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    [–] Rennes have rejected a €30m bid from Watford for Ismaïla Sarr. WeedScaper 1 points ago in soccer

    I’m literally just stating how low budget Arsenal have this summer, nothing against you mate

    [–] Looks like Carrasco is forcing his way out from Dalian WeedScaper 30 points ago in Gunners

    Translation: "Before going to bed let me say another thing, Carrasco did not turn up in the training ahead of the Hebei Huaxia game yesterday. It is reported that Dalian and Carrasco had 'lost contact' after serving his one-game suspension. Dalian has been emailing Carrasco, but still has not gotten a reply until today...Until you see Carrasco again, do you want to see him in London or Bavaria?"

    MaKeXin is a pretty reliable sports journalist in China.

    [–] 2019/20 Fixtures are Out! WeedScaper 19 points ago in FantasyPL

    F for Everton fixtures in December

    Liverpool, Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal

    [–] [OC] Friendship ended with Giroud WeedScaper 14 points ago in Gunners

    ‘It was an improvement going from Arsenal to Chelsea and I knew I would have the opportunity to win some more trophies,’ Giroud said. ‘To win this Europa League one year after winning the World Cup is great for me.

    ‘I’m a Blue, a proper Blue. It’s a new chapter of my career and it was very special to score. I am so proud of this team.

    This is what he said during his interview on the Chelsea site. “I’m a Blue, a proper Blue”, that is what it hurts me most.

    [–] Ajax 2-[3] Tottenham : Lucas 90+6' (agg. 3-3) WeedScaper 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in soccer

    All English Finals for the first time ever?

    Edit: Finals as in EL and CL finals