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    [–] President told to 'show us your bone spurs' after continuing attacks on late John McCain before raging over Mueller investigation WifeKidsJob2 -4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in politics

    Do people come to this sub to feel better about themselves?

    Edit—It’s a serious question. It seems as though the users come here to upvote and comment on things that give them happiness.

    [–] Bank Of America Raises Altria Price Target from $56 to $66 WifeKidsJob2 10 points ago in investing

    Wow. Everyone here thinks that just because a bank raises a price target that it is actually going to happen and workout the way they project.

    [–] Lupghar valley, Pakistan. With humans for scale. WifeKidsJob2 1 points ago in natureismetal

    Wow I’m totes gonna go hike in the Middle East and hope I don’t get captured and tortured for being American.

    [–] EPA Head Said Climate Change Is Not a Top Threat Because It's '50 to 75 Years Out' WifeKidsJob2 -6 points ago in nottheonion

    Seriously who cares about climate change. It is so unnoticeable and will not affect anyone living. People 100 years before us didn’t care and the world keeps turning.

    [–] What if the Middle Class has gone the way of the dinosaurs and we're all in denial WifeKidsJob2 -3 points ago in lostgeneration

    Maybe people should be more responsible with their spending and start living on less than they make.

    [–] New report implicates Trump in same crime that’s sending Michael Cohen to jail WifeKidsJob2 1 points ago in politics

    What makes this headline different than the others we’ve seen in the past 2 years in terms of possible impeachment?

    [–] Deutsche Bank loaned over $2 billion to Trump: report WifeKidsJob2 -6 points ago in politics

    This was when he was a Real Estate developer, so what is the big deal right now?

    My headline would read : U.S Bank loaned over $200,000 to John Doe: report