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    [–] EA keep up the good work! XMAN2YMAN 1 points ago in commandandconquer

    Sure are and it sounds like they are taking a backseat and letting the real people handle it. Who knows if EA allows this and the new Star Wars game maybe just maybe they can bring sim city back.

    [–] Bluetooth headset? XMAN2YMAN 2 points ago in PUBGXboxOne

    Hmm it was just the sound. Both sound good but the astros has more oomph. But the plantronics are great, comfortable as hell and last forever.

    [–] Bluetooth headset? XMAN2YMAN 1 points ago in PUBGXboxOne

    I bought a pair of plantronics rig800xl, and they were great. I then bought the ASTRO A50s for my PS4 pro. They were even better to the point that I bought an Xbox Base so I can use those. If you can get the Astro’s on sale get those for 225. But if not the plantronics as great too.

    [–] Comparison between DOS conyard and Remastered (Reddit-friendly reupload) XMAN2YMAN 5 points ago in commandandconquer

    Can’t wait, I’m sure this remaster is a couple years away but holy crap cants wait!!

    [–] Puts Master Chief To Shame. XMAN2YMAN 1 points ago in gaming

    But couldn’t survive EA

    [–] Information Mega-Thread XMAN2YMAN 1 points ago in TheBody

    Remind me! 2 days.

    [–] First TV in 9 years and I’m about to return it. Change my mind... please. XMAN2YMAN 2 points ago in hometheater

    Just got a p65-f1 and love the picture however o would only get a Vizio with an extended warranty like squaretrade. Right now this TV can be found for 1k plus about 100-150 for the extended 5 year manufacturers warranty. I had to use squaretrade on my last tv because it crapped out after 2 years and they sent me a newer tv within 2 weeks.

    [–] Need new doorbell compatible with Nest Hello XMAN2YMAN 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Nest

    Also if you have google homes in your house they act as your door bell. My actual doorbell Isn’t hooked up and I just get notified via google.


    [–] Can we agree this game is dead? XMAN2YMAN 1 points ago in PUBGXboxOne

    What glitches? I honestly don’t experience to main game breaking issues if any. I lose rounds 99% of the time because I suck. Vsinc issues are literally unavoidable. They are as noticeable in other games because other games are bullet sponges. This you can be killed in less than a second. Yes they hundred percent should have more servers but I was under the impression that Xbox uses their owns servers but I could be wrong. Anyway I think you are over dramatizing this game. It still has 600k-900k users on PC and I’m Xbox has 150k user a day.


    Work in the philly burbs, if I see it I’ll get her back for you.

    [–] Audio receiver/headphone help XMAN2YMAN 1 points ago in Xbox_One_X

    So there’s no way to avoid even doing that?

    [–] Putting a Hemi in a JL for a youtube series. Wish us luck XMAN2YMAN 0 points ago in Jeep

    Rumors had it that they have a twin turbo inline 6 that’s supposed to make a lot of power. Won’t sound like a v8 but should have good power.

    [–] Official poster for Respawn's upcoming Star Wars single-player game, Jedi: Fallen Order XMAN2YMAN 4 points ago in gaming

    Actually I would take eithe rof those 2 games in a heartbeat. But yes KOTOR 3 or remake would be first on my list.

    [–] My 95% complete entertainment room. Sorry guys no Klipsch here. All Polk 5.1.2 except the sub. Also wired for 7.2.4 for the future. XMAN2YMAN 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in hometheater

    Windows were put in because the kids play room in on the other side. Makes it easier to keep an eye on them. Also yes .4 is in reference to ceiling speakers.