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    [–] A few sharks teeth I found while diving in a river. WritesUaSong 5 points ago in interestingasfuck

    You may wish to read about The Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916 which were a series of shark attacks along the coast of New Jersey, in the United States, between July 1 and 12, 1916, in which four people were killed (2 in a creek) and one injured. The incidents occurred during a deadly summer heat wave and polio epidemic in the United States that drove thousands of people to the seaside resorts of the Jersey Shore.

    [–] Red-Shirt Cop Beats Up Second Citizen in One Week (Or Same Day?) WritesUaSong 26 points ago in nyc

    By all accounts, we have a predator on the frontlines working in close contact with the public. Stay safe, people.

    [–] Florida Emerges As Epicenter Of COVID Outbreak: ‘Numbers Are Unbelievably Frightening’ WritesUaSong 30 points ago in Coronavirus

    Now that the entire vaccination conversation is being sown through political division and misinformation the no politics rules need to change to encompass our new reality.

    [–] 'White Boy Rick' says the FBI and Detroit taught him the narcotics game then double-crossed him. He wants $100 million WritesUaSong 106 points ago in TrueReddit

    The corruption was so endemic within the police force and FBI. In fact, the Mayor of the city was using his Office as his own personal piggy bank and was never held accountable. The media mythologized White Boy Rick as a drug kingpin and he was too young to understand the magnitude of what was actually happening to him. He was also failed repeatedly by his early defense attorneys resulting in a tragedy of epic proportions. He is certainly deserving of massive compensation.

    [–] Fuck Mosquitoes too [u/LmaoSlapper69 credit] WritesUaSong 349 points ago in memes

    They also can carry Lyme Disease. Sleep 💤 tight.