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    [–] Requests thread #1 WarOfNoise 2 points ago in brokengifs

    i gave you some gold because you deserve it

    [–] I’m a victim of Female genital mutilation in the UK. WarOfNoise 0 points ago in ukpolitics

    between Britain and the USA, there has been maybe 3-4 arrests made for FGM and zero convictions.

    If it were white Christians doing this, the information on this practice would be much more available and more people would know about it as then it'd be okay to talk about and (rightfully) demonize.

    But this isn't the case.

    Thank you for your post here.

    Edit- grammar

    [–] Supreme Court allows foul language trademarks in F-word case WarOfNoise 2 points ago in politics

    i know this seems off topic as per what this sub became after Trump emerged, but to me this is a huge win for freedom of speech and a setback to trademark copyrighting of phrases and ideas. I find this very politically relevant.

    [–] California governor: "Xenophobic" GOP will be 3rd party WarOfNoise 2 points ago in politics

    thank you. i agree. i get tired of people going "oh, once a Blue state, ALWAYS a blue state!" and then what happens is the Democrats start getting arrogant and apathetic. and the tide swings back.

    [–] So... I won Fallout, right? WarOfNoise 2 points ago in fo4

    the best handmade i got was one that does increasing damage the more it hits the same target. that's my main weapon now

    [–] Like if I did it fine, but don’t suck at arguing your position. Dubtree at r/blackpeopletwitter WarOfNoise 2 points ago in banned

    criticizing centrists and moderates as either traitorous or somehow aiding opposition is a sign of violent extremism. their self-delusions justifying their own hypocrisy as not hypocrisy are extensive and illogical. furthermore, they're allowed this by mainstream culture, as the "few dumb kids in colleges" of the 60's and 70's grew up to become professional ideologues.