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    [–] Low flying plane buzzes merely a few yards over my drone... Westmalle 1 points ago in drones

    Yah I flew legally over a local beach two weeks ago and while I was replacing batteries a military chopper zoomed by at must have been 200-300 ft altitude. Very hard to see them coming with more than a few seconds of warning.

    [–] Last week we went skiing, this week we went to the beach. Loving California! Westmalle 1 points ago in djimavic

    Yes, other than the scenes with my kids playing, most scenes were sped up to varying degrees. Shot 1080p at [i don't recall] Fps. Basic editing with Video Win Movie Maker. The resolution was downsized a bit further however before I uploaded to Vimeo because I was running against my weekly upload allowance.

    [–] MAVIC CRASH - WHAT HAPPENED? Westmalle 3 points ago in djimavic

    Yah if I turn on the mavic inside one of the carpeted rooms of my house, the carpet pattern confuses it and it drifts until it crashed into the nearest wall. Happened to me twice in the same room.

    [–] Mixing fun with my son and fun with my drone Westmalle 1 points ago in daddit

    1 hour and 30 minutes from Orange County California to the Mountain. And I live two miles from the beach :). We are lucky indeed.

    [–] Mixing parenting with Mavic fun.. Westmalle 1 points ago in djimavic

    Thanks! My next step is to upgrade my software so that I can learn color correction, which I realize the video needs.

    [–] Where and how do you display the FAA Registration Number? Westmalle 1 points ago in djimavic

    It definitely does need to be registered because it weighs more than 0.55 lb.

    [–] Footage from Portage Glacier, Alaska. Also: I'm an idiot. Westmalle 1 points ago in drones

    Yah I've been thinking for some time about reasons why I wouldn't want to set a fairly high RTH altitude (subject to legal ceilings). The two reasons I can think of is the wind (as you mentioned), and also the fact that it is going to take more battery/energy for the drones to make its journey back. I'll probably post this question to this sub in the near future..

    [–] Footage from Portage Glacier, Alaska. Also: I'm an idiot. Westmalle 1 points ago in drones

    I can see how collision avoidance may have not worked on the white background - just like that Tesla S that collided with a white semi a while back. Do you think that the accident could have been prevented by setting a higher RTH altitude? The topography seems pretty high in the first place..

    [–] Laguna Beach, CA Westmalle 1 points ago in djimavic

    Hey where do you live? I'm in Laguna Niguel and been looking for Mavic "buddies."

    [–] Do you ever feel....? Westmalle 5 points ago in djimavic

    Yah I feel the same way. I'm going to take my Part 107 exam this Friday not only to open up my ability to fly but also to add legitimacy to my flying. I find that flying higher near populated areas, i.e. closer to the 400 ft ceiling (in the USA) makes me feel a bit more comfortable since the drone gets harder to notice at these heights.

    The good part is that the drone is my new excuse to go hiking, go to the beach, or otherwise get out of the burbs and into nature.

    [–] Mavic still hasn't shipped Westmalle 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in drones

    Ordered mine on the 13th. It's at the FedEx shipping facility 15 miles from my house in California but the bastards won't deliver it until Monday :( patience is hard..

    EDIT: thank you FedEx, they just delivered it early! Sucks being at work, I want to go home!

    [–] If FedEx says "In transit LANTAU ISLAND, HK", track the flight here. Westmalle 1 points ago in djimavic

    Yep mine just arrived in Memphis. Bit of a detour since it needs to track back to California..