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    [–] Eyes Wide Shut or Godfather? Wommis 5 points ago in makemychoice

    I watched Godfather because I felt like it was important for me to watch- if you haven't seen it yet, I'd choose that because of its cultural prevalence and historical importance. Even though I enjoyed it, I feel like reading about it from like, a film course or something would have made me appreciate it more. It's really well acted and well written.

    [–] Spock's Beard - To Breathe Another Day Wommis 2 points ago in progrockmusic

    I might be wrong, but I don't think Nick is officially back in the band. I think the agreement was just to help out with drums for this album, and Mike Thorne from SAGA would handle live shows.

    But, I agree that Spock's Beard is amazing in all of its forms!

    [–] Baroness - Morningstar Wommis 11 points ago in progmetal

    I know most folks love the older stuff but this is my favorite Baroness album. This song, Shock Me, Chlorine and Wine, many killer tracks.

    [–] Hey, I'm Ben Levin from Bent Knee/Ben Levin Group, AMA! Wommis 6 points ago in progmetal

    Here's another crazy guy who drove from Kentucky to see Bent Knee play in Cleveland! Good to see you on here!

    [–] Hey y'all... I need some friends. Wommis 6 points ago in lexington

    Friends are great! I will be your friend. PM ME! Or I'll PM you. HOW DO GROWNUPS DO THIS

    [–] Here's my "Vector" review. I didn't love it immediately, but it's definitely growing on me. Wommis 1 points ago in Haken

    It's been interesting to see how that's played out. There hasn't really been a uniform response one way or the other. Seems all across the board!

    [–] Tips on buying a home in Lexington! Wommis 2 points ago in lexington

    Thanks for the tip on Ball homes. Wouldn't have ever known about it! And for the other ifno as well. It's always interesting to see what areas are growing...I used to live in Landsdowne in the early 90s and it's been fun to see it grow.

    [–] Jon Anderson & Mike Oldfield - In High Places (1983) (Who else thinks a full-length Anderson Oldfield album would be awesome?) Wommis 6 points ago in progrockmusic

    Kanye West sampled this song, along with Crimson, on his My Dark Twisted Fantasy album. It's pretty crazy that millions upon millions have heard that song, but haven't heard the original.

    [–] How can I, a person with no musical background, get into songwriting? Wommis 1 points ago in musicians

    It depends on what you specifically want to do.

    If you're thinking a singer/songwriter song, you could learn the basic chords on a guitar. I find it's often easier to write music when you're only limited to a set of chords, so that might actually help you.

    If you would want to write some music like EDM or techno, or whatever else, there are free apps like Garage Band and BandLab that allow you to use samples and combine them in fun ways.

    It just depends on your endgame.