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    [–] Le smash reveal has arrived Wizard_Nipple 28 points ago in dogelore

    Le minicopter from rust has arrived

    [–] I nearly died Wizard_Nipple 1 points ago in perfectlycutscreams

    Hahaha what’s up Jayzee I thought I recognized this from YT

    [–] How do people get on the front page of reddit Wizard_Nipple 1 points ago in teenagers

    I made it to the front page a few weeks ago, there’s no real formula to do it, just try to make something interesting and relatable

    [–] Having problems with Void Pro Wireless Wizard_Nipple 1 points ago in Corsair

    Wow, I’m surprised to see that someone from Corsair actually replied to me, I made a ticket, thanks a bunch George.

    [–] Drew our mascot for people sorting by new Wizard_Nipple 139 points ago in teenagers

    Is your username in reference to that local short streamer who beat dark souls three on stream?

    [–] A *nice* day in 2b2t's history... Wizard_Nipple 124 points ago in 2b2t

    Why do you have such a nice cpu but no dedicated gpu?

    [–] PLEASE ADD MAP DRAWING BACK Wizard_Nipple 1 points ago in playrust

    They could integrate it into the teams system, Imagine being able to draw on a map that both you and your teammate could see.

    [–] The best burger you have ever had starter pack Wizard_Nipple 538 points ago in starterpacks

    Two hours after posting I realized I forgot the old man who probably owns the place who has worked there for thirty years

    [–] 85155 printed on a $20 bill Wizard_Nipple -2 points ago in whatisthisthing

    I’ve seen the whole thing about tracking money on a website for fun but there’s no link or anything on it

    [–] Le accidental decapitation has arrived Wizard_Nipple 13 points ago in dogelore

    It’s still up, I drive by it about once a week, unused for three years

    [–] Which way did he go, guys? Okay, that's seriously not helpful... Wizard_Nipple 5 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    I have a non overclocked 6700k and one GTX 1070 and run the game at max 1080p with a solid 75-90 FPS no clue why you have problems with it