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    [–] who has read "only half there?" Wommis 2 points ago in DevinTownsend

    I wrote a review. Sorry if this isn't welcome but I think it accurately expresses my thoughts about it. P.s I am a total Devin fanboy but I try to be measured and honest about it.

    [–] Jordan Rudess on guitar?? Wommis 5 points ago in Dreamtheater

    I remember there being some commentary on this years ago. John said he prefers playing with keyboards over other guitars, even though Jordan is a capable guitarist.

    [–] Leprous - Captive Wommis 13 points ago in progmetal

    Baard's drumming is unreal.

    [–] Proboscis 45 Wommis 2 points ago in HybridAnimals

    I would trust dignified, serious looking proboscis monkey president over 45, any day of the week.

    [–] Ziltoid- Surprisingly wonderful grieving music Wommis 3 points ago in DevinTownsend

    I remember really connecting with the emotions of Terria when it came out. A line that felt particularly impactful: "And I'm 29 years old/ And I'm a million miles away". I feel like so many have felt that.

    I used to listen to Accelerated Evolution on the drives to and from the city where my then-girlfriend, now ex-wife used to live, and I feel like I identify some of those songs with that time. I kinda miss Devin's music that was more blatantly personal and emotional, though I like everything he's done.

    [–] DOOM (2016) and feeling Powerful in Video Games. Wommis 2 points ago in patientgamers

    The new Shadow Warrior on Easy is this way. You can chop people up with katana, use powers to explode them, etc. I particularly love spinning in a circle with my katana and watching all the limbs fly everywhere. It's so incredibly dumb, and there are terrible jokes throughout, but it's a lot of fun.

    [–] Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill Wommis 3 points ago in progrockmusic

    I’ve listened to this song a bunch recently. A friend of mine sang it at karaoke. Hah. Anyway, She is incredible.

    [–] Summay of upcoming Devin projects? Wommis 1 points ago in DevinTownsend

    Can I copy this info to share on my prog Facebook page? I will source you.