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    [–] 2001 Toyota Chaser JZX100 WunJZ 1 points ago in JDM

    JDM cars should become more common as time goes on and they become 25 years old, the series 1 JZX100 are almost there and the x90s can be now, but then again the chaser isn't all that common over here in a country filled with Japanese imports so I can't imagine much people know about them over there, maybe you should import one yourself when they reach the 25 year mark? Just make sure you go for a factory manual one though cause they have the strong and rather expensive on its own R154 gearbox and come with the LSD, the autos have a open diff.

    [–] 2001 Toyota Chaser JZX100 WunJZ 2 points ago in JDM

    They even rare here where there nothing but RHD JDM cars everywhere, but on occasion when your driving along and see another JZX coming the other way or another turbo JDM thing there is a mutual nod of respect as you both appreciate what the other is driving, you rarely get that with other cars. Don't get me wrong there still shit boxes here though, think every country suffers from it.

    [–] She brought it on herself WunJZ 1 points ago in reddeadredemption2

    I just find it funny that this is the first thing this crazy old bitch blurts out when a fireman comes in to save her from her burning house, not help, hell the bitch isn't even panicking.

    [–] Otway's National park Australia [OC] [1080x1350] WunJZ 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    Bet there like 5 Crocs hidden in this picture.

    [–] 2001 Toyota Chaser JZX100 WunJZ 5 points ago in JDM

    It's a good and bad thing, bad as more people need to experience this amazing car, good when you see the look on the face of the guy next to you as he hears the JZ spool up and you pull away thinking it was just your ordaniary family saloon.

    [–] 2001 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 WunJZ -8 points ago in JDM

    This one is LHD though so not JDM

    [–] You don't see a RHD JDM Land Cruiser every day. WunJZ 5 points ago in JDM

    Depends on where you are, here in New Zealand they common af, just as much as the Toyota Hilux Surf.

    [–] Love this sound. WunJZ 6 points ago in JDM

    Nah man, JZ

    [–] LFG Grim Batol WunJZ 3 points ago in classicwow

    As awesome as that would be, Blizzard of old is long dead and you know they will fuck it up badly, makes me sad :(

    [–] LFG Grim Batol WunJZ 1 points ago in classicwow

    I've just got a reshade with a couple settings on and the Nvidia game filter with a couple settings on also, nothing too overboard just wanted to enhance the vanilla lighting etc, was months of tweaking to get it to look how I liked it on my monitor and setup, I think I played around with the in-game gamma, contrast and brightness sliders too slightly.

    [–] The "real" issue with Head pop worldbuffs WunJZ 1 points ago in classicwow

    I can't imagine AoE spells would even affect your MS. I assumed people did this cause they were bored waiting for the buff to drop, it's always had zero affect on my game, besides the server lag that was already going on from heaps of people being there, thats why I've even joined in sometimes.

    [–] Now they know what its like WunJZ 11 points ago in reddeadredemption2

    Still waiting on the first Red Dead Redemption to come to PC, it's probably never going to happen and it makes me sad, rdr2 was an awesome game and the first one follows after it, wanna see what happens to the characters that survived rdr2 and are in rdr :(

    [–] How many vehicles have you owned, over how many years? List them all if you can. WunJZ 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in cars

    1988 Mazda Capella 2.0

    1991 Toyota Levin 4AGE

    1993 Nissan Skyline GTS

    1994 Nissan Skyline GTST

    1996 Nissan Skyline GTST

    1996 Toyota Caldina GTT

    1996 BMW E36 M Spec

    1993 Nissan Bluebird SR20 (cheap on petrol work hack)

    1996 Toyota Chaser Tourer V

    All were/are manual, last two are what I currently have.

    This is from a space of about 12 years, the Capella being my first car when I was a teenager.

    [–] Jzx 100 is the best Jzx WunJZ 1 points ago in JDM

    Yes that's it!

    [–] Jzx 100 is the best Jzx WunJZ 2 points ago in JDM

    It's the factory dark metallic green, forgot the actual name of it.

    [–] Jzx 100 is the best Jzx WunJZ 5 points ago in JDM

    As someone who has dailyed one for a year and a half I can agree.

    [–] Ah yes, the rare Toyota Ceres GT-R! WunJZ 2 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    Haha it's NZ, all Japanese imports over here we don't produce our own cars and drive on the left so. It's just another one of the 'meh' 90's jap fwd cars that are common over here.