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    [–] Napoli 0-[1] Arsenal : Lacazette 36' (agg. 0-3) WeedScaper 164 points ago in soccer

    Plus Napoli fans boycott from going to the game because of expensive tickets

    [–] Cyber Errors Help! WeedScaper 1 points ago in shoebots

    They explained in the discord

    [–] iOS Emulator to run Supbot? WeedScaper 2 points ago in shoebots

    Get 10 iPhones. Problem solved

    [–] Watford Away WeedScaper 1 points ago in GunnersatGames

    Twitter might be your best bet. You can always see people selling tickets for FV last minute. Try @arsenal_tickets @tickets2arsenal. It’s an away game however so there won’t be many

    [–] Chelsea 2-0 Brighton - Eden Hazard 60' WeedScaper 2 points ago in soccer

    Not forgetting Giroud’s cheeky slip to trick the defenders