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    [–] How can I, a person with no musical background, get into songwriting? Wommis 1 points ago in musicians

    It depends on what you specifically want to do.

    If you're thinking a singer/songwriter song, you could learn the basic chords on a guitar. I find it's often easier to write music when you're only limited to a set of chords, so that might actually help you.

    If you would want to write some music like EDM or techno, or whatever else, there are free apps like Garage Band and BandLab that allow you to use samples and combine them in fun ways.

    It just depends on your endgame.

    [–] Respected Prog blogs/webzines/magazines Wommis 5 points ago in progrockmusic

    What do you need them for? To do PR mailers? I run, but I also have a list of other prog blogs I'm aware of. PM me?

    [–] who has read "only half there?" Wommis 2 points ago in DevinTownsend

    I wrote a review. Sorry if this isn't welcome but I think it accurately expresses my thoughts about it. P.s I am a total Devin fanboy but I try to be measured and honest about it.

    [–] Jordan Rudess on guitar?? Wommis 6 points ago in Dreamtheater

    I remember there being some commentary on this years ago. John said he prefers playing with keyboards over other guitars, even though Jordan is a capable guitarist.

    [–] Leprous - Captive Wommis 14 points ago in progmetal

    Baard's drumming is unreal.

    [–] Proboscis 45 Wommis 1 points ago in HybridAnimals

    I would trust dignified, serious looking proboscis monkey president over 45, any day of the week.

    [–] Ziltoid- Surprisingly wonderful grieving music Wommis 4 points ago in DevinTownsend

    I remember really connecting with the emotions of Terria when it came out. A line that felt particularly impactful: "And I'm 29 years old/ And I'm a million miles away". I feel like so many have felt that.

    I used to listen to Accelerated Evolution on the drives to and from the city where my then-girlfriend, now ex-wife used to live, and I feel like I identify some of those songs with that time. I kinda miss Devin's music that was more blatantly personal and emotional, though I like everything he's done.

    [–] DOOM (2016) and feeling Powerful in Video Games. Wommis 2 points ago in patientgamers

    The new Shadow Warrior on Easy is this way. You can chop people up with katana, use powers to explode them, etc. I particularly love spinning in a circle with my katana and watching all the limbs fly everywhere. It's so incredibly dumb, and there are terrible jokes throughout, but it's a lot of fun.