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    [–] Thighs save lives WolfgodApocalypse 2 points ago in fatestaynight

    Buckle up lads we're going at T H I G H S P E E D

    [–] I’m sorry for asking this because it might come off as a controversial question but WolfgodApocalypse 1 points ago in DDLC

    Gallows humor (literally). Dark comedy. That kind of thing. Me personally, its a kind of coping mechanism. Being able to laugh is a sign of still being alive, and so being able to laugh at anything is a sign you're in good health. I've had my fair share of sad episodes, and even some stretches of bad shit in my life. Jokes take a bit of the sting of those times off, and bad-taste jokes even moreso. Not saying its for everyone, but a joke is never objectively funny or unfunny. All depends on your perspective, I guess. Just hang in there.

    [–] [News] Game "Futanari Princess" removed from steam. WolfgodApocalypse 9 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Futa =/= traps. Traps are gay. Futas are chicks that have dicks. Sometimes hermaphrodites.

    [–] Monika Before Story: Official Release! [v1.0] WolfgodApocalypse 5 points ago * (lasted edited 20 days ago) in DDLCMods

    Edit: Okay, cool, now I know how to do spoiler blackout. Let's do this.

    Okay first off, I want to seriously commend the authors of this mod, because fuck me, this mod is extremely complicated and I love it. So hats off you guys!

    I'll attempt to note everything I've found so far, since there haven't been a lot of people that have found the hidden endings yet and because of the weird nature of this mod, I'll try my best to list how to get them, assuming I've found them. Obviously this whole thing is chock-full of spoilers so don't read unless you absolutely want to be spoiled.

    So there's going to be lots of spoilers, right after this.

    Is that enough of a disclaimer? I'll put blackout text over this whole thing anyways. But here we go.

    On my first few runs of the mod I got all four of the standard endings, plus the loner ending. Pretty self-explanatory.

    Then out of curiosity I started fucking around with the character files, just to see what was going on, since I read that a text file (titled in binary) would start making some meta-ish comments once you did that.

    To my surprise, I actually discovered (by having the character folder open while the game is running, since I have two monitors) that the mod is literally deleting the character files and replacing them with new ones, which got me thinking: what if I deleted them first?

    I was curious anyways, since the PDF that comes with the mod said that there were 11 endings, 8 of which were mentioned explicitly (and I believe the four "normal VN" endings + the loner ending are 5 out of the 11, so I'm trying to find the others). A Just Yuri route?

    Sign me the fuck up.

    So I tried deleting Yuri before the "mod installation" sequence starts, and then replacing the "new" character files with the old ones. And holy shit, that was scary.

    Yuri becomes the president of the DDLC and goes absolutely insane. At one point I believe I encountered looping text (gibberish on the screen and occasionally Yuri saying "Your Reality"), so I deleted her character file. And to my surprise, she just stabs herself like in Act 2 of the vanilla game right afterwards, except this time she's smiling the whole time.


    Then I got the same letter from Monika that you get in the other endings (at the end of all of the "normal VN" routes), so I assumed this was the "Just Yuri" ending that the PDF mentioned. I tried this same process for Natsuki and Sayori and ended up with similar results.

    In "Just Sayori", she develops this really creepy persona of just staring at you and talking similarly to how Monika did in Act 3 of the vanilla game, as well as occasionally crashing the game itself because she apparently doesn't know python as well as Monika.

    In "Just Natsuki", she just throws up and then leaves the space classroom, which she gets "stuck" in (I didn't see her after that so I'm assuming that's what happened). The console in the top left repeatedly showed messages like "Help me please" and "Im in space", but after that started looping I deleted her character file and got a blank screen followed by still backgrounds of the various DDLC locations, before getting Monika's ending letter again.

    So naturally, I thought to try this same process on Monika so that I could see what the "Just Monika" route was going to be like, even if it wasn't mentioned in the PDF.

    Except, that didn't happen.

    The first thing I did was delete Monika before the game starts, which, as another user in this thread mentioned, brings you to the space classroom and Monika tells you off for deleting her before the game starts again.

    (interestingly, exiting the game during this sequence will prompt Monika to get even more upset at you when you start it back up and try to start a new game, though eventually you still get to the new game screen)

    So I did the same procedure: delete Monika before the mod deletes her, and then restoring all the old character files before the new ones get there.

    And Monika actually showed up on screen, and then the conversation with her and Sayori just resumed, from before the glitches and the mod installation start up, unlike the other times, where the mod installation forces you to close the game and restart it. Sayori doesn't notice anything different but Monika does, looking a bit shellshocked.

    As of now I'm playing this out to see what happens, will update when/if I find something.

    [–] Monika Before Story: Official Release! [v1.0] WolfgodApocalypse 3 points ago in DDLCMods

    I second this notion. Maybe I'm just slow at this but I've gotten 5 routes now and have absolutely no idea where to even go from there lol

    [–] Something Fun WolfgodApocalypse 2 points ago in DDLC

    I agree wholeheartedly

    [–] Free Talk Friday | Aug 31, 2018 - Sep 6, 2018 WolfgodApocalypse 3 points ago in DDLC

    Damm, that's good stuff. I haven't played much of hotline miami 2 but what I did like was pretty cool.

    [–] Free Talk Friday | Aug 31, 2018 - Sep 6, 2018 WolfgodApocalypse 5 points ago in DDLC

    Perturbator was on the Hotline Miami soundtrack right? Sounds kinda similar.

    [–] Free Talk Friday | Aug 31, 2018 - Sep 6, 2018 WolfgodApocalypse 7 points ago in DDLC

    Not gonna lie, that music is pretty fuckin awesome.

    [–] Preferences WolfgodApocalypse 2 points ago in DDLC

    Natsuki needs to call a fucking fire truck for that burn