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    [–] If you could have unrestricted access and usage of any one SCP, which would it be? Whymanwhy12 3 points ago in SCP

    Human subjects allowed to engage in sexual activity with SCP-071 suffered rapid atrophy of muscle, skeletal structure and brain function, with onset occurring 1-2 days after contact. The atrophy persists for up to seven (7) days, dependent on physical therapy administered after onset, though the subject may also suffer permanent decrease in stature, decreased organ function, decreased brain mass, and sterility. Subjects who achieve auto-gratification through masturbation via the use of media containing SCP-071 (whether delayed or not) suffer the same effects.


    [–] I mean snoop was literally a weed plant Whymanwhy12 4 points ago in dankmemes

    In lil dicky's earth music vid, famous people collaborated to help spread a message to save earth, each picking an animal. Kevin Hart for some reason picked fucking Kanye West as his animal

    [–] Madagascar template! Whymanwhy12 192 points ago in InsiderMemeTrading

    This has got to be made for a mods gay meme

    [–] ATTENTION: r/MemeWorldWar is looking for people who want to be dedicated reporters! Whymanwhy12 1 points ago in MemeWorldWar

    Just see any conflict brewing, anything interesting, make a post about it and flair it as news and the subs involved

    [–] New Octane Exclusive Skin Whymanwhy12 13 points ago in apexlegends

    He's talking about the EA part, that's why he spelled it EAt

    [–] What does regex do? Whymanwhy12 1 points ago in AutoModerator

    So what's the difference in terms of effect?