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    [–] Richard Linklater Political Ad Pokes Fun at Ted Cruz Windomere -39 points ago in entertainment

    Ted will beat Beto in a landslide. God bless Texas.

    [–] Relief, Wood, 5' x 1' Windomere 1 points ago in Art


    [–] This apple peeler my dad just bought Windomere 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    So much for relaxing on Sheriff Taylor’s front porch while your car is repaired.

    [–] 28-year-old Jenny Joseph posing for Columbia Pictures Logo, 1992 Windomere 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Wow. Crappy artist. Totally missed the extension cord and lamp cord in the painting.

    [–] Kavanaugh, the GOP and Lady Justice Windomere -1 points ago in pics

    How backwards is this? It’s Democrats drowning lady just as sure as Ted Kennedy drowned Mary Joe.

    [–] Got em! Windomere 0 points ago in funny

    Oh no! He gave the white power symbol

    [–] Delay the Kavanaugh Vote Windomere -12 points ago in politics

    I think not. That’s exactly what this made up story is intended to do.