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    [–] Best Of 2018 - The Supporter of the best Bosses! Wanderer39 1 points ago in Bossfight

    It is an honour to be nominated, and this one still gives me shivers to this day

    [–] hmmm Wanderer39 2 points ago in hmmmgifs

    Honey, the watermelon plants are dripping again!

    [–] Coandă effect with steam on an egg Wanderer39 15 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Yes, it would be comparable to steaming it, and probably take about 5-7 minutes to cook.

    P.S. Happy cake day u/AMAROKwlf!

    [–] Steamed egg Wanderer39 20 points ago in woahdude

    The thermal transfer would be comparable to that of steaming in a pressure cooker, so an estimated 5-6 minutes if you want medium boil, 7-8 for hard boil. Either way, a viable way of cooking an egg