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    [–] Call of Duty:WWII free for PS Plus live on UK store. Welcome2Banworld 1 points ago in PS4

    And what exactly are you stupid repetitive comments adding?

    [–] Call of Duty®: WWII - FREE on US PSN Welcome2Banworld -2 points ago in PS4Deals

    There's not technicality. It's weird to call it free.

    [–] End clip is really shocking Welcome2Banworld 3 points ago in h3h3productions

    nah him and his brother are fucking annoying.

    [–] Wings on suicide watch?! Welcome2Banworld 3 points ago in PKA

    I can't take this shit no mo mane!

    [–] Oh boy Welcome2Banworld 1 points ago in PKA

    this is so old

    [–] PSA: EARLY PS+ Games for June - Call of Duty: WWII [Available May 26] Welcome2Banworld 8 points ago in PS4Deals

    Boring and as generic as a typical WW2 campaign gets. That's coming from someone who loves CoD campaigns.