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    [–] Rock on Grandma! WithSubtitles -9 points ago in wholesomememes

    Common Grams, shave the sides and do it for reals!

    [–] Yamatai Rocknoses do not produce rock or gold. I just ruined 5 gold gold-veined rocknoses because I wanted them to look cool. WithSubtitles 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in ConanExiles

    Feed them gold bars or gold powder?

    And what is gold useful for? I have some gold bars from general killing and haven’t used them for anything yet.

    [–] Gonna be a good day WithSubtitles 9 points ago in ems

    Did it just roll over from 999,999?

    [–] Thoughts on first responder discounts? WithSubtitles 14 points ago in ems

    I went to a Philly cheese stake place that was pretty good. The kid behind the register and asked something to the older guy, who I think was the owner, who turned and look my partner and I up and down then said to the kid, “ambulance, no.” Never went there again.

    [–] Are there any mobs that drop silent legion armor? WithSubtitles 1 points ago in ConanExiles

    Which armorer does heat resist? I’m going to go ‘recruiting ‘!

    [–] What's a worse experience for you? Working in the summer or working in the winter? WithSubtitles 1 points ago in ems

    Winter. People can’t stay on the road in the rain, so I spend most of the day soaked. The upside is most of them end up being non injury.

    [–] 🔥 Real Life Avatar type of plant (Mimosa Pudica) 🔥 WithSubtitles 2 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    Is it bad for the plant to do this to it? I heard that is uses up its energy reserves.

    [–] Behold: the Gods of EMS are real, and their justice is swift and terrible. WithSubtitles 18 points ago in ems

    Don’t tempt the gods!! The fool probably says, “I’m going to sit down and enjoy my lunch” instead of wolfing it down before anyone says anything that will attract the attention of the EMS gods.

    [–] Not how that works WithSubtitles 50 points ago in TerminallyStupid

    Gonna be stupid either way!

    [–] Can you teleport using a map room with a knocked out thrall? WithSubtitles 1 points ago in ConanExiles

    Yes. I do this all the time. Sometimes they get stuck in the ground. You just have to ignore that and not release them or put your binds away, and put them in a wheel of pain like normal.

    [–] 2 years experience, answering any questions no matter how noobish or complex. WithSubtitles 2 points ago in ConanExiles

    Hey, thanks for this thread, I have learned a bunch!

    What named fighter has the best two hands damage?

    Are greater animals better?

    How do you get animal armor?

    [–] touch tha tv WithSubtitles 18 points ago in TouchThaFishy

    Muffins, what have you done?!

    [–] (happiness noises) WithSubtitles -5 points ago in memes

    Upvoted for doggo with bow tie.