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    [–] Anon dates a trap WolfgodApocalypse 14 points ago in 4chan

    What did you expect from this sub?

    [–] Anon dates a trap WolfgodApocalypse 31 points ago in 4chan

    Implying that having gender dysphoria isn't a mental illness

    [–] Anon's "new beginnings" WolfgodApocalypse 8 points ago in 4chan

    1. Idiots, particularly idiots on college campuses, overreport it if its a demographic they dislike (like white people, for instance), or underreport it if its a demographic they do like (like every other ethnic category).
    2. The definition of rape changed from "forceful sexual intercourse" to "being groped" or "resembling the patriarchy" at some point, likely by the same idiots as the former category.
    3. The NiceGuys (TM), the beta orbiters, or the white knight types (i.e., the type of people who are retarded enough or genuinely creepy enough to actually consider raping people) are encouraged by their new transition into male feminism, giving them, at least in their heads, an excuse for their shitty actions.
    4. The people who don't want any part in this insanity do not or cannot stick up for themselves and get fucked (metaphorically) anyways.
      In a few words: some bourgeois cunts got offended and decided to fuck up the school system as "retribution".

    [–] Anon's helpless WolfgodApocalypse 32 points ago in 4chan

    Glorious britannia when you can't make jokes or memes without a loicense and the mayor of London is a goatfucker

    [–] Old but gold WolfgodApocalypse 122 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Implying that's a bad thing

    [–] Casey Hudson confirms Mass Effect is still being considered! WolfgodApocalypse 2 points ago in masseffect

    The only consolation was that CnC was long dead before this Frankenstein monster appeared.

    [–] Facebook is raiding 4chan 😱😱😱 WolfgodApocalypse 21 points ago in 4chan

    Honestly can't tell if this a legit troll or a legit newfag

    [–] hmmm WolfgodApocalypse 4 points ago in hmmm

    This is now canon and nothing can change my mind

    [–] late 00's meme.tiff WolfgodApocalypse 62 points ago in TrueSTL

    What a naive and intoxicating innocence

    [–] Imagine being oppressed by a toddler WolfgodApocalypse 29 points ago in TumblrInAction

    How pathetic do you have to be to be scared of a toddler? What's he going to do, vomit on you?

    [–] Poor Tom WolfgodApocalypse 3 points ago in freefolk