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    [–] [Seiko] SNA411 - Giveaway! WrestleMe 1 points ago in Watches

    That watch looks awesome! I've really only ever had a Casio or a G-Shock as a watch.

    [–] I'm guessing WrestleMe 6 points ago in Tinder

    Nah, monks can use dex for unarmed attacks/attacks with monk weapons in 5e.

    [–] Do you guys use wireless earpods? WrestleMe 1 points ago in bodyweightfitness

    I use these headphones for all of my workouts besides swimming. Don't seem to get in the way of anything. Only $30 too.

    [–] Man tries to stab police officers WrestleMe 5 points ago in PublicFreakout

    I think the 21 foot rule is for how long it would take on average to unholster a weapon and take a shot on target. Not sure how long it actually takes to because I've never had to, but ~3 seconds sounds reasonable and would be consistent with what the other guy said.

    [–] Thank goodness WrestleMe 6 points ago in nonononoyes

    Yeah you're right, I misremembered from one of my CPR classes awhile ago. I just renewed it too a few months ago, but I guess that memory stuck and I didn't double check.

    Also, even if the child has a pulse, but it's less than 60 bpm, start compressions (this time I looked that one up).

    [–] Thank goodness WrestleMe 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in nonononoyes

    Which is why when doing pediatric CPR you're supposed to give rescue breaths first, and if they dont start breathing on their own, go into full CPR. With kids it's usually the respiratory arrest that causes cardiac arrest, and with adults it's usually the cardiac arrest that causes the respiratory arrest.

    Edit: I was wrong, no rescue breaths just start CPR

    [–] Even though the devastation, property and life loss is magnitudes greater, the minimal coverage is puzzling! WrestleMe 9 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    I'm talking about the decades of mismanagement prior to now, specifically the policy of full suppression. Which was a policy for grasslands, chapparal, oak, mixed conifer, and every other vegetation type. Chaparral and brush are subject to land management practices, and do have specific sections in the California Forest Practice Rules regarding Fuel Hazard Reduction. I'm from Ventura County and saw the Hill Fire firsthand, and was close to being evacuated because of it. I know what vegetation type that fire is burning in. I was saying he was right, in that there has been mismanagement, but not by the state of California.

    [–] Even though the devastation, property and life loss is magnitudes greater, the minimal coverage is puzzling! WrestleMe 8 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Technically speaking he wasn't wrong. Just graduated with a degree in Forestry from a California school. The fire problem is due to forest mismanagement, but not really in recent years. The US had a 70ish year long policy of complete fire suppression, and that allowed fuels to build up over time in areas that evolved to burn periodically in shorter intervals. This is one of the causes of the massive wildfires that we see today. That, combined with the fact that humans love to live in the wildland-urban interface, causes a lot of problems. So technically he wasn't wrong, but he's also an idiot for thinking cutting funding is going to do anything but make matters worse.

    [–] [22F] Can't decide if red or blonde hair suits me more ... WrestleMe 2 points ago in Rateme

    You look great with both, but I like how the red hair in the first pic looks!

    [–] Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. wildfire WrestleMe 28 points ago in technology

    Hell no, that's a privilege. Getting outside and being able to work on a fire hand crew? Too good for them.

    [–] [22 M] Curious what people think! WrestleMe 2 points ago in AmISexy

    I could say the same for you

    [–] 24F, who is my match? WrestleMe 1 points ago in EqualAttraction

    Yes, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to wrestle!

    [–] [M22] Curious what people think! WrestleMe 1 points ago in Rateme

    Thank you! Glad to know someone besides me likes the 'stache!

    [–] 22F lots of angles, mostly neutral (dead) expression, honesty appreciated WrestleMe 6 points ago in Rateme

    I'd say 7/10 with the neutral expression, but an 8/10 with the smirk/smile. You're very cute!

    [–] [M22] Curious what people think! WrestleMe 1 points ago in Rateme

    Welp sorry to say I'm going to be rocking the 'stache again in about a month

    [–] [22 M] Curious what people think! WrestleMe 3 points ago in AmISexy

    First time I've heard someone say I have kind eyes, so thank you for that!

    [–] Is this takedown legal in Folkstyle? WrestleMe 1 points ago in wrestling

    I don't think he swept the leg. That looked to me like the guy on bottom was rolling, either to get away or for a knee bar or something. The guy who put the leg in was just following him during the roll. Probably wouldn't be a good takedown to try.

    [–] Help shooting WrestleMe 2 points ago in wrestling

    As /u/BgDog18 said, set ups are key. My go to set up in high school was the club-dig to high crotch, then switch to a double.

    Basically you reach out (with your non-lead hand) and post it on their shoulder so they can't just shoot in on you, then with your leading hand club their head (not too hard, but hard enough to pull their head down). That will open them up to get the underhook. Once you have the underhook, the club hand goes down for the high crotch, then the underhook hand gets the leg, and switch off to a double. Here's a video of me doing that set up in high school. It was a bad finish on the double, but hopefully that shows the set up well enough.

    Also, with double legs, don't try and shoot through them. Once you get their legs, push off your outside leg at a 90 degree angle and take them to the side. A good drill for that is to take drop steps into a wall, and practice exploding off to the side once right before you get to the wall.

    Hope this helps!