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    [–] Ditching coal in the US is saving lives, helping crops - Near shuttered plants, deaths drop and crop productivity rises. Wormbo2 13 points ago in Futurology

    It's the final swansong, so to speak. the select few who are standing on the mountain of coal money, are quivering that they will very soon have nothing to prop up their shitty cash mountain. so they squeal and kick and throw money at the politicians, et,al. in the hopes they can make it to retirement age and collect a few more $$ from the Tax payer Pension they so diligently avoided paying into.


    [–] Every guy at 14 Wormbo2 28 points ago in funny

    Yeah but the journey is the hard part.

    [–] What's one sex thing you did when you were crazy horny but when it was done you were just like "what have I done"? Wormbo2 28 points ago in AskReddit

    Wth!? Just turn that fucken fan on. Go for broke, and every few minutrs make a fart noise. If anyone knocks: "just a little belly ache, I'm ok".

    Otherwise, light on, door open, assert dominance and DONT BLINK!!

    [–] Bloody snow Wormbo2 2 points ago in funny

    Leave em out for a day or two. Bam, perfect!

    [–] Stealth Mission Logic Wormbo2 1 points ago in gaming

    "The jet'll make you jittery!"

    [–] Why is the white guy the scariest guy in prison? Wormbo2 3 points ago in Jokes

    So... It's safe to say that people of reasonable intellect don't actually have a problem with the word. Obviously used in context.

    Man, there's too many soapboxes these days. Too many sooks standing on em too!

    [–] Getting it all out there Wormbo2 2 points ago in funny

    You've heard of brexit, the europeans have no cents! sense ;)

    [–] Good girl Wormbo2 2 points ago in funny

    No, that's Albert....

    [–] Midriff Wormbo2 7 points ago in funny

    I said MAYYBBEEEE, prolly gonna give you rabbiiieess!

    [–] We need to talk about male suicide | Steph Slack | TEDxFolkestone Wormbo2 0 points ago in videos

    Great point.

    I'd definitely be making the correlation of: school shooters =/= terrorists.

    Literal definition: a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    Heavy handed police officers? Maybe, at a stretch.

    Corrupt Politicians? No question.

    I think we need to be using the term more adequately, and dishing out the consequent penalties to suit!

    Happy to hear people defend the thin blue line on this one, too.

    [–] Education vs. Litigation Wormbo2 1 points ago in funny

    Natural selection WILL find a way!

    [–] Education vs. Litigation Wormbo2 3 points ago in funny

    Ok, cool and all that, but if you didn't play Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament for 11 hours, then you're fucking wasting your life!

    /s for the simpler folk

    [–] Education vs. Litigation Wormbo2 1 points ago in funny

    What scares me, is that day by day, this becomes truer. Feelsbadman.exe

    [–] To the young man who saved my daughter from a predator at a party, thank you Wormbo2 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Sadly, the takeaway is "don't trust anyone, ever!" And it's detrimental to society as a whole.

    I'd like to think I act and look trustworthy, and I try to let it be known that I'm always happy to help. But it seems nobody, not even friends want to talk, or interact in any way that might actually call upon that trust.

    It's saddening, because sometimes it'd be great to just feel trusted and appreciated by peers.

    Ugh, and people say men are simple!?

    [–] Why is the white guy the scariest guy in prison? Wormbo2 23 points ago in Jokes

    It's still a mechanical term.

    A lot of race cars and the like, retard the timing on spark plug firing to increase power, or if the engine is cold, or whatever.

    Nobody gets upset when a mechanic yells "ya gotta retard that evo a bit, or you're getting a window in the block."

    [–] Our Solar System's Gravity Wells Wormbo2 7 points ago in space

    Don't forget to like and subscribe!

    [–] [Price Check] Furious Refined 10mm SMG Wormbo2 2 points ago in Market76

    Welcome to a free and pretty much unregulated market, sucka.

    Jordan Belfort wants to know your location!

    [–] Climate change 'accelerating', say scientists Wormbo2 38 points ago in worldnews

    Sorry guy, thought we were all comparing dumpster fires!?