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    [–] Affordable Snow boot recommendations for My first London winter? WithoutTheH 1 points ago in londonontario

    If you can get a pass to the Colombia outlet in the south end, that'll be your best bet

    [–] Canada Post pitches 'cooling off period' that would shelve strike until February WithoutTheH 0 points ago in canada

    Are nurses, police, and firefighters not federal workers in a way? I'm sure they generate wayyyy more injuries at work

    [–] Can a landlord Deny an indoor vegetable garden? WithoutTheH 1 points ago in ontario

    The fuck did you sign a lease update? I didn't think they could force that after you already have one.

    [–] How are you coping with the 'historic' Canada Post backlog? WithoutTheH 1 points ago in canada

    How though? I always get sooo much unneeded waste in my mail box! At least don't wrap everything in plastic ffs...

    [–] Speaker asks Ford's PC MPPs to stop giving so many standing ovations in Legislature WithoutTheH 1 points ago in ontario

    Yea, the amount of people I heard say "anyone but Wynne" wasn't a surprise. But they seemed surprised now with the situation....

    [–] Philanthropists donate $3.5M to help bring almost 700 refugees to Canada WithoutTheH 8 points ago in canada

    Not working, not learning the language, not accepting of new social and cultural nuances, stuff like that

    [–] Anyone know about Black Friday at Masonville? WithoutTheH 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in londonontario

    No. Stores specifically bring in "Black Friday" merchandise. Like that big LG TV may look like the one you've been eyeing, but it's usually off by one product number/letter.

    The reason is they get rid of old technology, old parts, or just use all round cheaper pieces to make it. It's been happening for years.

    [–] Farmer working to fly potatoes to Iqaluit soup kitchen WithoutTheH -2 points ago in canada

    They could always use grow lights and power them with solar panels or some other green energy /s

    [–] Philanthropists donate $3.5M to help bring almost 700 refugees to Canada WithoutTheH 6 points ago in canada

    What's your point?

    That's still $13,000 short before the gov steps in. Why not sponsor only 194 at full cost?

    But again, that's only in the short term. What about years down the road if they don't integrate successfully?

    [–] hmmm WithoutTheH 1 points ago in hmmm

    Did you like the ending though? I think it really fell short.

    [–] Cheese WithoutTheH 1 points ago in londonontario

    Some of the girls have a ton of knowledge, and you can try samples as well. Very recommended!

    [–] The old man in the back tho WithoutTheH 3 points ago in BeAmazed

    And then he left the gym, never reracking his weights....

    [–] Two charged after forcing residents from apartment to use it for drug trafficking WithoutTheH 2 points ago in londonontario

    Unfortunately it's the only reasonably priced apartment in this city...hope no one ends up here just looking to save a few bucks

    [–] Props to the Ombudsman who’s gonna get answers for me! WithoutTheH 1 points ago in TheOCS

    I just got the exact same email, was it Allene K perhaps? I feel they are just sending out blanket emails....

    [–] Nerf Bastion WithoutTheH 3 points ago in dankmemes

    This seems to be my life these days, then you know the meme but all your friends your age are like "wtf is overwatch"? Ugh!