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    [–] Post Game Thread: Tennessee Titans (1-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) Wind_14 6 points ago in nfl

    He sometimes also dropping back too far, and struggle to manipulate the pocket the way Brady and Brees do it. Yes having better player also help, but teaching your qb to manipulate the pocket instead of just moving inside the pocket is also important

    [–] Millions may risk jail as Indonesia to outlaw sex outside marriage Wind_14 1 points ago in worldnews

    It's basically all part of a war there. As one of the bargain agreement with GAM ( Freedom Aceh Movement), Indonesia allow Aceh to maintain its special state's law ( additional law on top of national law), making Aceh one of the only 3 special region with the level of state in Indonesia ( the other is Jakarta as capital city, and Yogyakarta, 'backup' capital and the only one with monarchy rules as governor)

    [–] how? Wind_14 2 points ago in DotA2

    Abandon tank your score hard (like 1k per abandon). Also there's a chance that some people just report you when you had below 1 kda, and the automated system just decide that you're feeding. W/o abandon your score is ~8.7k, that's fine. Mine is around 9.1k, though I never abandon.

    [–] Trump suggests U.S. could back Saudi Arabia in a war with Iran because the kingdom 'pays cash' Wind_14 1 points ago in worldnews

    Tbh bin Laden family is famous as one of the richest in Saudi. They own a huge construction company ( that I know of)

    [–] [Schefter] CB Jalen Ramsey’s agent asked for a trade after yesterday’s loss at Houston, league sources tell @mortreport and me The Jaguars have spoken with interested teams, but there is no current plan to trade Ramsey. Wind_14 1 points ago in nfl

    Pretty much pass rusher is what pats really need in D, the basic lineup for pats is 2-4-5, so the front 2 might need change ( or at least keep Bennett), the linebacker need 1 more ( Collins, Donta, Van Noy will stay) then the 5 DB mostly needed depth player ( Gilmore Devin JJones might stay, and Chung need a good SS backup if he's jailed over cocaine)

    So yeah, pass rusher is what pats really need, as pats have a lot of young, unproven talent there so far, like Cowart, Wino, Wise etc.

    Offense basically need TE, OL ( C and T), and maybe upgrade rusher at RB ( White is good enough at receiving)

    [–] [i ate] Kichi Kichi Omurice Wind_14 1 points ago in food

    omurice = omelette rice ( omelette is omurete in engrish)

    [–] what is a fun fact that is mildly disturbing? Wind_14 8 points ago in AskReddit

    Most of corn is fiber, so if you swallow whole kernel without chewing them they will come out as kernel (we don't digest fiber)

    [–] I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight #sghaze Wind_14 23 points ago in singapore

    A lot of reasons. Dry seasons is dangerous in Sumatra as the land is mostly peat ( died roots and stuff) a small fire will grow quickly (aka accident).

    2nd reasons is corruptions. Every years the ministry keeps saying that there's company whose land gets burned/ company that should be at fault, yet we (Indonesian) never really heard of any punishment, which means its either bribery or run away ( some speculation said that the higher ups/owner of the companies weren't located in INA, which means the chase for them is harder).

    3rd and the most impossible one, is that the land simply spontaneously burned. Kinda hard, but friction->spark->dry peat = fire

    Really sorry for SG people, but it needs a lot of time to fix this, as a lot of us, especially poor people have trouble getting the knowledge and information needed about this stuff, and sometimes, their stomach is more important for them (the poor is getting paid by some companies to burn the land). It's really hard to fix the economies and education of the country in a short time, especially in a country as big as INA.

    [–] [Schefter] Antonio Brown has agreed to terms with the Patriots, per source. Wind_14 1 points ago in nfl

    If there's something then be prepared for more salt. The journey is basically full of salt. The bandwagoner can't accept the loss they'll pour the salt to the street.

    Like I might be hiding for a while, because the salt from bandwagoner will be worse than other fan that legitimately hate the Pats. Atleast hater's salt is tasty.

    [–] [Schefter] Antonio Brown has agreed to terms with the Patriots, per source. Wind_14 2 points ago in nfl

    Well, Peyton-led Broncos also gift the Superbowl for them, so it's fair. I mean, botched snap into safety as the first snap?

    [–] Antonio Brown Megathread Wind_14 1 points ago in nfl

    If they decide to go all-in instead of keeping Parcells BB might still stay at Jets.

    [–] Fallout: New Vegas had some amazing dialogue Wind_14 8 points ago in gaming

    what could be solved by one man in one week is solvable by two man in two weeks

    [–] I think that last one is doing it wrong Wind_14 14 points ago in funny

    From the BBC (or National Geographic, forgot) youtube video, the context is that the father is sending the son to group hugs ( basically groups of older childs that hugging together instead with their father), but the child doesn't want to, so it ran back to father's leg while father is pulling him like this back to the group.

    [–] [Vic Tafur on Twitter] One of the players holding Antonio Brown back from the near-altercation with GM Mike Mayock was ... Vontaze Burfict. Wind_14 3 points ago in nfl

    Cousins is mostly basketball-related vs. Normal life. He's an asshole on field, locker room, GM room, etc. Anything related to basketball games. But to city of Sacramento he's a good guy.