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    [–] How do i get bigger forearms? WatchHim 44 points ago in Fitness

    Reddit is going to build this 14 y/o into a swole monster.

    [–] W Series Recognised By FIA; Super License Points Will Be Awarded From 2020. | F1 Feeder Series on Twitter WatchHim 1 points ago in formula1

    This is what I don't get. Is the FIA trying to make a parallel racing series all the way to the top? Will there be a women's F1 and a women's WEC? This would make sense because motorsport is an extremely physical sport, and there are physiological differences between men and women.

    [–] Someone needs our help! WatchHim 6 points ago in formula1

    A good reminder to put your name and phone number on important things you'd like returned if lost.

    [–] In 1984 NASA and the FAA deliberately crashed a Boeing 720 in the California desert to test a new ignition-resistant fuel WatchHim 2 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    I vaguely remember hearing about this test from a Senior Engineer. The pilot was supposed to fly down the middle of the runway, and poles sticking up out of the ground were supposed to rupture the fuel tanks.

    The pilot should have gone around, but instead tried to do the test the first try...

    Here's a good video on it

    [–] All this ice, and still no drink WatchHim 2 points ago in formula1

    I'm pretty sure Kimi is 80% vodka by weight.

    [–] F1 to offer superlicense points for Friday practice outings WatchHim 8 points ago in formula1

    Dumb question, but do you have to be a female to race in the woman series?

    [–] Seb's first win for Ferrari Radio, I love how ecstatic he sounds. Forza Ferrari! WatchHim 6 points ago in formula1

    Winning a Formula 1 race in a Ferrari. I don't know if there can be a better feeling in the world than this.

    [–] Until then came progress WatchHim 3 points ago in specializedtools

    I always crack up when I see the guy at 2:20 poking holes in the bag with a stick.

    [–] weeee \o/ WatchHim 397 points ago in reallifedoodles

    Subtle. I like it!

    [–] Virginia Potholes WatchHim 6 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    I didn't notice a meteor sized crater in the middle of a service road. It was night out, and the pothole looked like a big black area. My best guess was a new asphalt patch. Nope, more like a bottomless pit of fuck my alignment.

    I called VDOT and they said they don't maintain that service road. I called the owner of the shopping center and they said they don't maintain the service road. I then understood why there was a massive pothole in the middle of a service road that nobody was fixing.

    [–] Walking 35 miles a week WatchHim 1 points ago in Fitness

    I recommend that you read the wiki.

    Best of luck to you on your fitness journey!

    [–] Walking 35 miles a week WatchHim 2 points ago in Fitness

    Calories In - Calories Out = Change in Body Weight

    1lb fat = 3500 calories.

    So if you burn 3500 more calories per week than you eat, then you will lose 1 pound of body fat per week.

    If you want to maintain your weight and energy level, then you need to eat the same number of calories that you burn.

    [–] Walking 35 miles a week WatchHim 2 points ago in Fitness

    I put your numbers through an online calculator. It's estimated that your walk is burning an additional 500 calories a day.

    I would eat an additional 250 calories sometime around your morning walk, and the same for your walk back home. That could mean you're eating a snack before, during or after your walk, or just eating a bigger breakfast and dinner. It's up to you. Personally, I'd probably do a bigger breakfast, and a snack before the walk back home.

    You could also just eat an additional meal. Experiment, and see what works best for you.

    [–] Walking 35 miles a week WatchHim 1 points ago in Fitness

    That's a pretty good walk. I assume it takes about an hour each way?

    Wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Use good supportive shoes. Carry a water bottle with you.

    Depending on your weight, you're burning approximately 500 more calories a day. There are online calculators that can estimate your calorie burn. If you don't eat more, then you will start to lose weight.

    Do you want to lose weight? What are your overall health goals? If you want to maintain your weight, then just eat an additional meal of 500 calories, or just slightly increase your meal portions.

    Eat a variety of food to get all of your micronutrients. Unless you're on a special diet, or your doctor tells you you're deficient, then you don't need vitamin supplements.

    [–] TIL that Scotty Kilmer doesn’t have an auto repair shop, he runs his business out of his house. WatchHim 9 points ago in cars

    That doesn't mean anything.

    My buddy is an independent mechanic, works out of his detached garage, and he has 2 lifts and a couple of employees.

    There is this weird sweet spot for mechanics. A lot of times, they'll make more money working with 2 lifts at their house because they next step is to get a place that's 4X the size.