru would completely wipe the floor with team kakashi.

    [–] The new generation is too strong? Wadriner 18 points ago in Naruto

    If you compare them directly then very much yes, look at the scene where naruto and sasuke are taught how to walk on walls by kakashi and look at the wall climbing test in boruto, the feeling that the kids are working really hard for their magic ninja habilities is completely lost.

    [–] I want Kisame to slap Shizuma for using the Samehada with his disgraceful hands. Wadriner 1 points ago in Naruto

    Yeah they painted Hiramekarei as the counter against Samehada when logically it should be the opposite.

    [–] Intense World Building For A Rational Naruto Fan Fiction Wadriner 3 points ago in Naruto

    I actually liked the explanation behind the origin of chakra, it can certainly be streamlined but at its core it explains the arbitrariety behind the rituals used to perform ninjutsu, the sage invented hand seals and shit to give humans a way to control a power alien to their mind and physiology.

    [–] You guys think we'll ever see Dead Demon's Consuming Seal again? Wadriner 6 points ago in Naruto

    There's already a way to spam it, you can seal one person per shadow clone.

    [–] You guys think we'll ever see Dead Demon's Consuming Seal again? Wadriner 1 points ago in Naruto

    I imagine it is in the scroll of forbidden jutsus, so maybe Kakashi and Tsunade, it'd be a way for them to go with a bang.

    [–] Super fun party lifehack! Wadriner 4 points ago in DiWHY

    Bro don't let your kids on that shit, you'd think nothing's more braindead than Nick jr or Discovery Kids but those actually got people on payroll to make sure kids get some early stimulation. Youtube child cartoons are literally just a dude with flash.

    [–] Struggling in architecture school Wadriner 1 points ago in architecture

    You're in first year so your teachers are trying to show you the fundamentals of design, stuff that might not be necessarily specific to architecture, as you advance things will get more grounded in reality which should give you a chance to shine. That said learning to draw is not particularly difficult and it really comes in handy.

    [–] Konohamaru was one of lesser characters in the original series but now he'll be critical to Boruto's story. What are your hopes for his role and character as a whole (jutsu, skill level, etc)? Wadriner 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Naruto

    Rather than being weak I'd argue Hiruzen just wasn't flashy, but I'm biased because whatever subtlety there was in naruto it died with him.

    Sadly I think Konohamaru's arsenal is most likely going to be composed of rasengan variants, but that aside I think it would be cool to see him combining diferent chakra natures through clones like Hiruzen did but in more creative ways, like poor man's versions of magma or ice kekkei gekkai, that would be interesting to see and would allow him to fill in for Kakashi as the self-made jack of all trades who's always got the right technique for the job.

    [–] Worker bees fanning hive entrance to keep it cool Wadriner 2 points ago in interestingasfuck

    They are glorious when they work the problem is they never do.

    [–] Worker bees fanning hive entrance to keep it cool Wadriner 3 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I'll take a working evaporative cooler over AC any day, I like the cool humid air, the problem with those things is they never work right.

    That and I got a feeling they consume lots more energy.

    [–] The Real Concern About RE Anime None of You Realise. Wadriner 7 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    You mean doesn't look masculine? Gotta agree with that but I never though she ever looked like a he in the manga either, guess the pronouns might help sell the illusion to Japanese readers.

    [–] Because everybody buys dozens of firearms each year. Wadriner 1 points ago in facepalm

    Personally, I think the most sensible option would have been banning single action triggers in self loaders back in the day, think about it, no bump fire stocks or gat cranks or legally gray shit, but you'd still have bolt action rifles, leverguns, double barrel, pump and revolver shotguns, and DAO pistols for self defense. Guns would be boring as shit, but that's missing the point.

    But hindsight is 20/20 isn't it?

    [–] Because everybody buys dozens of firearms each year. Wadriner 3 points ago in facepalm

    Not him but not really, if anything you live in the outlier, people in the US see guns as a hobby or a toy or as a symbol as opposed to most of the world who see them as a tool, having dozens of the same tool is weird unless it's what you do for a living and probably even then.

    I'm not saying right or wrong here, so I hope I don't get replies talking about why people with 12 exotic cars or whatever doesn't raise suspicion when most people see them as a vehicle to get from point A to point B but you can use them to drive people over.