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    [–] Robert Kraft charged in connection to Prostitution bust in Florida WeirdoOtaku 2 points ago in nfl

    That moment you hear your recently ex-girlfriend is givin' Jimmie Tube-Socks McGhee a Hootie and the Blowfish right beside the recently tossed chowda'. And the worst part is they aren't even sure where that smell is coming from.

    [–] Today's haul - 62 volumes WeirdoOtaku 2 points ago in MangaCollectors

    That's an excellent set for the cost of everything. The route I'm starting to take with series is to buy ones <20 volumes, I'd buy in bulk. Then, buy as many individual volumes on series that are going out of print or are rarer in general. For example, I was collecting The Drifting Classroom, and Amazon has volumes ranging anywhere from $5/volume to $150/volume.

    So seeing as how you are one of the Smithsonians of Manga Collection, how do you normally go about your bulk/year?

    [–] Volume 38 WeirdoOtaku 6 points ago in gantz

    I agreed with the "Shonen" style showdown at the end between Kurono and whatever the most powerful alien would be, although he'd be coated in a latex suit of plot-armor, this is Gantz, so no guarantee he'd come out in one piece.

    With as powerful as the Gods were, you'd think the giant aliens wouldn't of been the biggest threat to the galaxy, maybe something more sinister awaited. But, the main things I didn't like were:

    • Anticlimactic showdown with a much hated DIO-esque asshole in Nishi. Who I think everyone can agree on was a much bigger asshole than the final boss?

    • I guess the vampires have cloaking devices or can turn invisible b/c I sure as hell didn't see them.

    • After the Osaka boss, I also thought the final boss could've been more intimidating in general, and less like a cyclops had a 3-way with Leonardo Dicaprio and Rainbow Dash and more threatening. (Unlike the first complaint, this one is against the design in general, not the overall narrative.)

    • Not enough closure with what to expect in the future? Or closure in general.

    I enjoyed the fact that Kato got a happy ending, guy needed a win so bad. Plus I liked the fact the useless guy of the Osaka group, who was a total wuss, happened to be the one person who actually kept their word to Kato.

    As for the second question, if the quality was as good as the film, then go that route. However, I think they could fit the series in 3 or 4 films (based on whether or not to even keep the vampires in it, just b/c in the end, there was no purpose and have Kei's brother die in a similar surprising fashion.), it could be done based on the 4 sets of volumes (Red, Blue, Silver, Dark Red/Maroon) with minimal cuts.

    Just an idea. The movie's quality was friggin' fantastic tho.

    [–] 4 compensatory picks though! WeirdoOtaku 14 points ago in Redskins

    The important thing is now we have 4 picks in the top 100.

    [–] Thanks, I hate Bart Simpson WeirdoOtaku 3 points ago in TIHI


    [–] My 2019 so Far WeirdoOtaku 3 points ago in MangaCollectors

    Good point. I own the anime as well, and I had the same problem with Gantz (2018 collection). I normally watch the anime until the last arc then start the manga from there. Now, I will admit that I haven't read the final arcs of Claymore, b/c when I caught up, it was only 3/4 done and life and junk, so as someone who has loved the story up to volume 18, is it truly worth buying the whole collection? I know the answer, I just want to hear it.

    [–] Ladies, and fellow ENTPs, dating advice?? WeirdoOtaku 3 points ago in entp

    My general point is that there may be a better chance with certain types than others.

    Oh, by all means, I agree 100%. I just think we're the most unstable type when it comes to anything long-term.

    [–] Guide how to get rid of NiceGuys Part 1 WeirdoOtaku 1 points ago in niceguys

    Apparently Pt. 2 shows the Niceguy's true nature.

    [–] Guide how to get rid of NiceGuys Part 1 WeirdoOtaku 48 points ago in niceguys

    LOL. Never fails.

    "I'm a perfect gentleman. Now show me your titties. It's ok, I'm a doctor."

    [–] Ladies, and fellow ENTPs, dating advice?? WeirdoOtaku 2 points ago in entp

    An ESFJ is a good one, b/c they can protect us from our self-destructive nature. Although the only female ENTP I've ever been friends with started out as someone who hated me and I hated her, then we ended up having a brother/sister bond that's still strong 15 years later. Tends to make my wife jealous, then again INFJs are what they are.

    I think in the end, it's more about who you find personally that can handle your personality and the type won't matter. What will matter is time and effort put forth by both parties to make a relationship work, but as far as ENTPs go, it honestly could be any of the 16 types.

    [–] Ladies, and fellow ENTPs, dating advice?? WeirdoOtaku 7 points ago in entp

    I've been with an INFJ for 12 years and it works, but I'm telling you what, it's a rare relationship, b/c she totally takes care of me, but her unyielding loyalty and belief in my craziness attracts me to protect her from her gullibility. Which is a trait I'm somewhat jealous of, b/c I wish I could just trust people and hope for the best right off the bat, instead of starting from the other spectrum, as most ENTPs do. Her faith in humanity has made me look at my own lack of faith and reevaluate myself. She's made me somewhat more trusting, but the one thing INFJs do understand is the "alone time" recharge. We love being alone, but not being alone. She gives me a lot of space, and although she can be clingy and more annoying than others, it's a payoff I gladly took for finding someone who puts me #1 as a priority, even over our kids b/c she knows it's up to me to raise them right and I know it's up to her to nurture them.

    We definitely have a unique relationship, and honestly, b/c ENTPs are what we are, I think the personality type doesn't matter, it's going to be any of the 16, it's just a matter of which one you pick.

    [–] My 2019 so Far WeirdoOtaku 3 points ago in MangaCollectors

    I'm working on Claymore now. I can't wait to read all the volumes back to back. The anime ended at the worst possible time.

    [–] Do you think we are going to have a third world war? WeirdoOtaku 1 points ago in war

    You'd have to define "World War". Like, what makes it a World War and not a war between two superpowers? Because the US and Russia have been at war for almost 75 years now. North and South Korea have been at war for over 70 years now. Pretty sure China still hates Japan and the Middle East has been the way it's been for centuries, before the Ottoman Empire, Saladin united the Arab tribes against the Europeans during the early crusades. No such alliance has existed for centuries, plus the current outline of the Middle East has been that way since the end of WWI, with the exception of Israel which was post WWII.

    The world is always at conflict, but the world the way it is now, can't easily be persuaded to engage in a massive conflict that would involve billions of people. It could always happen of course, but somewhat unlikely in our life time.

    Russia, China, India, Western Europe, The United States; They all have nuclear deterrents, but more importantly, are involved in world trading. No superpower could withstand the destruction of another without consequences.

    After WWII, a global trading system bigger than the original silk road was established between the East and West, philosophical differences aside, money wins.

    [–] Thanks, i hate Beesechurger WeirdoOtaku 3 points ago in TIHI

    Like bees on the bread or bees ground up and grilled?

    [–] Sweet home Alabama WeirdoOtaku 3 points ago in gumball

    Her parents are literally Grumpy Cat and a blue Boo Boo Kitty.

    [–] How to shave like a man WeirdoOtaku 19 points ago in iamverybadass

    16" is more of a horse, not a woman though.