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    [–] Radiohead Vocals - any feedback would be appreciated Wommis 8 points ago in singing

    Folks could come and say, "more breath support", etc., etc. but I think you captured the fleeting sort of voice that Thom has in the original song well. Singing his stuff toooo perfectly would be a mistake. Unless you're Lianne La Havas.

    [–] Howard Stern's opinion on Dream Theater Wommis 10 points ago in Dreamtheater

    yeah. "too orchestral", "too much noodling"....."the singer sounds whiny". that's been pretty consistent over like, 25 years of sharing DT songs with folks. I feel like you either get it or you don't. Having said all sense is that more people "get it" now than ever before.

    [–] Howard Stern's opinion on Dream Theater Wommis 15 points ago in Dreamtheater

    I used to think people would love Dream Theater if they just heard them. So I'd play them Images and Words, and I'd get this exact same feedback. I dunno- I think now is a time when nerdier music fares better, but prog will always be somewhat niche-y, and that's ok.

    [–] Thank You Scientist - Terraformer (Guitar Playthrough) Wommis 2 points ago in progmetal

    I feel really bad that I upvotes this from 69 to 70, but alas.

    [–] Anybody want a free Devin "Chopper" Tshirt? Wommis 2 points ago in DevinTownsend

    Where are you located? I love that shirt.

    [–] Gentle Giant - Proclamation Wommis 2 points ago in progrockmusic

    If you haven't heard Neal Morse era Spock's Beard (a song like Gibberish), check that out too. Echolyn's early 90s stuff (and some later stuff too) has a strong GG vibe as well (Suffocating the Bloom is a good example)

    [–] Gentle Giant - Proclamation Wommis 10 points ago in progrockmusic




    These guys were so delightfully quirky. Glad some modern bands have carried this torch.

    [–] This is my story. I decided to come forward as the victim of LDS filmmaker Sterling Van Wagenen because I hope to inspire other victims to come forward and heal. Thank you for your support. Wommis 9 points ago in exmormon

    This is harrowing. Thank you for coming forward. It is so unfair that you had to be the one to advocate for yourself in this case- I hate when adults cover for other adults. but I applaud you for your bravery and strength and sincerely hope things improve for you. You will inspire people to come forward, and hopefully will prevent these sorts of things from happening to others.

    [–] My son Jaxon drumming to Twenty One Pilots. What observations are there from drummers on here. Thanks for watching. Wommis 12 points ago in Drumming

    I can tell this kid has the support of an enthusiastic parent, and he seems to enjoy playing the drums. Make sure both of those are there for as long as possible, and everything will be fine!

    [–] "Rate my setup" Wommis 1 points ago in Drumming

    Most important thing is that it feels comfortable for you, and you can get around it with relative ease without hitting rims or your leg. Looks like a fun kit, though!

    [–] Lynel Richie Wommis 3 points ago in Breath_of_the_Wild

    credit is /u/katiejeez ! follow her on instagram!

    [–] Who else remembered this pure greatness of a game? Wommis 1 points ago in gaming

    That MIDI song though. Stuck in my head forever.

    [–] Steven Wilson "announces" new pop album, set for 2019 release Wommis 1 points ago in stevenwilson

    SW wasn't involved at all. We have a tradition of doing April Fools jokes at Proglodytes- a fake Tool album called "Pleistocene" in 2017, a fake Yes tour in 2018, and now this one in 2019. I get to put on my "humorist" hat for a minute and take a break from reviews and interviews. :)

    [–] Hey Cucks! Alpha male here Wommis 3 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Seriously love this guy. He’s hilarious. And doesn’t belong in this sub as someone to be ridiculed, he’s legit hilarious.

    [–] Memories you associate with Devin's music? Wommis 1 points ago in DevinTownsend Thanks for asking!!!

    [–] Memories you associate with Devin's music? Wommis 3 points ago in DevinTownsend

    I first fell in love with Devin's music in 2001, around the time that Terria came out. A lot of people were talking about it on message boards and stuff, and so I got the album and started listening to it. It wasn't instant love- the production was kind of a turnoff. But, I started listening to it song by song, until it sort of revealed itself to me. At the time, I was an angsty teen living with my parents and frustrated about life. There was a lot of tension and anger in the home, and the music just started speaking to me in a way that other music hadn't. With each album there is a memory of when I wore it out- Accelerated Evolution for when I would drive back and forth from Louisville to Lexington KY to visit my partner at the time. Ki for when I'd drive in the country highway to my job at the time. Epicloud for when my son was born. Etc.

    What's been cool about being a Devin fan for almost 20 years now is that I've grown with him. His music has been one of the only constants in my CD collection (and I run a freakin' review website, so I am constantly drowning in new music).

    [–] Mass Effect - What a game! Wommis 5 points ago in patientgamers

    I love that there are other folks that are behind on stuff like this- games with major cultural significance. Mass Effect is such an amazing story- maybe my favorite space story ever (a good blend of a lot of my other favorite space stories). Glad you enjoyed it!!!!!!