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    [–] TIL that during a London Cholera outbreak, workers at local brewery near the outbreak were saved because they only drank beer, which protected them from the infected water. WelfareBear 5 points ago in todayilearned

    Ya, gruel is a very thin, soupy oatmeal-type cereal dish. Imagine shitty cream-of-wheat, but served room temp. It had calories, but was basically deficient of any other form of sustenance. Because of how cheap/easy to store foods like gruel and hardtack (shitty, rock solid biscuits made of basically just flour and water) were they became staples of early naval vessels. This contributed to the wide array of diseases like scurvy and loose teeth sailors suffered from until we started finding a way to supplement their diets. Funnily enough, the citrus in grog was a massive leap forward in fighting scurvy specifically.

    [–] First time someone confronted me on the course. WelfareBear 14 points ago in golf

    Nope, the guy was just a cunt. Anyone with an elementary understanding of angles wouldnt be so confused, and regardless saying “we’ll have a problem” because you’re too much of a pussy to just outright threaten someone confirms youre a dick

    [–] Poetry reading by young people has doubled since 2012 WelfareBear 13 points ago in books

    What’s the difference? Did you start out reading classic literature as a kid, or did you get hooked on mystery adventures or comic books? You should be less concerned with the quality of other people’s engagement with art and simply be glad they’re engaging with it in the first place.

    [–] Poetry reading by young people has doubled since 2012 WelfareBear 3 points ago in books

    I love the idea that you have an opinion on what poetry is, and everyone who thinks differently haven’t “figured it out”. You seem like the same kind of person who makes fun of someone for reading Harry Potter because the prose isn’t good enough, or trashes Tom Clancy novel because of a lack of allegory or subtext.

    [–] Middle-class income hit an all-time high of $61,400 last year, U.S. Census says WelfareBear 6 points ago in Economics

    It’s a holdover from when we were transferring from a male-dominated work force to a split-gender workforce. It has its benefits though, because it fits in very well with long-term models that deal with things like household formation rates. Definitely less useful when trying to describe the financial well-being of an individual though.

    [–] Novelist who wrote about ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ charged with murdering her husband WelfareBear 17 points ago in books

    Wow that was one hell of a speculative leap. Maybe he was a child-eating alien from Planet 9, so really she’s the hero, right? You see how ridiculous your premise is, ya?

    Edit: shrug

    [–] Chilaquiles; looks like slop, but it’s a classic comfort food. Pulled chicken and tortilla chips in homemade verde sauce. WelfareBear 2 points ago in tonightsdinner

    Haha thanks! Ya of all the foods people get picky over I didn’t think this would be one of them...honestly, ai’ve only ever had it at one Mexican place that does brunch and I basically just tried to copy what they served because it was so delicious.

    [–] smoked chicken and corn WelfareBear 1 points ago in tonightsdinner

    Gods DAMNED this is a good looking chicken, my friend

    [–] Scallops and lemon caper sauce WelfareBear 1 points ago in tonightsdinner

    Haha thanks. Scallops are one if those foods that can make an amateur look like a pro, because they’re so simple and look (and taste) so good