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    [–] So a blank Grindr profile told me that I’m not their type and it turns out they are not mine! What_Is_EET 1 points ago in askgaybros

    Did...he send that unprompted ? That would be so weird.

    In general it's a good thing I think. Sometimes someone isnt into muscled men, or bearded men, or masculine men, or feminine men. And cutting a conversation short on a hookup app can be a good way to move on politely.

    [–] Well I'm a week in I guess, not on purpose though... What_Is_EET 1 points ago in NoFap

    I'm sick and get dehydrated a lot so they stick water fluid in my arm

    [–] I am a virgin. I decided to get Grindr and I'm hooking up with someone in a few days. What should I know about beforehand? What_Is_EET 1 points ago in askgaybros

    First, condoms are necessary if dicks are going anywhere you can get STDs.

    Second, do what Is comfortable. If you arent feeling it during kissing, fine. If you dont want to go past handjobs, fine. A lot of my hookups end there.

    Third, and this isnt necessary, showering together is fun. I always do it if theres good vibes

    [–] Switching at bat What_Is_EET 1 points ago in askgaybros

    Especially with bigger dicks you wanna douche probably.

    But for the actual sex, put him on his back so you can control the pace.

    [–] I’m in love with my best friend, and it’s (not) ok What_Is_EET 1 points ago in askgaybros

    I have multiple straight guys I cuddle with. Watching movies, if they cant drive home and gotta stay the night in my bed, etc. Theyll usually wrap their arms around me at some point too. Platonic friends can get surprisingly intimate. Based on your story I feel pretty confident your friend trusts you. I would not read into it, and just enjoy having a friend that's close.

    [–] Hooking up with someone with body image issues? What_Is_EET 0 points ago in askgaybros

    If someone is just a little morr overweight than their picture , and their picture isn't more than 5 years out, I dont mind. It happens. They'll usually bounce back too. Good on you OP.

    I dont think theres much you can do however outside of the context of a relationship.

    [–] What videogame would you say has a wholesome community? What_Is_EET 1 points ago in CasualConversation

    That's a good idea! I'm worried I'm a bit far behind though, last time I played was one of the betas

    [–] Egg_irl What_Is_EET 3 points ago in egg_irl

    I found this sub just now on r/rising and going through posts. Everyone thinks about it, I think most would do a temporary thing for fun. But most are pretty happy where they are, in general.

    [–] Pickup line that always work? What_Is_EET 1 points ago in askgaybros

    I usually just say hi and it always works for me

    [–] Closeted, and ashamed. Not why you'd think. Need help, please. What_Is_EET 1 points ago in askgaybros

    My best hookup ever was a guy who kept his pants on and used a giant dragon dildo in me, found out later he had a small dick but I didnt care. He was there and I felt good. I think it's something most would be ok with

    [–] What is a good upgrade for an i5 4670k? What_Is_EET 1 points ago in Amd

    It really , really doesnt cut it anymore. I get like 30fps in battlefield 5 and a lot lower frames in basically everything.

    [–] What is a good upgrade for an i5 4670k? What_Is_EET 1 points ago in Amd

    Well its pretty simple how that happened actually! I had a 760 with that processor, and that was feeling slow. Then I bought a 2070 because I found it for $300 in a flash sale. Now i think it's a mistake and I can do a bit better on the CPU side. I just had to save money because I'm gonna have to replace my mothering board and my ram along with it

    [–] What is a good upgrade for an i5 4670k? What_Is_EET 1 points ago in Amd

    I get slow frames in things like battlefield 5 and mordhau, was hoping it would be

    [–] What are your thoughts on a "break" in a relationship? What_Is_EET 3 points ago in askgaybros

    Clarify what he means. Hear me out.

    I was once in a relationship and said I needed a break. My girlfriend at the time freaked out, but what I really meant was "I need a little time to myself". Maybe you've been hanging out every day and he needs some space? If he means "I want to take a break from dating " that's not good news, but just make sure

    [–] Porn literally effected my sexuality. What_Is_EET 1 points ago in pornfree

    I've been roommates with people who arent pro LGBT because of religious reasons. I think it's a live and let live kind of thing, though it gets interesting when you have a gay kid. I can respect the belief that being gay is a sin, with the caveat that we all sin and we can move forward with who you are. That's how my roommate was and we are still friends. I've had feelings for boys since before puberty, I dont personally associate that attraction with porn, though I know it can happen that way. Thanks for your response!