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    [–] meanwhile in japan.. Westmalle 2 points ago in motorcycles

    Oooooooooooooh, I didn't realize it was a mirror.

    TIL to look more closely

    [–] meanwhile in japan.. Westmalle 3 points ago in motorcycles

    They drive on the left side of the road in Japan.

    [–] The President gets reminded to be patriotic Westmalle 3 points ago in gifs

    He probably thought the music was honoring him rather than the country.

    [–] I've been slinging straight vitriol on roast me so now it's your turn. Fucking roast me. Westmalle 1 points ago in RoastMe

    you're going to need a bigger toilet to flush down the results of your at-home coat hanger abortions

    [–] Felt too happy lately, take me down Westmalle 1 points ago in RoastMe

    LPT: sit on your hand until it falls asleep and then fap; it will feel like someone else is doing it.

    That's as close to the real thing it's gonna get for you, dear stranger.

    [–] How to attach this statue to the fountain base? Tried epoxy and it didn't work. Westmalle 1 points ago in howto

    I tried that first, but the statue is not as heavy as it looks and a previous identical statue broke when high winds knocked it off.. :(

    [–] Rooftop skater Westmalle 1 points ago in nononono

    I felt the pain for a moment

    [–] Sunset Los Angeles. [6000x4000] Westmalle 1 points ago in CityPorn

    You took this from the Metrolink?

    [–] Porsche driver amazes little girl Westmalle 6 points ago in thatHappened

    The more hashtags you insert, the more attention you desperately crave. Then there is the Porsche X4 multiplier.

    [–] 4 Rotor RX7... insane Westmalle 0 points ago in cars

    I'm sure it hauls ass and might even beat me in a race, but on the road I would still just see an annoyingly loud Miata.

    [–] Apparently trolling. I always heard about how easily you get banned, but I didn't think it was that bad... Westmalle 2 points ago in BannedFromThe_Donald

    I won't deny that most news sources, whether it is MSNBC on one end or Fox News on the other end, heavily editorialize their reporting of the facts to fit their view, but in most instances they begin with some type of fact. Sometimes they slip (or a paid pundit spills BS), but I think that they honesty try to report facts (yes yes I'm sure there are bad apples everywhere). At the edge, however, would be places like infowars that will intentionally and systemically make shit up on purpose, hence discrediting the entire organization. And to be fair, by the way, I'm sure there are far left news outlets that do the same.

    [–] Apparently trolling. I always heard about how easily you get banned, but I didn't think it was that bad... Westmalle 1 points ago in BannedFromThe_Donald

    I think the timing of the wiretapping claim is also highly suspicious, and had the successful effect of diverting the press coverage away from discussing Sessions. And especially after today's FBI testimony, I would say it's a closed case and clearly the claim was unsubstantiated. How can you prove the absence of something anyways?

    The argument partially applies to the Russian hacking scandal as well, although in that case everyone agrees that accounts were hacked (as opposed to the wiretapping claim for which there is no evidence of wiretapping by anyone in the first place), although we haven't yet seen evidence of collusion with the Trump campaign with the Russians or anyone else. But since it is still being investigated by the FBI, I'll say the jury is still out on that one until they complete their investigation.

    [–] iPad mini question Westmalle 2 points ago in djimavic

    I have an iPad mini with cellular but missing the SIM card. I just set my iPhone as a hotspot and connect the iPad via wifi to the phone

    [–] Water droplets after flying through a fog/low cloud. I don't think I'll be doing that again.. Westmalle 0 points ago in djimavic

    Yah good point I was worried about that so I got a GPS tracker and added a yellow sticker on top. But I don't use the tracker very often (I know there are mixed views on these).

    BTW, I've seen drones that beep when crashed... anyone has been able to set something like that up with a Mavic?