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    [–] 1 Weird Trick Lets Man Skip Every Red Light. Cops Hate Him. Westmalle 145 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in IdiotsInCars

    I do this regularly but with a different (and in my case, legal) setup. This light by my home takes forever to turn green, so I do a legal (here in California) right turn on the red light and then a legal u-turn immediately afterwards (there is a turning lane to access a plaza). The light of the cross street is still green and so I turn right on that green light. Saves me a couple of minutes a day. It’s not dangerous and perfectly legal.

    [–] Previous owner put a garden window in this frame. Not a fan of these small tiles. Any ideas on how to modernize this look? Westmalle 2 points ago in InteriorDesign

    Ooh interesting- painting the tiles hadn’t even crossed my mind. We’re actually repainting the whole house so maybe I can use the same color (tbd) that we will use for accent walls

    [–] cursed_god Westmalle 1 points ago in cursedimages


    [–] cursed_god Westmalle 8 points ago in cursedimages

    Wtf is that site..?

    [–] Art Nouveau Door, Brussels, Belgium Westmalle 4 points ago in belgium

    The architect was my great (or great great, I don’t remember) grandfather, Ernest Delune.

    [–] Can't break up the party Westmalle 17 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    While in high school I once hosted a huge party which I feared was about to get out of hand. When the cops came they just asked to keep it down, but I asked them to stay there while I claimed that the party was getting broken up.

    [–] Your Daily Fasting Thread Westmalle 1 points ago in fasting

    I broke my water only fast at midnight last night after about 76 hours (was supposed to be five days), by having some bone broth and a small serving of blackberries. I’m disappointed in myself, but between the complete insomnia, my numb toes, the increasing pain in my leg and my numb fingers, I felt I had to listen to my body which was sending me weird vibes. I was taking Himalayan salt and Magnesium, so I guess that wasn’t the issue. I know that these are not uncommon symptoms and they might have improved had I persevered or had I supplemented differently, but overall it was still an interesting experience. I will continue intermittent fasting as I’ve done before (only about 300 cals in the evening on fast days, two days per week), and give kudos to all of you out there who persevere through longer term fasts!

    [–] Your Daily Fasting Thread Westmalle 5 points ago in fasting

    Water fast (plus black coffee in the am) Day 3 of 5. Fasting for general health and a bit of weight loss.

    Just woke up. I didn’t sleep well and I feel like crap this am. Tell me it gets better!

    [–] Ethereum Price Predictions: Experts Estimate Where Ethereum Will Be In Six Months Westmalle 66 points ago in ethtrader

    Financial experts are as good as predicting future prices as monkeys throwing dart at a board. There has been studies on this. So be careful relying on “experts” folks.

    [–] Professionals in any field of work, what’s the most ridiculous thing someone outside of your profession has claimed to know more about than you? Westmalle 5 points ago in AskReddit

    Wow- in that case, out of all of the comments on this post, you’d think that’s the one field where everyone would agree to let the experts (the EOD folks) handle matters.

    Apparently not

    [–] Nobody is coming to my daughter's birthday. What should I do? Westmalle 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in Parenting

    Post this on an app like Nextdoor, so that your neighborhood can see it. I suspect you’ll get a lot of responses with people willing to attend.

    Edit: typo

    [–] Weeeeeeee! Westmalle 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in Bitcoin

    Or, set up a stop order right below resistance levels.