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    [–] I am 25 year old female Dominant who keeps my submissive boyfriend on a tight leash. I discipline him regularly and we are on a one-sided open-relationship, where I can sleep with others but he must be faithful. AMA! Wanderer39 5 points ago in controversialiama

    First of all, thank you for hosting this AMA, and I hope I can apologise on behalf on any other users who have not taken you seriously and/or acted disrespectfully.

    What is your story? How do you know each other? How did it start? How quickly did this happen? Does anyone else know about it? Your friends/families? What is their reaction/view on it?

    Would you describe the relationship as more emotional or sexual? What basic rules and boundaries are there? How deeply did you discuss before going into it? Is there an intended timeline to the extreme dom/sub aspect of your relationship? When does he get to leave? Do you think the two of you would be able to be in a relationship if it didn't have this strong kink side?

    How positive/negative of an experience has it been for the two of you? What have you learnt? What mistakes (if any) do you think have you made? Do you know anyone else who are in a similar relationship? What would you advise to anyone else going into a similar relationship? How do you see yourselves going forward? How does your relationship fit in/influence your work/study and social lives? How 'serious' would you say your relationship is? Do you see it heading in a particular direction? Marriage?

    From whom do you keep your relationship hidden? What do you think their reactions would be? How do you think society views relationships like yours and the BDSM community as a whole? If you could, what would change about how the world sees your relationship and matters around it? Would you change anything about what is taught in schools about this? What should children be taught about this, if anything? Should children that are curious enough about this be allowed to know that these things exist at all? Is there one thing you would like the world to know about all of this, keeping in mind it includes those who view your relationship as fake or wrong?

    [–] Best Of 2018 - The Supporter of the best Bosses! Wanderer39 1 points ago in Bossfight

    It is an honour to be nominated, and this one still gives me shivers to this day

    [–] hmmm Wanderer39 2 points ago in hmmmgifs

    Honey, the watermelon plants are dripping again!

    [–] Coandă effect with steam on an egg Wanderer39 16 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Yes, it would be comparable to steaming it, and probably take about 5-7 minutes to cook.

    P.S. Happy cake day u/AMAROKwlf!

    [–] Steamed egg Wanderer39 19 points ago in woahdude

    The thermal transfer would be comparable to that of steaming in a pressure cooker, so an estimated 5-6 minutes if you want medium boil, 7-8 for hard boil. Either way, a viable way of cooking an egg