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    [–] I currently have the iPhone 8 and am considering switching to the Google Pixel 2 XL, I've heard about this "burn in" issue. I just wanted to know if you guys have been having this problem. Might help me make a decision as to whether to switch or not. XJRATED 8 points ago in GooglePixel2

    I never experienced with my GP XL 2. Don't even know what people are taking about. The phone gets warm at times but not hot enough to burn you. Switch. You won't regret it. I've had iPhone for the longest. Never been so happy. If the phone does burn me one day I wouldn't care. I'll just get me another one that's how much I like it.

    [–] we need more people like Michael. XJRATED 1 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    Lmao that's the first thing I thought

    [–] Have a good weekend all XJRATED 3 points ago in CherokeeXJ

    Love the crossover steering man. Nice rig

    [–] Undercarriage cleaning made easy.. love the mud too much to stay out of it.. XJRATED 17 points ago in CherokeeXJ

    That's the first thing it tells you not to do in the owners manual of a winch lol.

    [–] Can't decide between the pixel 2 vs 2xl XJRATED 2 points ago in GooglePixel2

    If you have a big screen phone now stick with the XL. I tried going with the smaller version and it sucks. Especially if you watch allot of videos.

    [–] Canali sample sale NYC XJRATED 1 points ago in frugalmalefashion

    Man those shoes look so awesome but I have wide feet

    [–] More games on an augmented climbing wall XJRATED 6 points ago in gaming

    I bet the point of view actually playing the games sucks.

    [–] Fuel injector upgrade XJRATED 1 points ago in CherokeeXJ

    But it Starts up fine. Just hard to start. It Doesn't give me a rough idle.

    [–] Fuel injector upgrade XJRATED 1 points ago in CherokeeXJ

    Do you have starting problems? I've installed them on my xj but kept giving me problems starting. So I changed them back to stock.

    [–] The Dow has lost 1,000 points in two days XJRATED 1 points ago in news

    Serious question. What does this mean?

    [–] My poverty pony XJRATED 1 points ago in ar15

    Love that rugged look man. Along with the paint flaking off. Going to do the same. Thank you

    [–] My poverty pony XJRATED 1 points ago in ar15

    Hey what kind of paint did you use? I'm planning on doing something like that to my rifle.

    [–] My First GP2 picture XJRATED 1 points ago in GooglePixel2

    I will next time