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    [–] Ontario NDP leader thanks protesters outside legislature WithoutTheH 18 points ago in ontario

    Such a brave and strong individual....using a throwaway account to protect his precious internet points.

    Bahahaha grade A loser for sure

    [–] Toronto-area Liberal MP Leona Alleslev crosses the floor to join Conservatives | CBC News WithoutTheH 5 points ago in canada

    After this whirlwind of Ford, I'm really not sure how the PC's will fare. Unless Ford doesn't opt for re-election

    [–] Are you guys aware you live in an echo chamber? WithoutTheH 1 points ago in ontario

    But that number is 51, that's way more then the 10 OP said. Wait a second, I think OP may have been ly....




    Weird....anyways I think OP was ly...




    I give up

    [–] Anyone else not able to use their phone in a Superstore? I was trying to look up the Flipp app to compare prices. WithoutTheH 2 points ago in londonontario

    I heard they have a cellphone signal jammer for the employees. Idk though, that's just what they said when I asked (my signal used to be fine there until a few years ago).

    But who knows.....

    [–] Pot producer buys London garden centre in $6.7M deal WithoutTheH 4 points ago in londonontario

    You laugh, but Niagara actually now has a cannabis program you can attend

    [–] Cheapest car insurance in London? WithoutTheH 2 points ago in londonontario

    Try Unica, got an amazing deal through them

    [–] Backcountry camping or longer distance hikes near London WithoutTheH 2 points ago in londonontario

    There are designated rest areas. You can't just pitch a tent anywhere as there are many portions of it on private land

    [–] Backcountry camping or longer distance hikes near London WithoutTheH 3 points ago in londonontario

    I second the Lion's Head Loop (find the trail on All Trails app or the Bruce Trail app) it's a moderately challenging 18km with lots of elevation and you can rest over night at McKay's harbour.

    Just be sure to bring butane as there isn't much wood lying around.

    Also download the Bruce Trail and All Trails apps. They help a lot!

    [–] Jellyfish shot WithoutTheH 6 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    And now your top rated comment is about semen, good on ya mate!

    [–] Hate these type of Air Mattresses WithoutTheH 1 points ago in ExpectationVsReality

    I thought I was the only one! I tried flapping around like that for 15mins, then said fuck it and returned it. They aren't fucking cheap either!

    [–] Ontario to soon build an ‘open for business’ sign at the Canada-U. S. border WithoutTheH 3 points ago in ontario

    Sorry, I still can't believe this is real.

    An actual fucking sign that says "Open For Business"

    Wtf timeline am I in, and how do I get off this crazy train?