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    [–] We have bigger fish to fry WhitepawOokami 0 points ago in worldpolitics

    I thought at the start of the debates, my order of preference was Bernie, Tulsi, Yang, and Warren. Everyone else would have a hard time getting me to vote for them in the general, and I suspect a similar trend among the American people, even the left-leaning. I don’t think anyone else will beat Trump.

    Now Tulsi and Yang both look short of a miracle to gain any lead, and Warren just threw away any respect I had for her. She’s using Clinton’s playbook now. I’ve never been more convinced Bernie is the only one who can beat Trump.

    [–] Development Diary - 14th of January 2020 WhitepawOokami 27 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in eu4

    145% discipline, 35% ICA, and 6/6/6 generals for life, which then translate into rulers that average 4+ on every stat? +35% morale on top too.


    [–] Politico: Democratic Party Insiders Now Think Sanders Could Win Nomination WhitepawOokami -12 points ago in politics

    If the fate of the world rested in my vote between Biden and Trump, I’d save my ballot for when I run out of toilet paper.

    [–] Silly Questions Saturday, December 07, 2019 WhitepawOokami 4 points ago in history

    Today it seems there are numerous revolutionary movements going on around the world (see: Hong Kong, Lebanon, Iran, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, several other regions). I am a young man and don't have much history knowledge, so I'm wondering, is the world actually experiencing a marked increase in revolutions, or does it only seem that way because of the nature of the internet spreading knowledge of these movements faster than ever before?

    [–] [124 New Chapter Spoilers] Ok anybody who still hates her at this point really needs to let go WhitepawOokami 5 points ago in titanfolk

    I’m in your camp. I never liked her but never hated her either. She was just kind of there and a bit annoying, but I understand why her role is necessary in the grander story. I just hope she’s getting development now for her own character’s sake and not for the sake of plot.

    [–] Everyone loves free speech until the views expressed don't line up with your own WhitepawOokami 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Free speech was never a right vs left issue, it’s an authority vs liberty issue. If you’ve seen a political compass, you probably understand.

    It’s a little frustrating that most people have this 1 -dimensional view of the world of politics and wholly believe if you are on the other side you must not agree on anything, therefore discourse would be a waste of time. Which probably plays a part in making people anti-free speech.

    [–] There's a quote of Philip K. Dick that says: “There exists, for everyone, a sentence - a series of words - that has the power to destroy you". Which sentence is it for you? WhitepawOokami 2 points ago in AskReddit

    You’ll never be who you want to be. You’ll never do what you want to do. These kinds of thoughts have persisted in my mind for a few years now and they’ve stripped me of motivational drive. They’re pretty much self-fulfilling prophecies. If I genuinely heard those words from someone else I can’t fathom what absolute darkness I would fall into.

    [–] Which order is best to first experience the halo series? WhitepawOokami 3 points ago in halo

    It's just the mere fact that it's an adaptation of a game so it's kind of hard to thoroughly enjoy it if you've played the game. That said, there are neat details not really found in the game, such as perspectives of other characters, even Covenant, so if you're a lore junkie it's a lot better.

    [–] What Halo game did you grow up with WhitepawOokami 1 points ago in halo

    Halo 3. In late 2009. So I only really got a year before Reach took over, but it was the best damn year of my life.

    Hyped for MCC PC to bring the trilogy back, crossing my fingers for Infinite to truly return Halo to glory.

    [–] What Questions do you have on MCC PC? WhitepawOokami 5 points ago in halo

    How often will seasons change, and approximately how much game time will be needed to unlock everything in a season (or how much are you aiming for, at least)?

    [–] Pages 2403-2407 | Discussion Thread (May 10, 2019) WhitepawOokami 48 points ago in avasdemon

    As long as it's felt for us, Gil and Odin have only known each other for about a day. And it wasn't a good day for Gil. I'd find it hard to believe anyone could develop romantic feelings like that, so I'd err on the side of it being Nevy.

    My only question is, how could Nevy know about Odin?

    [–] Half of my waifus being made. WhitepawOokami 7 points ago in Animemes

    It should have included a warning on the label that frequent exposure may cause an inability to actually have sex with another human being.

    [–] How do you move on from making mistakes you made despite knowing that you'll still make (maybe even the same) mistakes again in the future? WhitepawOokami 1 points ago in AskMen

    I take that exact train of thought to it's logical end. I'm going to make some more mistakes eventually, so be prepared to clean them up and learn from them the best I can.

    If I'm making the same mistake more than just a couple times though, I'd avoid following the course of action that leads to it again, and if that's not possible I'd look for appropriately professional help.

    [–] Sad but ok WhitepawOokami 1 points ago in Animemes

    It might or might not be explained later that they can in fact reset their levels to 1 for restatting purposes.

    [–] Trying to find a song WhitepawOokami 2 points ago in overlord

    Huh, you're right. There's a portion that sounds the same when slowed down. Really nice catch my man. Somehow this hypes me even more for future music from the series.