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    [–] Crazy cat mode engaging in 3...2...1... GO GO GO Whey-Men 2 points ago in aww

    Just remembered an appointment in the other room.

    [–] Vince Whey-Men 1 points ago in DanLeBatardShow

    There were at least four places I thought he'd dismount, but jeez, he kept plowing ahead despite mostly silence on the show's end of the phone line.

    [–] Lorraine, YOU THE REAL MVP Whey-Men 1 points ago in DanLeBatardShow

    Can confirm: ex-GF was waitressing in Miami for a few years and she was a model (not high level). She said it was clear only models were getting jobs at mid- to expensive hotels/restaurants. She had a lot of stories of celebrities having sex with hotel workers. People would disappear for a while after meeting a movie or TV star. Seems like the wives were left in the lurch while hubby was off in an unoccupied room. The stars of Water World and Raiders of The Lost Ark were apparently quite active.