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    [–] Playboi Carti announces 2018 summer tour WhirlStore 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in hiphopheads

    Don't really get how you got that from my comment but aight. I love soundcloud rappers/trap all that shit, almost to a fault. Im not going to a Carti show expecting a floating stage or orchestra lol. But I've seen 21, Uzi, Pump, Smoke, Ski, Yung Bans, Sheck Wes, Wifi, Dolph, Kodak, Yachty (I can not recommend enough how much everyone should go to a Yachty show, that shit made me a fan), too many to name really, and I agree with you 1000% that it's all about the ENERGY they bring that makes their shows worth it. Carti to me has zero energy, the crowd is lit tho but that's pretty much a given at any rap show. I'd rather pay $20 to see Metro Boomin dj at the Observatory than pay $10 to see Carti again. But w.e if you like him that's cool, let OP know why you think it's worth it

    Edit: my point is that I wouldn't advise OP to drive 1.5 hours for a carti show. I don't think that amount of effort is worth it but maybe I'm not as big a Carti fan as I think i am

    [–] Playboi Carti announces 2018 summer tour WhirlStore 36 points ago in hiphopheads

    Even if he shows up he only raps about 5% of his lyrics and spends the rest of the time doing the lil Uzi shoulder shrug dance, playing with his chains, and doing the mildest headbanging I've ever seen.

    I've seen him 3 times. 1st time by choice, because I do love his music, at a small venue. Second time at a festival just because I wanted to give him another chance. And last time at a club where I had no idea he was gonna perform (and I somehow still felt ripped off). He is hands down the worst performer I've ever seen. Yes his shows get lit but you're pretty much paying to hear his DJ and watch him stand there. Save your money and time bro

    [–] The 2018 XXL Freshman Class has been revealed WhirlStore 129 points ago in hiphopheads

    they have a bunch of tapes together, from before they defused and were known as Young Thug

    [–] Kanye West's "Ye" sells 210K First Week (82K Pure). WhirlStore 2 points ago in hiphopheads

    Nah it's not just you bro. There does seem to be way too many people claiming this is his best project ever. And yeah like other people pointed out, there are plenty of upvoted comments criticizing it but I was here for the TLOP and Yeezus release and there weren't nearly half as many people calling those projects the best ever. On Twitter it's easier to see who these people are, click on their profile and...yup bunch of maga posts, American flag banner, bio mentions something about America or free thinking

    [–] Photographer who took the Drake blackface picture asking for it to be taken down WhirlStore 3 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in hiphopheads

    Gotta take a page from the George Costanza playbook

    "Oh yeah? Well I had sex with your wife"

    [–] Odio Pt. 2 WhirlStore 3 points ago in Drizzy

    He's got the same flow on every song and it's getting a little boring but I'm excited regardless. Bad bunny always comes with the heat

    [–] Playboi Carti - Die Lit TND ALBUM REVIEW WhirlStore 121 points ago in hiphopheads

    It doesn't. I love carti and SoundCloud rappers but I'm tired of these lazy surface level comparisons to punk rock